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Angel, My Inspiration

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I got my wings today

February 11th 2013 2:59 pm
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My life ended on this planet today, Monday Feb.11, 2012 at approximately 10:47 a.m.


Day 2....what the evening was like

February 8th 2013 7:36 pm
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Ok so I had a pretty good day all in all for me...I ate good all day today..I don't eat much, never have but I ate what is "normal" for me today so mom is happy about that. I have been pretty much myself..after supper...(I eat in my crate) we all do so mom knows who is eating and who is not..well anyway after my supper I came out of my crate and used the wee and dad don't allow me to go out in the cold and never have. Then I walked over to mom my tail wagging and let her pet me for a couple minutes...thats about all I ever require..I'm not a velcro dog..BOL...I ran around in circles for awhile....that is not normal for me....I couldn't find the water bowl so mom helped me with that. I took a tiny drink and laid back in my crate. I do alot of resting and sleeping and I always have. Tomorrow mom will have a better chance to log what I do..we had too many interuptions tonight. So last Sunday was a horrible day for me..then I went Monday and Tuesday with no known issues,...then Wed. night it happened again so if there is a pattern here I should be about due for another spell about Saturday....eeechhh thats tomorrow....well maybe with these new pills I won't . We'll see I guess. For tonight I am resting well.
So good night all.
4 Ever Loved,
Your Angel P.S. I'd like to thank my dogster friends and their families for checking in on me and leaving comments. We appreciate it more then you know! Doggie hugs and kisses! MUUAAHH!


Day 2 of the known diagnosis

February 8th 2013 10:40 am
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Hi Pals,
Well it is day two that we have known the diagnosis...and so far today has been a good day..mamma shut the door to my crate last night..thats a first but it is for my safety..mamma worried about how I'd feel about that but for last night was ok with me..I was good and slept like a rock..but at 5:30 this a.m. I barked up a storm until my mom got up and let me out so I could go potty on the pee pads....these are good things because this is what I normally do. Mamma held me for awhile after I did my business...I don't like to be held before..never have..I mean if ya gotta gotta go...mamma is trying to be more "normal" around here today and not so sad...daddy mamma got busy doing her house work and laundry and caring for my siblings and every time she would go by me she would stop and pet me...hold me some times , pet me, kiss me on top of my head and tell me she loves me...remember when I first came here..that's what she did...I guess I'll go outta this life the same way! :) I guess as bad as this sucks there are things to be thank ful dieing smothered in hugs and kisses....I do sleep alot or rest..alot! Doggie Dr. told mamma for her own good to keep a running journal of how many hours I am up and having any quality of life..mamma guessed out of 8 hours, maybe 2 hours...the dawgy Dr. said very gently,"Well two hours isn't very much you know so maybe if thats all ...." well you can fill in the blanks. Mamma isn't "there" yet in her mind because I have always slept and rested alot....we have realized though that I probably had dementia ever since I first came here to live...I have always crawled on my bed or in my crate and purposely starred at the wall...the people always thought I was either just ignoring them...(which I am either way you look at it..BOL) OR it was because I have sooo little eye sight left in my one eye. I also do things like run away from them some times when they try to be nice to we know why...I'm just disoriented alot of the time. Some times I won't eat unless I can eat out of moms hand and the dawgy Dr. said thats just part of this dementia maybe I couldn't find the was really hitting my mom yesterday that my grandpa (her daddy) is in the nurseing home with dementiaa and she has had to watch him waste away....she dosen't want to watch me waste away...and she probably won't. She needs to love me enough to let me go before that happens. Hey those tranquillizers the dawgy Dr. gave me...they don't work so good for me....but the other pill for cognitive stuff...well we have a "little" hope there...this a.m. I have acted like myself for the most part..well we will go for now..mamma has stuff to do but she will try to remember to come in here tonight and write.
4 Ever Loved,
Your Angel


