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Hi Guys

April 18th 2014 3:38 pm
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Hi Everyone,

I miss you guys. I took my evening walk with my neighbor Smoky and his dad. Smoky is a beautiful blue pit bull. He has a little brother named Bandit; he's a little Boston Terrier. He didn't walk with us today.

Mommy and I met one of Smokey's friends, Isis, a beautiful Anatoli on the way home. She is only 7 months old over 80 lbs! Her dad's name is Patrick and he's like 6 4". She is so playful like my sister Daisy. She is training to compete.

Good luck Isis! I hope to see you again.


Products We Love!

November 11th 2013 8:05 am
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Love love our Dogger and Bow Wow Gourmet Dog Treat maker! Thumbs down on 2 attempts using the FreedomLeash


It's Official!

July 2nd 2013 4:30 pm
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I, Pr. Trudy Ann, am a registered Pup Scout member. HOORAY!



April 28th 2013 10:55 am
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Mommy is trying Instagram. She told me to post our link.

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March 31st 2013 9:02 am
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On this Easter morning, I am SO grateful that the Creator has blessed me with three wonderful little fur gifts. Thanks for comforting me. Thanks for your gifts of love.

I love my furkids!!!!!!!!


Perfect Sunday Morning

January 27th 2013 4:51 am
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I gave mommy permission to post in my diary this morning. She says I made her morning perfect.

This morning was absolutely perfect; I love my family. Upon getting out of bed for a bathroom break in the morning, I have to access the location of the 3 fur kids in the bed. "Honey," I say, "Where is the baby, Trudy, and Ollie?" The reply goes something like this, "Trudy is under the blanket; Mikey is at between my knees; and Oliver is at the edge of the bed. Be careful not to fling him off." LOL! What a way to greet the morning.

I have work to do this morning, and my little Princess is sure to help me focus by sitting on my lap sniffing my morning cup of joe, switching her eyes between my face and the computer screen; as if to say, "Get to it momma!"

I love Sunday mornings with my fur babies.

OK mommy . . . back to work.



August 27th 2012 4:32 pm
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Mommy made us homemade snacks today for the first time. She made the Kale chips featured in Modern Dog's summer edition. They were DELISH! We all ate some including mommy. She made them for National Dog Day. She also hid treats in our toys, in my indoor doggie house, and on the cat tree all in the living room. We had a BALL! Now we are all taking evening naps!

I hope everyone did something special in recognition of National Dog Day. Until next time.


Fucat-Husbands are Best!

August 1st 2012 4:41 pm
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I love my furcat-husband, Oliver. He goes through major feats to get me and my fur-son treats mommie keeps from us! I DO ADORE HIM!

This evening mommies were enjoying a Carribean meal, on the bed. NONE FOR ME! How dare they. Enters Oliver. He jumps on the bed sniff outs the dish thats now on the night stand. While mommy turned away from the dish, my knight provides just enough distraction (almost knocking the dish to the floor) so that I can get a tasty morsel left on the breakfast tray and dash away.

He is the best husband EVER! While mommies put all food away, they catch me giving my provider a smooch! Never underestimate the relationship between me and my furfami


Tum Tum Parasites

July 29th 2012 12:24 pm
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After 1 trip to my Vet, and one to the ER Hospital Vet, I'm FINALLY getting back to myself. The extreme heat only made my symptons worsen. But today, I was able to play with my fur bro and cat bro today. Mommy took me outside for a very short walk; not even to the park. :(. I wont complaim, apparently parents know best.

Thanks for all your well wishes and prayers.


Well Hello Everyone

July 20th 2012 4:39 pm
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Hello friends. Ive missed you all so much. So much has happened since My last post. I officially 3 yrs old now as most of you know. I went on my first road trip, NJ to NE! What a blast I had with my family. Did you guys know that the most Rest Areas have Dog Areas? I felt so welcomed. Sometimes it was so hot that instead of walking on the rocks in the dog run, I stood directly in the water dish! What a blast! I met other fur travelers as well. I rode in my car seat for most of the trip.

My Auntie's house gave me a full work out with 2 sets of stairs, a full balcony, and a park just for me (backyard)I was able to run off leash without moms watching me so closely. Seems like evryone around here has there own little park attached to the houses! What a concept!!!

When I returned home, I found someone in my bed. It was smaller than me! IT WAS A BROTHER. Mom got me a little brother. His name is Saint Michael. He is a mixed yorkie: snauzher, yorkie, maltese, and poodle. His so cute, tiny and BUSY!

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