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My Diary

New house ~ Husky Hideout

August 3rd 2012 6:42 am
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Finally! Moved into a real house with a little yard. Miss Lilly can now go outside anytime she wants for some relaxing hole digging. We are two blocks from the ocean too!



Fun day with Santa.

December 3rd 2011 9:38 pm
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Today was a blast! We got our picture taken with Santa at the Petco store and got a bag of cookies.

Later we went to another town and I got to see Santa again along with a horse and carriage. The horses where huge! After that I got to run on the beach.

In the evening we saw Santa again! He came in on a fire truck and the siren made me woo~woo too. Everyone came up to me and said what a pretty dog I am. There were lots of treats people just seemed to drop on the ground just for me and some were really good. (Thankfully nobody was dropping anything dangerous for dogs.)

The sun was almost gone for the day and we made a quick trip down to the river where I zoomed around in the water. We heard some coyotes singing off in the distance and it was wonderful.

Yay for Christmas time!

Cheers everyone~


Black Friday and stuff.

November 25th 2011 6:20 pm
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So It's that black Friday thing again eh? Well, we sure didn't participate in that but we did go out and watch other people do it! People would stop and pet me, some would even give me kisses.

I went to the vet in the morning and got some booster shots and a checkup. Everything is looking great and the technician is a cool guy who has a husky too.

I've decided that anytime someone leaves a paper towel on the counter I will eat it when nobody is looking. Pretty random eh? I think I'm pretty clever! I love to hear "Didn't I leave a paper towel here a second ago?". I just look back and smile. Teehee!

Til next time, Cheers!



November 15th 2011 2:52 pm
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Been doing a lot of off leash training. Used a nylon cord about 50' long at first to teach distance. Follow up with vocal commands.


We get to work on courtesy while outdoors and meeting new people because we get a little excited and like to jump up to say hello.

Having such a great time outdoors running and playing.

I have a couple of videos on Youtube as well!

Video's here!

Thanks for looking at my doggy profile!


Good Girl

November 4th 2011 7:49 am
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I had my checkup at the vet and everything is looking great.

So now, I'm starting to show how much of a husky I really am. I'm very alert and curious about everything and I like to talk about it. I'm working on my social skills and learning to listen for my new name when called.

When daddy goes into the bathroom I like to talk to him outside the closed door. I follow him everywhere in the house and he thinks I may have some separation anxiety but I've only been here for one week and I'll get used to being left in a room by myself.

I'm happy that I'm loved so much and daddy calls me a good girl! ~Yay!



October 30th 2011 6:13 pm
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Today I went out for walking for a couple of hours and I really wanted to run but I'm supposed to "take it easy" still. So I stopped at every chance to smell things and I really love bird watching.

After I got home from all this fun I totally forgot to go potty. Daddy was confused at why I suddenly went looking all over the house. I went pee in the hallway and thought I would be in trouble. Dad just looked at me and said it's OK because he doesn't know how to read me just yet. I then went outside and finished more potty business and daddy was so happy.

Later we went out again and explored a place with a lake and it had ducks on the water. I watched them and really wanted to go swimming too, maybe next week I can. We came back home again and we stopped at my potty place in the yard so I wouldn't forget again. Daddy loves me and I can tell!



Recovery period

October 29th 2011 7:37 am
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Well, the cone on my head didn't last more than a day. I have no interest is messing with my stitches and I'm being real calm. I'm slowly starting to show off my silly personality and interested in going for short walks for now.

My undercoat is starting to grow back really fast and it's only been a day since my surgery. Soon I will be able to take longer walks and in a week I can go running.

I look forward to each day as I recover.


First day home.

October 27th 2011 5:49 pm
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It's my first day home and I got spayed. I'm stuck with a dumb cone on my head and it's there for a whole week. I have some pain medication and I'm supposed to just sleep all day...Yeah right. I'll be running like crazy next week!


My name change

October 22nd 2011 6:20 am
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My name given to me at the shelter was Glinda. I have taken the name of Lilly, from the movie, Alpha and Omega. :)

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