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Two Akita's

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20 February 2012

February 20th 2012 7:01 am
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All mom's curtains/rods are finally in and paint and primer for woodwork are here as well. Mom finally talked Dad into the Bissell lift off she wanted and is happy with the change. She didn't even get mad about the paw prints. It sucked them right off!! Dad is taking a few weeks of his vacation soon to help Mom get the projects done. We just came back from a nice long walk with Dad while Mom enjoyed her coffee. We will be running in and out today making a mess while Mom cleans out the bigger pieces of furniture like the china closet and buffet,as well as the book shelf to make moving them easier. Then she will have to measure and sew the new curtains to make them fit the way she wants. She says she's not too worried about the mess we make this week because she will just clean it up as things get moved. Hope the weather stays warm and dry enough to play outside alot. Have a great day and we will possibly update this entry tonight.


17 February 2012

February 17th 2012 8:35 pm
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Mom took our human sister for a doctors appointment then to work this morning so her husband had to get up and get the kids off to school. Mom came home in such a good mood because our sister is fine,and her lazy hubby had to get up early too. Mom said getting up early and rushing out the door was so totally worth it just to see that. They think our human sister might have a small ovarian cyst so Mom has to do the same thing next Friday. I hope she's as happy when she comes home. Annie,Momma says that brownish black dirt doesn't go with the sand pebble color of the sofa,she doesn't think the pawprint design will fit with the theme of casual but classic she is going for.

The curtains for the new diningroom have come in and so have the new shades for the livingroom/family room now all she is waiting for is the drapes and rods. They also picked up the new paint for the woodwork. Everything else is already interchangeable so I will have my new window to look out of within a week or so. Momma is afraid I will play in the paint and of course I will but Shhhh! I didn't say that.

The pawrent are wrapped very tightly around our little paws it's taken years of training to get them so pawfect. We have to pretend to do what they want and humor them a litle like letting them wipe paws when we come in,walking nicely on the leash and coming most of the time at Momma's first call but it's all worth it. WE got the air purifier which mom thinks is for her but actually it blows such nice cool air and feels really good. They are moving the furniture because mom thinks she is bore but I jumped up there because I want an open view of that big front window. Momma will feel a bit more energized and that means more play. It has taken awhile and just the right plot but we will be far happier and maybe mom won't mind the mud so much.


16 February 2012

February 16th 2012 10:32 am
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It was finally settling down here and life was getting back to normal with us making pawprints on the floor and Mom running around after us. Kai also made a few unwelcome pawprints on Mom's sofa so now she is going to put the whole house in chaos and move it,along with the rest of the livingroom into what is now the diningroom and relocate the diningroom to what is now the livingroom. She actually managed to talk Dad into this!!!
I have no clue what he's thinking letting her get away with this. I should have a vote at least,Kai being the last one in the house really shouldn't get one but he seems to like the idea so that he can look out the window without getting in trouble. I think he should just respect the rules and stay off the sofa like I do.

Mika always want's her own way. Just because she isn't curious about what goes on outside doesn't mean I'm not. She also broke alot of rules at my age,at least that's what Mom tells her. The pawrents got a new air purifier for the bedroom and I love it. It blows cool air so I can be comfortable and still stay in the bedroom. I can't wait until Mom moves the furniture around and I have access to more windows and don't have to hear about getting on the sofa right after Mom gets through vacuuming my muddy pawprints away. I personally think they look great and she should leave them there.
For those wondering Mom finally did manage to get my mats out of my fur and I am now blowing my coat normally. Thanks to all the dogsters who gave advice!!!!!

Well,Mom says we have to get off the computer now because she has lots of stuff to do.

Take Care Everyone and Have a Great Day!!!


26 January 2012

January 26th 2012 6:23 pm
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Mom has had a crazy week and so have we. All is finally starting to go a little better. Our human sister and one of the kids came for a visit yesterday. Our little boy was sick but we did our best to watch over and comfort him. Don't worry he's feeling better today but has an ear infection. Mommy is very frustrated trying to keep things neat right now because as soon as the ground freezes and she manages to get something done it is warm and raining again making more mud. Mommy hates mud!!!
We had to play inside most of the day because all it did was rain.Mika hates any rain at all. I don't like rain that hurts.
It was the hurting kind today. We have also decided to blow our coats early and leave "hair puppies" everywhere. We clogged all of mommy's vacuum filters again today. Mika is blowing her coat normally but I am driving her crazy because my undercoat is coming out but is stuck in some places and Mom is afraid it is going to get matted. She has been brushing me the wrong way(opposite the way my hair grows)with a pin brush to loosen up the hair and get it out so I don't mat. Mommy says matting hair is bad. Does anyone have any other ideas? The pawrents don't want to give us a bath until my undercoat is out because they say wetting fur that is matting makes it worse. I just know it's itchy and the pawrents are doing everything they can to help my undercoat come out.Mom would appreciate ideas if anyone has one or some. It's time to get last cookies and settle down for the night. Take Care of yourselves and each other!!!


