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went to Bone Apetit

Sick :(

February 2nd 2012 1:08 pm
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Me, big sissy Love, and other sissy Delilah, have been sick for a long time.. Love passed it to me, and I passed it to Delilah.. We are better now, thank goodness, but it was not fun, TRUST me!! Mommy was not happy AT ALL!


Hiarcut! :o

October 17th 2011 1:17 pm
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My mommy was brushing me, and she found ALL these mats, on my face and on my belly. Resently, I went to the groomer, and they plucked my ear hair out. Its been bothering me, so I have been rubbing my head on the carpet, which tangled my fur, and I got mats!! Mommy had to cut them out of my fur, and now she says I look like a little goldfish.. ( My new nickname:P)Well, will post pics of the "new me" l8ter..


Mommy's sister just got a new dog!!!!

October 3rd 2011 4:16 pm
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My mommy's sister just got a new dog! She like, just got me a few weeks ago! Anyway, we went to some place called the Mcamey, Love and I. When we walked in, there was this Poodle standing there. These people that worked there came and took the leash away from mommy, and introduced us to "Polly". I did not know what to do, so I just ran away every time she came close to me. Then, it was Love's turn. She did not like "Polly" at all. She snarled at her, and barked any time she got in her face to sniff her. Mommy and her sister loved her, and they signed all these papers, and brought her home. They re-named her Delilah, and now she is running around in the backyard. She will be getting a Dogster soon, so all you dogs will get to see what she looks like...


I went to Bone Appetit!

September 20th 2011 1:47 pm
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A few days ago, Love, mommy, mommy's sister, mommy's mother, and I went to Bone Appetit, the dog bakery downtown. It was soo fun! We went and got free dog treats from those nice ladies that work there, and they kept saying how cute me and Love were. Mommmy got a shih-tzu necklace, a shih-tzu keychain, and a shih-tzu pen. Wow, she rly likes shih-tzus! Then, she got Love and me these dog treats called greenies, and finally we left. It was so fun, and im totally up for free treats anyday :P

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