Saying Goodbye

February 7th 2013 12:49 pm
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Woof Woof to all my Dogster Friends and their Families,
I am having mamma help me write this letter to you...I need to tell you all good bye and what fun I have had running with the pack! First let me bring you up to date on me...6-8 weeks ago I started having these "spells" of shivering....bit huge shivering...and at first we thought maybe I was just cold and it was my age..I'mm 11 1/2 ya know....well then I started having what looked like siezures but they lasted much too long....Sunday a.m.mamma came out to the dining room where I has always been my space..BOL! Anyway I had my head down ( I always have my head up) and I was walking around aimlessly..mamma said it looked like I was walking in a square around the maybe trying to follow the was obvious I couldn't see either...then I would try to walk and be all wobbly and shaky..mamma thought sure I was going to fall over on the floor. This went on for hours...mamma has tried to pick me up 2 or 3 times to hold me and I have yiped and bit at her....I never bite! I never even think about anyway about noon this spell stopped and I was pretty much me again....I had trouble finding the food and water bowls..mamma helped me...I had trouble getting in my crate that has always been my solace from the other fur kids in the house when I wanted to be alone....I had trouble looked like I was in pain...I was restless....well finally it stopped but only to return that evening. Monday and Tuesday went by uneventful....then Wed. night I did it again...not near as bad or for as long but still no fun. I pant and pant during these episodes mom and dad had "The talk" last night about me and it was decided I would go to the vet this a.m. and be evaluated....after being there for an hour from start to finish it was determined I have dementia for sure and possibly some as a last attempt for me being on this planet the dawgy Dr. gave my mom some is supposed to help with my cognitive abilities and the other for panic. Mamma told the Dr. I am not a nervous doggie but he pointed out things to her that NOW with my condition I am nervous. She agreed. I get so disoriented I don't know where I am, where my things are, who mamma and daddy's kinda scary, for me and my family. The Dr. told mamma that I will only get worse, there is no getting better. He did however prescribe me 20 days of the pills to see if they will help. He says they have helped one doggie he knew of but that even if they do help it is only a matter of time for me..he said if they don't work or I get alot worse WITH IN these next 20 days that he feels the best thing to do is to help me to the bridge. My mom goes between almost fits of panic to include chest pains to feeling resolved. I know my mom and dad are sad..I know they HATE it that I spent 10 years as a breeder dog and then was attacked and left for dead..what I want her to remember and maybe you can help her remember is...yes for 10 years I had a life of hell BUT I have been with my family...the ONLY family I have ever known and in this last year and 3 months I have had more LIFE poured into me then ever! I have been on car rides and I always get to sit on moms lap so I don't get too nervous and if daddy is driving I sit in a bed in moms lap..I have had Christmas parties and a birthday party..I know what its like to be dressed up, I know what it's like to go to beautiful Sheldon Park and run free...I know what it's like to have a yard that I can play in...mamma needs to remember how I loved to go outside but not for long even with her with me.....after I had my fun I had my signal for mom to take me in and she always did. I wish I could stay longer but thats not going to happen..I love my mom, dad, and family. I greet them every day with my tail wagging and these little jumps I do to try to jump right in their laps..they pick me up. Mamma said there was this man named Ronald Reagen and when he found out he had Dementia/Alzhiemers he went on tv and said good bye to his people and thats what I want to do now. PleaSE take care of my mom...I know her hgeart is breaking ..and daddys us all to be strong during my journey home.
Thanks for all your love and prayers.
4Ever Loved,
Your Angel