2 January 2012

January 2nd 2012 9:39 pm
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We would first like to thank everyone for the gifts left on our single pages as well as our together page. We hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday Season how ever they celebrate it.
We are also thankful for all the wonderful comments left about the new photos on our page. Dad just had to try out the new digital camera he and Mommy bought each other. The old one still works but Mommy hated it because she missed so many good shots of us trying to wait for it to work. As you can see we enjoyed our Holiday. Mommy has however informed us that the extra long morning walks dad has been taking us on while he has been on vacation are going back to the shorter ones Mom can handle except on weekends. Dad is also welcome to take us on our extra long one after work. Mommy has also been having problems with pain and the constantly changing weather. She also has a ton of post holiday clean-up to do. So we will be playing in the yard more for at least the rest of this week.
Mommy has been trying to catch up on p-mails for us and also trying to get some research on starting an Akita sanctuary when Dad is able to retire from his current job done. She has already looked into several sites but hasn't had time to get into them in detail. Please either post any further advice in the thread we started in Rescue,Adoption.... or p-mail Mom through our page. We would also liketo hear from people who have already done something like this and can help. All comments and advice will be greatly appreciated,The pawrents really want to make this happen for the sake of the Akitas out there who need help. Thank-you all and may you enjoy the blessings of the new year.


1 January 2012

December 31st 2011 11:00 pm
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Happy New Year Everyone!!! We had a wonderful holiday full of fun and food. Lots of pawresents,too. Santa Paws was very good to us and we hope good to you pups as well. We also spent lots of time with the little people. They were here at least part of 5 days of Daddy's 10 day vacation and even spent the night with us on the 26th of December. Mommy decided to start off the new year by adding some new photos to our page. We hope you like them. Our favorite was getting hugs from the kids in front of the Christmas tree. We were good with that,too. We managed to mind our tails and not knock any ornaments off,no one peed on the tree,and we didn't chew any pawresents,even ours!! We also left the buffet full of food alone which had it's own rewards.
Hope you all enjoyed your holidays as well. We and our pawrents want to wish you all a New Year full of health,happiness,joy and Love. Take Care of yourselves and each other,be safe and may the new year bring new adventures for you and your families to share. Many wonderful blessings as well.


6 December 2011

December 5th 2011 11:42 pm
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4 December 2011

December 4th 2011 9:49 am
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Hello everyone. We have been posting and checking in but Mom lets us spend far less time on Dogster with all the busy Holiday stuff. We don't have any snow on the ground yet,Do any of you? Mommy is actually hoping the ground will freeze soon,as much as she hates to be cold right now cleaning up mud is worse.
Kai is still being a willful snot but getting better. Mika has decided she doesn't like most of the treats so Mom is going to start just making the jerky type since none seem safe to buy.
We have been very sad lately with so many people losing pups so suddenly. On a bit lighter note Mika celebrates the BIG 5 on Tuesday. We had an extra long morning walk with Dad to places we usually don't get to explore as often. We were gone almost an hour and did a double walk. Mommy was still sleeping after having a bad night. Kai didn't even try to wake her when we got back. Take care everyone and we look forward to hearing about your Holiday adventures. Don't forget eating ornament and garland can make you sick and is frowned upon by people,so is eating presents. Kai hasn't done it and neither have I but no peeing on the tree either!! Have a great week!!!


25 October 2011

October 25th 2011 5:17 am
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Hello to all our pals old and new. For all of our old pals we miss you. Please p-mail and let us know how you are. For our new pals we look forward to getting to know you. For our pals who need it lots of hugs,prayers and POTP. For the pals we have lost and their families, "fly free at the bridge fur friends". To their people and families we are praying for you and send our sympathies with lots of hugs as well. Mommy has been very busy cleaning anything that will hold still long enough but still can't keep up with all our pawprints. We have had lots of rain and mud lately and it makes lots of extra work for Mommy who has also been trying to get things extra clean and organized. We are still sticking to our usual routine of watching things from the front porch in the mornings,playing outside with or without Mommy during the day and evening walks with Dad. Daddy was so nice to Mommy yesterday and really made her smile,He brought her flowers to thank her for taking such good care of us and him. Mommy thought it was very sweet and hopes all our pals Mommies and Daddies have someone in their lives who thinks they are special as well. We know how special our Mommy is to us and how hard she works to keep us happy,healthy and well behaved. Sending extra tail wags and puppy kisses to the pawrents of all our pals you are all very special to your pups.xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Mika&Kai


2 October 2011

October 1st 2011 11:55 pm
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Forgot to add: Flika&Family and Khloe,Mommy will be p-mailing soon. She's concerned about Khloe and Misses Flika's Mom.
She's been thinking of you both,just alittle busy as well as out of sorts due to headache. Take Care of yourselves!

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