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Life is a Dream

It's the Simple Things

September 20th 2012 8:11 am
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It's been 10 months since we welcomed Rigby into our home.

I realized that it's nearly been a year while watching her romp around in a mud puddle.
Many owners would be annoyed at their dogs for engaging in such an activity. But with Rigby I encourage it.
She lived through abandonment and who knows what else before she came to me. And yet, less that a year later she exhibits pure bliss with something so simple....after coming so far, how could I prohibit her from such enjoyment? So I'll have to towel her down before getting into the car, it's a small price to pay.

Last night her progress in the past few months hit me hard. We were in a class that was hectic to say the least. One dog in particular seemed to set off the rest of them, barking and lunging. Though she rarely participated in the act herself.
While all of this went on, Rigby sat patiently staring at me. No panting, no shaking, no lip reacting. There was barely a glance toward the commotion.
She was there for me, and me alone. And that spoke volumes to me.



July 18th 2012 7:32 pm
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"Eleanor Rigby, picks up the rice
In the church where a wedding has been
Lives in a dream

Waits at the window, wearing the face
That she keeps in a jar by the door
Who is it for?"

I felt that was very fitting for this bat-eared dog that I fell in love with.
Found as a stray on the lonely, busy streets of Toronto. Living on her own for who knows how long. Scavenging the leftovers of someone else's happiness. No one to love her.
Then she's captured by animal control, placed in a kennel awaiting someone to bring her home. With each potential home passing her way, she puts her best smile on in hopes that she will find that special family.
Days, then weeks, then months go by still putting a happy face on. Until that faithful day that I came across her picture on Petfinder, and I knew she was mine.

I'd be lying if I said the journey has been easy with her. But it'd be even more of a lie if I said it wasn't worth every trial she's put me through.
I've watched this little dog turn from sickly, fearful, untrained and unruly, to a confident, wonderful girl.
She is so willing to learn and wanting to please it's truly amazing.

She's graduated at the top of her obedience and agility classes so far. Who knows how far we'll go together?


Agility and Confidence Building

March 11th 2012 8:47 am
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The more and more I get to know Rigby, the more "odd" findings I make.

In some instances she is totally confident, and then a minute later she is cowering.

2 days ago I tried her with some agility equipment. Small steps. But she shut down and refused to go near any of it.

Today I tried again. Within half an hour I got her from not even going near the jump (with pole on the ground) to her jumping at 16" height!
Next step is 22" but steps ;)

It was like a switch flipped in her brain. All of the sudden she realizes "Hey this is fun!" and played along.

Definitely wont be as easy of an agility dog as Coby by any stretch of the imagination. But I do think she'll do well and enjoy it once she realizes I'm doing it to have FUN with her and not just "win"

I feel she has seen the equipment before. But is has been in the yard (against the wall) all winter, so that may be her familiarity with it.

Either way, very impressed with Rigs, she's a very different dog from when I first brought her home :)


Looking out the window

January 9th 2012 9:49 am
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Looking out the window at her today with Cobain and Oz, I suddenly became inspired to write about her.

She's a much different dog than the one we brought home nearly 2 months ago. The once timid, emaciated little dog, is blossoming into a complacent, joyous animal.
Her posture alone is an indicator of that.
She appears to have grown significantly in size simply because stands tall and confident.

Yes, we've had our shares of ups and downs over the past little while. Bad luck seemed to follow this little dog around for a long time.
A week after bringing her home she managed to fall out of a moving vehicle in a freak accident(The back of the covered truck fell open somehow).
But as soon as she fell out, she ignored her pain and ran after us. I feel that showed a lot of character on her part. Determination, perseverance, and intelligence.

And of course her housebreaking issues got a little more than exhausting at times.

All in all though, I'm glad to have opened our home to her. And I'm sure she feels the same way.

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