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Rusty's Ruminations

Dog of the Day!!!

April 6th 2013 12:22 pm
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Rusty is Dog of the Day!! Thanks HQ for showing everyone I am as special as I think! Luckily, Fame doesn't go to my head.

It has been a whole year since my last post??? We have been remiss in our duties. The typist shall be reprimanded.

Life is good here at the homestead. I have been on many treks to the lake with my peeps. I like running in the water, climbing on rocks, rolling on or eating horse poop, and collecting barrel burrs for Mom to cut out. Our local Dog Park is open again, and I have spent a lot of time catching up with my wrestling buddies.

Being what Mom calls a Garbage Gut, I have eaten things I shouldn't have, and the typist has to pay the price at the Vet. She says I'm worth it, but does keep a stricter eye on me now. Formerly starving dogs will eat anything that vaguely resembles food.

Thanks for the honor and the gifts bestowed on me!


Life So Far

March 31st 2012 12:42 pm
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I've been living with the human four months so far, and her training is a work in progress. I think she is going to work out!

I haven't gained much weight, but have filled out with muscle and do not look like the skinny scarecrow I was when I first moved in. The food dish is a magical thing, and the human fills up twice a day. That's a big thing for a formerly starving boy.

I have passed Basic Obedience Class, and the human insists that I confess to lifting my leg on a wall in the classroom. My leash manners have improved, but it is oh, so HARD to heel when there is a squirrel in view! Recall? I am great in the house, but out in the greenbelt? Yeah, no. There's too many exciting smells & things to hunt. She claims I have something called "strong prey drive".

My BFF is a Belgian Sheepdog named Lucy and she has taught me the art of bitey face! While I am half her size, I have learned to fly through the air like Superman at her to entice her into play.

We go to the dog parks fairly often and I am told I have excellent dog greeting skills. I like playing chase with a Sibe, but she gets a bit rough at times, and I have to run back to the human with my "worried" face to be rescued.

This life, so far, is going well. The human insists on good behavior, and I insist on charming my way out of trouble with big amber eyes, the classic Cocker lean, & tail wags. We have high hopes for each other! :D

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