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April 10th 2015 12:26 pm
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I had a checkup today. I am healthy and I was nice to the vet.
I do not like other animals so I have to enter the vet's office through the side door instead of the main entrance. Mom says that's OK because it's the 'ROCK STAR' entrance. HA!
I am 3 1/2 yrs old and I weigh 180 pounds. :)
Now I'm going to take a nap because this adventure wore me out.


I was GOOD!

November 2nd 2013 11:19 am
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I went to the vet yesterday. Mom was worried because last year the vet had to sit on me and get someone else to help hold me down. I was NOT the model patient. Yesterday the vet didn't need any help. I let her pet me, examine me, check my sore ear and give me a shot without a problem.
I do have an ear infection but otherwise I am healthy.
I was 2 yrs old in Sept and I now weight a 164.4 pounds.
I am a BIG girl.



Happy birthday TWO me!

September 7th 2013 5:27 pm
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I am TWO! Yep. Mom says I will start acting more mature now. More mature? HA! I am who I am. I like MY way. Unfortunately mom know how to sway me to her way. Usually it involves bacon or deli meat....YUM!

-Sunny the 2 yr old


I don't like when mom is sad.

May 2nd 2013 5:15 am
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Last night I was happily chomping my bone when I felt a disturbance in the force. I knew mom was unhappy and it put me on high alert. Dad had his arms around her but I wasn't sure what was happening so I started to whine too. Later mom said that she was impressed by how quickly I noticed that she was upset even though she was being very quiet. Quiet? To me it seemed like it was super loud and rattling my heart strings! Sometimes I think mom isn't sure that I could love her as much as I do but little by little she is learning that I DO! I DO!!!! I may not be the best smelling dog or the most graceful but I know what I love and I love my family.
Smile Mom Smile.



What do you mean I stink???

November 2nd 2012 1:09 pm
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I went to see Dr. Anna today. Mom had a list of things that are a problems with me. With ME? No, I think Mom is the one who has the problems.
She has a problem with:
my goopy eyes
my stinky skin
my rash
my itchy chin
my nails
my anal glands

Dr Anna had fixes for everything including my shots that aren't due quite yet but since I was there she handled that too.
I did NOT like having my nails cut or my anal glands squeezed. They took me to another room to do those tasks. Dr. Anna said it was best because once they held me down I just give up and let them do what they want.
Now I get to be on antibiotics for awhile. That means special treats to hide pills inside! YUM!!!
I weight 141.9 pounds now! And Dr. Anna said my weight is GREAT! Yea me!!!


One last post-op checkup!

October 4th 2012 8:21 am
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This morning I went to see the surgeon for my final post-op check.
My knee feels GREAT! It's not slipping at all and I'm using it more and more. Now I get to do even more like no more ramp on the front steps. There are only 3 but I was still using a ramp until today!
And I can play ball for short intervals. Each day a little more and if everything goes well then I will be able to go upstairs in 2 weeks!
That will only be for limited trips depending on how I do.
The doc says I should be totally off restrictions in 4 weeks! Woohoo!

I am back up to 141 pounds. Doc said it wouldn't hurt to lose a bit because of my knee problems. He said 130 but mom say's that is TOO thin for my breed. Mom says we will shoot for 135 and re-evaluate.

We arrived home to find that we couldn't drive down our road! The utility guys were there trimming trees. 2 huge trucks blocked the road! Dad parked the car and we walked the 1/10 mile past the big trucks to our house. Mom was very proud of how well I did walking past strangers and all that unfamiliar machinery.

Well, off to take a nap now. All this activity wore me out.



I am ONE!!!!

September 8th 2012 12:15 pm
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I'm ONE!! Can you believe it? Mom says that she can't.

I weigh about 135#. I say 'about' because my weight has been fluctuating as I recover from my knee surgery. I'm still not allowed to climb stairs and have to live on the first floor. BOOOO!!!!

In my first year I have had 3 surgeries. One to be fixed (I didn't know I was broken). One for my gross old cherry eye. Most recently one for my knee. This one was most important because I couldn't walk. Mom says that being able to walk on your own is important when you are as big as I am. I think she should just lift me like she did when she brought me home. She says those days are long gone. Oh well!

I really miss being able to go upstairs to cuddle on mom's bed and on my own bed (mom call's it the guest bedroom....HA!). For weeks I have been stuck down here. Luckily for me Abby stays with me. AND mom and dad got a new bed and the old guest bed was going to be tossed. Mom said I can sleep on it until I am well enough to come back upstairs. YEA ME!!!!!

I love my home. I think mom loves me. She buries her face into my neck and says, "I love, love, love you stinky Sunny". I think she really means it because I love her too.

-Sunny the ONE YEAR OLD!!!


Help! I'm limping!

August 6th 2012 6:19 pm
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A couple weeks ago I couldn't walk very well. I just popped down outside and couldn't get back up to come into the house. Mom was so worried because this is the exact same thing that Daisy did when she had cancer.

Mom and Dad took me to the Emergency Vet and I had to spend the night.
I was not happy when they left. The vet discovered that I have luxating patellas, knee caps that slide out of place. The left one was the worst.

Over the next couple of weeks mom tried to keep me from being active and put the ramp on the front steps but things continued to get worse. Sometimes Mom could fix my leg by stretching it out. Other times I just dragged myself around by my front legs. It wasn't much fun.

Today, 8/6/12, I went to the vet and had my knee repaired. The doc said it all went well. I get to go home tomorrow. Then it will be weeks of recovery.

Abby misses me so much that she is sad. I can't wait to see her tomorrow even if we can't play for a long time.



Schooling Sunny

February 22nd 2012 8:52 am
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Well, I finished my first class! Woohoo! It was AKC STAR puppy class. It was a lot of FUN!!! I sailed through the testing so that was no big deal. The FUN part was playing with all my puppy friends. We got a lot of breaks during class and got to run and play together. It was the best part.

Last night I started basic obedience with my big sister Abby.
This class is different. First of all, they locked Abby and I in a room without mom or dad!!! I guess that had to have introduction to the class without us there. I was freaking out! Mom and dad could hear me banging on the door and whining clear down the hallway! It was scary. I left a bunch of poopy presents to let mom know just how scary it was. Luckily that only happens at the first class.

After that we had 30 min of class and NO PLAY TIME!!! I was so confused. I wanted to run and play but I had to listen to mom and do the things she told me. Luckily I still got lots of treats. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm......delicious treats.

This week we have to learn about pulling on the leash. I don't know why we have to learn about that. I can pull on the leash better than anyone!



Socialize me!!!

January 9th 2012 11:51 am
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Yesterday I went to the doggie park for the first time. It was scary at first. I only wanted to sit by my mom and bark. My mom snuck out of the play area so I couldn't see her. Can you believe that she would play such a dirty trick on me?
Turns out I was better off. Without mom there I was able to explore a bit. She wasn't gone long and when she came back I was comfortable going off to explore with my new fur-buddies.
It was a great day!

Tonight I am going to puppy kindergarten. I don't know what that is but I hope there are treats involved.


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