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It's Good to be Skye

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SKYE 6/8/2002-2/21/2012

February 23rd 2012 3:59 pm
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Hello, Dogsters. It's been a long time between diary entries, and this time I am writing to let you know Skye passed away this past Tuesday morning. We found out on February 3rd that her lungs were 80-90% full of cancerous tumors. She was very brave and tried so hard to live, but breathing just became too immense a task. She died peacefully and calmly in my arms, surrounded by our family and love. She had a great life, and she was the best dog ever. I miss her greatly, and I always will, for she was my heart.

What fun we had here with our Pup Pals, and all the silliness we experienced! Such a great community of caring friends--more than once I got good advice for her various problems through the network of pup pals. And who could forget Lyle's novels, and the regal Seva (Vincent! Peel me a grape!), and the Chairman, and so many many others? Thank-you, each and every one of you, for your friendship and fun through our time here. A very wise Dogster boss once commented that most of the population of Dogster is bound to change every 10 to 12 years, given the average canine lifespan. Sadly, this time the change happened here. Take care, my valued friends! 'Houla Hugs from the Rainbow Bridge from Skye.


HaHa--Flavor of the Month!

June 26th 2009 5:43 pm
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My good friend, Maebe invited me to play ice cream tag. This new tag game is a tasty one. You say what type of ice cream you would be based on your looks (or maybe your personality?) and then ask 5 friends to do the same. Mom and I thought and thought and tried many samples at our local Katie's Korner (ice-cream paradise in our neck of the woods) and we came to the conclusion that I'm most like Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream....heavy on the cookie dough, please. I think I resemble that flavor nicely, and the parts of it without chocolate are oh, so good! This game was a lot of fun, so I'm sending it along to 5 of my pals:

Poppy Seed

It will be fun to see what flavors they come up with!

Ice cream wishes to ALL!



Hey Everyone! Meet Hank!

March 18th 2009 6:21 pm
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He's 5 months old, and he's a Black Lab/Weimaraner mix. He's Mom's new Grand-dog, belongs to my big bro' & Co. So I guess that sorta makes him my cousin? Mom calls him "Hanky Panky" or "Lanky Hanky". I haven't actually met him yet. Mom isn't sure how I'd like a biting, yapping, in-your-snout puppy. If it turned out that I didn't like him, there isn't a whole lot Mom could do to protect him since I'm so much bigger. The plan is to wait until he gets a little older, and hopefully gets some manners, and then we'll see. From what Mom says, he's a pretty mellow boy most of the time, but is a maniac when my big bro' shines a laser light for him to chase, BOL!

We haven't been around on Dogster much lately, we sure do miss all of our Pals! We've been dealing with some health stuff, and then there's our dinosaur internet connection that gets slower every day. Sure hope Mr. O'Bama keeps his word about rural broadband coverage. At any rate, I hope all of my Pals are happy and healthy and getting plenty of cookies and bones. I hope to write again real soon!

'HoulaHugs to ALL!


Xena *Warrior Princess*

October 8th 2008 11:26 am
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My best Dogster Pal, Xena has gone to the Bridge. Please, Pups, say a prayer--send good thoughts--whatever you believe--to her loving pack to help them through this most difficult time. Peace be with you , Sweet Xena.


Election BUGS

September 4th 2008 10:38 am
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I know all you pups have zero interest in all this election stuff, but we ALL have an interest in bugs, right??? BOL!

You see, you have your basic RED BUGS. And you have your basic BLUE BUGS. The problem is, Mom can't find a link for "BLITHERING IDIOT BUGS" which would surely cover all the bases in the coming election. Our best advice is to vote for LYLE. He's not a blithering idiot, and we all know he'll be ready on day one to pass the "Unlimited Chicken For Every Dog Act Of 2009".

Mom and I saw something really nice the last time I went to FPCC for my bath. There was a lady who was paying her bill when we got there. She had a tiny baby black and white kitten with her. She told Mom that she had found the kitten near a field when she was out for a walk, and the poor kitty had a sore on her neck, so she took the kitty home. The sore turned into a big lump--turns out there was some kind of critter living in that sore on her neck!!!--so the lady brought the baby kitty to FPCC for help. They had to do a small surgery on the kitty to get the critter out of her neck, and this nice lady paid for the whole thing ( pretty hefty bill), just so this abandoned kitty would get better. Wasn't that a nice thing for her to do? Mom is going to give her a surprise donation for the next time she takes her pet to FPCC. Pay it forward, Pups.