Wowee I am Dog of the Day at Dogster

November 2nd 2012 8:49 pm
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Hi Friends,
Boy we almost missed it and would mom ever been disappointed had she missed ME as Dog of the Day at Dogster!!! I want to thank everyone for that honor , for the special prezzies I got, notes from friends and the beautiful pic of me that Nina made me! This is my lucky day!!!!
It has been a rough week at my cousins came to live with us at least for awhile....anyway our Sadie had to have surgery...well more then one..infact she had the same surgeries as me but she didn't lose an see she had lumps on her and she is 10....she had never been spayed and anyway mom and my aunt had to make the decision to opt for the surgery for her and the lumps will be biopsied...we won't know if she has Cancer or not till the first of next week. We feel sooo sorry for her, she is stitches fromm one end to the other. She also had a growth on her hind leg too. She is recooperating at our house cuz her mom works all the time and she can't watch her and take good care of her like my mom can. I probably won't say anymore about this here and will let Sadie and mom write about it on her page......then just today my baby brother, Tiny,...well he had his "boy surgery" so he can't make babies...mamma and daddy say there are enough fur babies that need homes, we don't need to bring any into the world. He also had seven baby teeth he had to have removed cuz he had two rows of teeth.BOL! Gee I don't have enough teeth and he has too many!
Guess what I did the other mom was so shocked she couldn't even speak! I walked UP the steps to the deck!!! Yes I did , I was very careful. Mom was right there with us and she saw a white dog coming up the steps but we have four of us that are white so she didn't think much of it at first and then ...boy did she do a double take when she saw it was me!!! BOL!!!!!
Mom ordered all of us our Christmas dresses and matching bows, she says daddy will be proud of her cuz how she can spend the money. BOL! He tells people she does a good job of it! He is sooo funny! I heard mamma tell Kimi that she bought us all some Christmas presents too....hmmm I wonder what they are??? I also got a big ole flavored knuckle and I chew on them with what teeth I have left! Well I am just SOOO HAPPY tonight because I am the Dog of the Day at Dogster!!!! Also because I have such good friends!
Love to you all,
Your Angel!


Happy Birthday to ME!!!

June 25th 2012 5:10 am
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Hello Friends,
WOOF-DUH! Did I ever have a birthday celebration!It wore my mom out!! BOL! First of all I spent my day with the two people who saved me, my mom and Kimi....we went to a park and dressed me all up complete with tiara and took pictures. I also got to run in the park!
For my birthday I got a red jeweled tiara , a beautiful sweater dress type thing/ with a crystal necklace and fur around the sleeves and collar....mamma bought us pup cakes, little edible duckies, and a special edible chew bone. That morning first new orthopedic bed came and I LOVE it!!! Mamma says it looks and feels so comfortable she wishes she could jump right in! I also got a new cow knuckle to chew on! The next day we were going to have an outdoor party with some of my friends..and mamma's and daddys BUT it rained!!!
Thats ok cuz I had a great time! You should have seen me run in the park! I felt so young and vibrant. Mamma has some pictures she hopes to upload later today.
THANKS to my Dogster friends who sent me prezzis and good wishes! We love you guys!!!! Well better go for now.
4 Ever Loved,
Your Angel


Letter to Angel from mamma and daddy

June 14th 2012 6:45 pm
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Not to be read till after your birthday Angel!

Our Dear Angel,
In just a few short days you will be 11 years old! We have had you with us 7 months and it has been some of the best seven months of our lives! We are planning your birthday party. We ordered you a go with the red dress we are going to buy you.We will take lots of pictures! We also ordered you an orthopedic bed, we will be picking up a cake to celebrate your life , Charlie Brown treats, your favorite...and some cow knuckles. You have never had a birthday party in your whole life so this will be a very special day! We think everything you do is sooo amazing..and soo cute! Like here you have about seven teeth and we saw you chewing away on a cow knuckle ...that was sooo great to see! We love it when you always greet us with your tail wagging and your little prancy dance. We love it that you go out to potty , you do your business and when you are done you go to me and just look at me like,"Well take me in ."...and I do. You are sooo remarkable. It is unbelievable that you lived in that horrid place for TEN years and did nothing but have babies and had no attention what so ever! If I take the time to think of it I get very sad so I try not to think about it. You have blessed our lives in a way no other doggie ever will or ever could. We wish we'd have gotton you as a puppy but we are thankful we got you when we did. We will be grateful for every day we have with you. We stand in awe of you! I kknow you know we love you just as we know you love us too....but I just wanted to write a special little birthday letter just for you.
Happy Birthday our little treasure!
Mamma and Daddy


