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My life with a toy poodle named romeo

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My Birthday Picture

November 17th 2011 3:54 pm
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Romeo!!! Less then a week he is going to be 1 years old!!!! And Romeo got his picture taken for his Birthday. It was so much fun for me to train him. He is my favorite dog, and i'm happy he is going to live for 15 years or more. I can't wait for him to get older. I remember when all he did was cry,eat,poop and pee everywhere and get held. Now he knows how to do 15 tricks and can go poop and pee on his own (he goes to the door). I think this is my big accomplishment on a dog. And i thank god everyday for blessing me with a miracle i thought i would never get. Gosh Romeo at 1 years old is going to be even harder than a 2 year old!! :) I am going to have to go shopping for 1 year old toys. And trow away the puppy toys. He is growing to be a big dog not a baby. And i am so happy, Please wish Romeo happy birthday on November 26!!1


Romeo and Teddy

October 28th 2011 12:29 pm
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Both of my toy dog's love each other, and i am sad that teddy is going. But i can not keep him, but i will visit teddy. Right now he is sitting on my lap. Romeo is sleepy, and sleep's only in his bed. Both of them are like two pea's and a pod. So,when my gray pup leaves, Romeo and Teddy will have to meet again soon. Right now does my gray pup and my sleepypoo are both taking a nap, and i love them, and god bless all of his creation. I love Animal cops i am sad about the dog's and cat's that die's or get's hurt. That could of been fixed. My 1s dog was from a puppy mil, he hated Romeo and Teddy he fought them he was bigger, a yorkie and a rat terrier. Any way's back to my good dog's, both are groomed it take a loong time to brush ted e bear he does not like it, but loves getting groomed with a soft brush. Romeo like's when i brush his ear's with a soft brush. Well, i am sleepy and my boy's are sleepy Got two go!!! Romeo and Teddy say bye!


Romeo and his new hair cut

October 23rd 2011 11:54 am
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Romeo got his new hair cut..... it looks good but it is a little bit cold down in the south, so i had to buy him a jacket.. and i am looking now for little butties for his feet. And i am going to get him a collar ID. Also his name on his collar, and probably a pillow for his bed, because he has a cover, and a bed now he needs a pillow. You can tell he is a soiled little poodle. But i love him.


Romeo and the number 1

October 22nd 2011 4:14 am
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Romeo is going to be turning 1 soon, and he is going to get groomed tomorrow (oct.27). And where i live it is starting to get REALLY chilly. And i have to buy Romeo a jacket, also a new collar (because the poma-poo teddy the one that is leaving) teddy bit it open. And he ran in the street. I was so scared and embarrassed. I also will buy him some "adult" toys and bones. He is such a GREAT dog and I guess him turning one will help him "mature". But i wonder if he will change? Well i guess i will find out right after the day of thanksgiving.

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