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Adopt 2012 Contest

June 26th 2012 4:08 pm
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Annie’s New Beginning

After my Golden brother before me went to the bridge, mama & daddy were so heartbroken and the house was so empty that they just couldn’t bear it anymore. Mama went online looking for Golden Breeders and came upon Golden Beginnings Golden Retriever Rescue by accident. She had never thought of adopting but as she looked at the site and all the wonderful Goldens that so desperately needed homes, she was hooked. As she flipped through all the pictures she ran across me… name was Bacall as I was named by the rescue. My brother was also with me and they named him Bogey. Bogey & Bacall….neat, huh? She dried her tears for a minute and took a better look. She ran and got daddy and told him, “this is the one I want. Look at her, isn’t she beautiful?” Mama called the rescue and they just happened to have an adoption day that weekend. Mama and daddy could barely wait. Bogey & I were brought from Hurricane Katrina to Houston. We were taken to the rescue and they were so nice to us. They gave us a bath and food and lots of hugs & kisses. I snuggled with a little blankie they gave me because I was very scared. Little did I know that my new pawrents would be coming to get me very soon. Well, a couple of days later when the adoption day came, mama & daddy put the pedal to the metal and got there as fast as they could. Thankfully, both Bogey & I were still there and they took me for a little walk around the property. I was such a good girl and mama and daddy fell in love with me right on the spot. After all the papers were signed, I jumped in the backseat of the car and I felt so surrounded by love that I wasn’t scared anymore. Mama sang to me on the way home my Annie song that she just made up and still sings it to me 7 yrs later.

Anniebelle, Anniebelle
She’s so swell
My Anniebelle

As it turned out, Bogey was adopted by a nice couple that lives near us and we get to go on playdates. Mama just couldn’t get used to the name Bacall and re-named me Annie, it just seemed to fit and I answered to it right away. Mama & daddy still continue to keep in touch with Golden Beginnings and give donations whenever they can. It’s such a wonderful organization and does a great job finding homes for orphaned Goldens. Needless to say, I am doing the happy dance these days and encourage others to adopt….it rocks!


Annie's Bath Time Bonanza

September 3rd 2012 12:57 pm
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Yikes! The time has come for my bath. Daddy said I was getting stinky! How rude! Anyway, mostly I don’t like baths and when I see mama bring out the shampoo bottle, a dead giveway, I get real low and slither into a hiding place. Then they have to coax me out to the hose, a tough job. Today, for some reason, maybe cuz it was really hot, I went right to the hose. Mama didn’t even have to call me. She almost fainted! Daddy put on the shampoo and mama scrubbed and I stood perfectly still enjoying every minute. Now I know why mama says going to the hair salon is so relaxing. Then daddy put my front paws on the stool and rinsed me off real good. Mama said I looked like a show dog in that position. I was so proud. When it was all over, I vigorously shook my coat and made sure everybody was good and wet! he he...Then the best part of all!!!! Mama pulled out my special rawhide treat. Woo Hoo! I gently took it from her and ran to a sunny spot and chomped away. After I finished, mama got out the leaf blower and blew off all the excess water. It feels strange, kinda like being in a windstorm, I guess, but it was fun. Now it’s time for me to take a little nap. See ya later, pals! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


I'm an angel now!

July 1st 2013 8:02 am
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I am an angel now. I can romp and play with all the other angels at the bridge that came before me. Some are dear friends of mine and some new ones I will meet. Mama and daddy are heartbroken but I told them that I’m only a thought away. I will be in their hearts forever. I got progressively worse and told mama that it was time to let me go. She gave me that one last gift. I will be looking over all of you from up here and sending lots of angel dust.*** Thank you all so much for your sweet thoughts and gifts for my page, I am overwhelmed.*** You will still see me posting, too. ..if you don’t mind an angel poppin’ in! I can’t stay away from my Dogster pals! Smooches from the Bridge!

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