My Dr. appointment

May 17th 2012 4:34 pm
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Hi Friends,
Mom just about worried herself sick AGAIn over my eye and guess is "ok"....I mean it is real cloudy for me to see but it's ok...I rarely run into things so I do pretty good...anyway the dawgy Dr. put some dye in my didn't hurt me any but it turned my eye and white hair gold..mamma said I looked like a Halloween doggie! My eye is ok but mamma has to put this expensive cream in my eye every day for the rest of my life. Thats ok mamma says cuz I am worth it and she wants me for a longggggg longgggggg longgggg time yet! So does my dad cuz he says I do NOTHING wrong...ever!!! BOL!Got my ears checked and somehow an ear infection snuck up one me! Got medicine for my nails trimmed and ears cleaned...I didn't need that shot after all.
My dawgy Dr. always feels sooo bad for me, he always tells mamma I have been through so much etc....he said,"You are a lucky little doggie now to have found these people for your home!" (Isn't that nice?) Mamma said,"Oh no, WE are the lucky ones!!" And he knows she means it! :)
Well I better go, me and my sibs are all havin fun in the dining room....see ya later!
4 Ever Loved,
Your Angel


Chewy Knuckles& Dawgy Dr.

May 16th 2012 4:47 am
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Hi Friends,
I want mamma to help me tell you that guess what??? I like those cow knuckles mamma buys for all us furs to chew on! It has been 2-3 weeks now since I first started chewing on them!Mamma thinks it's funny cuz I don't have very many teeth left but the ones I do I am sharpening! BOL!
Today I have to go to the Dawgy brother, Mikey is going and Billie Jean to...but for me it is Bordatella shot...and the scariest thing for my mom at least is I had a condition called "dry eye"....and the Dr. is worried about trying to keep what sight I have in the only eye I have left. Mamma is afraid she will hear bad news about my eye. I will also get my nails trimmed and ears cleaned while I am there. I am having a great time in my life, sometimes I get sooo excited playing outside that I run!Well friends I better go and give someone else a turn.
4 Ever Loved,
Your Angel


My Latest adventure!!!!

April 8th 2012 5:14 pm
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Hi Friends,
It was about last Sunday or Monday night when my latest adventure see mamma put this flea stuff called Asvantage II on first my sis Billie and then me...Mikey had Vectra and Demi and Lexi still haven't had flea prevention because of what happened next! Sooo mamma knew Billie's skin might get real touchy with this stuff and sure enough it did so mom washed it off right away and treated her with 1/4 of a Childs Benadryl...she got better right away...I was lookin good yet and mamma had never had me before for flea treatment so she thought all was well...lo and behold the next day I was red....well my skin was hot pink to red...mamma washed me off and gave me 1/3 Bendadryl cuz I weigh more then Billie...well mine kept getting worse and worse and I had scratched a place RAW! Mamma had gotton some medicated salve or lotion stuff from the dawgie Dr....and it helped the itching some but that one place just got the very next day mom took me to my Dr. and he about had a cow! He said he had never seen a reaction like mine..he said I was even losing my hair!! Everyone felt sooo bad and esp. mamma as you can imagine! So the dawgy Dr. gave me a shot to take the redness isn't ...or wasn't looking real great tonight so mamma who has only been on her feet 4 hours since Friday ...took me right down for a shampoo and she had to shave some of my hair off around the place so it dosen't get infected....mamma wanted to get upset about that but she said,"Ohhh Angel, we have been down this road before and your hair grew in so better to have this place clean and sterile and you feeling better...and we will grow more hair in later.!" I really feel pretty good, I am prancing around like always with med on my raw spot and in my eyes. I'm a trooper! I know mamma feels bad but this is for the best for right now. I want to thank everyone too for the Easter Egg gifts and special messages and mamma feels real bad that she isn't up to sending you all little prezzies but we will when things settle down.It has been 15 days today since mamma's world got turned upside down so we are ready for a good week!! Please pray for my mom, her mom, her dau. and the g-son who all have been very very sick...this is the 7th day for mamma! I gotta go now cuz now Mikey gets his turn at the brushing and he gets drops in his eyes too. You all take care....May God and all the angels Bless you today and everyday!
4 Ever Loved,
Your Angel

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