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Random Stories of My "Labular Life" :)

Life's Good...

April 18th 2012 11:20 am
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Well, I happen to be a 100% outdoor dog. My daddy doesn't think that big dogs who are made for the outdoors belong inside... plus I stink, shed, the cats hate me.... list goes on.

I've been pretty happy with being just outside. Got a nice cozy doghouse, I usually am allowed to roam around the property on nice days, and I'm always the first one to spot intruders!

But I've been getting to where I just don't like being on my cable outside... so I started whining to my family every night. They told me to quit and made sure everything was alright with me. I had nothing wrong, I just did not like it there anymore! After a few weeks of us all having sleepless nights, my owners brought me into the wonderful garage.

I absolutely LOVE it! My people use the house door that goes into the garage whenever they go outside or have to drive away, so I get lots of love everytime any of them leave [and there are 4 people.... so just think of all the ins & outs they do!!!!! Doesn't it make your tail wag?].

Life is very very good. I'm allowed to go outside whenever I please, but usually I stay inside, catching some Z's on my favorite blue blankie.

I really really enjoy being the senior-citizen of the house.... I get pampered, spoiled, loved..... well and I get baths, I hate those.... but they're worth it...


December Storm

April 6th 2012 9:16 am
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I am an outdoor dog; but just cuz I'm outside doesn't mean I don't get to be pampered, loved, and spoiled :) One night though, it was very very windy and rainy. It was about 5 years ago, so I would have been about 5 years old...

Now I do have a wonderful doghouse that is SO cozy and nice to sleep in. One night though, it just got so windy and cold that I couldn't stand it! I whimpered and whined for Dad. He came out right away [which is odd, usually he tells me to quit complaining and go back to bed...], brought me into the garage, laid down a cozy blanket that smelled like my people, and gave me a big biscuit. Well now THAT'S some serious service! I might be asking for breakfast-in-bed next...

Okay anyways, back to the stormy night. Those winds blew SO hard, but I didn't care, I was safe and warm in the garage.

Next morning, we all went outside to see what the storm did. My green doghouse was about 30ft down the ivy-covered, muddy bank! I am SO glad Dad let me inside... I thought there were reasons why he was so nice to me about it.

If I would have been in that doghouse... ohhhhh boy! Don't even get me STARTED on that thought!... I would have had doghouse-phobia for the rest of my life!

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