Happy Fall and 'HoulaHugs to ALL!


Have you noticed....

August 5th 2008 6:07 pm
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that it virtually smells fresh and breezy around Dogster these days? Nice to be able to bestow free gifts to our friends, but in the real world, I'm inclined to agree with Gussie Finknottle when it comes to scents a dog would really appreciate. How about a collar with a small rotting dead something dangling from it, huh, HQ? We'd all love to be able to carry that special aroma with us everywhere, right pups? It wouldn't even have to be a recognizable "something", the mystery would make it even more thrilling!

In other news, I am free of bladder infection #9847 thankyouverymuch. Dr. Clayton and Dr. Ramsey at FPCC took good care of me, as always. I just hope no one had a video camera on Mom and the tech who was following me around the FPCC yard trying to catch a "sample" with a little cup-on-a-stick. BOL! Fooled 'em again! They can't catch me, I'm too clever. Lucky for me they decided not to use "plan B".

I had a real good day yesterday, because Mom and Dad picked all the green beans, and Dad cleaned them out on the porch (and threw the little ends and buggy parts in the grass). I had a fresh green bean buffet for hours!

'Houla'Hugs to All~ Love, Skye.


Today I'm 6

June 8th 2008 10:24 am
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Yappy Barkday to meeeeeeeeee! I'm having a pretty good day so far. A few extra treats, and lots of scritches, and cold water in my bowl! What I'd really like for my birthday is a small iceberg to sleep on, or at least a big pile of snow....*sigh* I do miss the snow! Every day now when I take my morning walk, when we return and go around the back of the house where it's still shady, I like to flop down on my belly for a few moments to cool off. I guess that's about as close as I'll ever get to an iceberg, BOL! Right now a nap on the cool floor downstairs in front of the fan sounds like a great idea. Have a great day, Pups, and cold water and good naps for everypup!


It smells like SPRING

April 11th 2008 7:53 pm
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and MAEBE....and LYLE!
I'm used to Mom coming home smelling like that "other" dog, but it's usually just one dog, BASIL. Yesterday, she was gone for like 7,000 hours and then she had the nerve to come home smelling like 3 dogs!! She told me all about meeting them, and I sniffed and sniffed and could tell right away they'd be good pals to play with. She said she had a lot of fun with them at a DOG PARK! How unfair! I've never been taken to a dog park! Mom even said she tried to smuggle Spring home with her, but Spring said she couldn't leave her bosses--especially now that she has to keep Lyle and Maebe in line on their big trip to Washington. I really hope that when Lyle takes over the government, he'll put dog parks in every town and village. They sound like wonderful places. I know he can do it. He's already delivered on giving me chicken--he had his bosses make chicken jerky for me. If ever there was a taste to heaven, that would be the taste!!!


I have a complaint.

March 5th 2008 5:54 am
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Mom tells me there is NO WAY we're going for a walk today...not even in the yard. Hhhhhrrrrmmmmpppph. That's just not acceptable. I mean, so what if we had an ice storm last night? So what if there are big tree branches all over the yard? So what if the grass is covered with ice, and is now being covered with snow? 'Houlas need their walks, am I right, Pups? I was born with 4 studded snow "tires" and 4-wheel drive. Just because she is an old and less-evolved model is no excuse. Booooo on winter!


The Furlass has landed!!!

February 23rd 2008 5:55 pm
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Hey, Pups! That little baby furlass finally decided to arrive on Feb. 20th! We've all been SOOOOOOOO excited and busy! Mom tells me she's beautiful, and that she and Basil's Mom, who happens to be my big sis, are doing great! I can't wait to meet her! Mom's been busy helping her get settled in her new home and everything, and I really don't like sharing Mom, but I know it will be worth my while as soon as she starts to come here to visit and drop yummy morsels for me. Maybe someday I'll even get to play in the snow with her!

Wishing you all happy days!

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