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I Love Dogster And Catster Too!

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Extra! Extra! Read All About It! This Is A Big Step In My- Life!

December 16th 2011 5:41 pm
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OMD! OMD! My Big Sisfur Monnie played with me tonight! YES, She sure did and I was way excited and didn't jump in her face or do anything to upset her. Momma had her on a leash in the fence and Daddy brought me in the fence on my leash! She sniffed me and I stood perfectly still then she licked my nose and I still stood still then she jumped at me just a little so I jumped a little back at her and then we were zooming back and forth and back and forth, did a couple circles and we were both having fun. Momma said we couldn't be turned loose together yet just because..whatever that means but I'm still really happy that she didn't growl and her hackles didn't come up and her tail was still down sooooooo I think she likes me now!

Thanks Monnie I love you bunches and just know soon you will love me back♥ and that's gonna be the bestest Christmas gift ever!!!


WOW! What A Surprise!

December 16th 2011 7:41 am
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OMD! I just got a football Rosie from My Good Pal Duke from KKC telling me I am DOTD there today! I'm the star friend and want to thank all my pals there for giving me this honor!! I'M A STAR! I'm A Star! Hmmmmmmmmm wonder if there be any Pupperazzi sneaking about ready to interview me, ask questions and snap some photos cuzz it's not everyday you get to be THE MAN ABOUT DOGSTER TOWN and I am loving it!! Sure hope I get to meet some new friends and of course SANTA ARE YA LISTENING??? This should put me at the top of the good list huh?


Dear Santa

December 13th 2011 9:44 am
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Dear Santa,

I know you have seen me do naughty things like chewing up shoes, destuffing toys, taking Daddy's gloves and boots inside my crate and hiding them, chewed up a flash light and am constantly counter surfing and stretching my long legs as far as I can reach and pull things off the counter and even took a couple of dishes out of the sink HOWEVER, This should really really count towards me being a good boy and be put on your GOOD LIST;)

The other day daddy went downstairs to throw some laundry in and Momma was gone shopping and daddy forgot to shut the gate and when he came upstairs there I was SITTING on the end of the sofa just looking out the window and my Big Sisfur Monnie who isn't to fond of me was curled up on the other end so I didn't jump at her or bother her at all! Yes Santa I was a very good boy and just looked out the window and then Daddy came into the living room and took me out. Shhhhh between you and I...I think My Sisfur Monnie is really starting to like me cuzz she didn't growl or nothing this time so please add her to your GOOD LIST too.

Merry Christmas To All And To All A Good Night,


The BIG GURL Stared Me Right In The Eye!

November 14th 2011 3:18 pm
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Ut! Oh! Momma was in the kitchen and all of a sudden realized I was gone! Yep, not in there with her at all..She glanced in the Living Room and there I stood right in the middle of the room and Monnie was staring me RIGHT IN MY EYES! Daddy forgot to shut the gate and Momma's heart nearly stopped. Because Momma didn't hear any growling but did see Monnie's hackles were standing straight up from her neck to the tip of her tail she said..MONNIE STAY! Then she walked slowly into the living room and told Monnie Good Gurl and petted her and gently took me by my collar and lead me back behind the gate all the time saying good Boy Roscoe for not jumping at her. Guess it was a little bit of a stand off but I wasn't scared. NOPE I was wagging my tail the whole time and because she didn't growl I think it won't be long before we will become best of friends. She sniffs my face over the gate now too and doesn't growl anymore so maybe she knows I'm part of the family now huh?


Miss Bailey Says I'm A Prince Charming

November 7th 2011 3:31 pm
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Goodness I opened my mailbox and saw my own face! Miss Bailey sent me this great photo of me and told me I am Prince Charming of PDPC for a whole week. I'm not sure what it means but I think it means I'm a charmer and I will do everything I can to use my charm to make other furs feel as special and loved as I am. I'm still just a wee pup but will do my best at charming. Hmmmmmm wonder if I need to go to Charm School do ya think? Any other Prince Charmings out there maybe will enlighten me as to what to do so I can do it properly?

I am so excited but a little bit scared and sure am looking forward to answering all the questions my furiends are asking me and hope I meet lots of new furiends too cuzz I love meeting new furs.

Thank You Miss Bailey and all my PDPC Furiends!!

Wags, Wiggles and Yips,


I had My Nails Trimmed and It Wasn't So Terrible Until The- End

November 6th 2011 4:16 am
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Mommas been playing with my feet for weeks, touching them, petting them and spreading my toes apart..I didn't like that spreading apart much but then thought Hmmmmm she doesn't do it too long and by the time I'm ready to nip her hand she's already moved on to the next one. She is one smart Momma!

She took a Big silver clipper out cuzz my nails are still puppy nails and are thin and sharp even tho black nails generally are thicker than white nails. Oh I was ready! I gave her THE LOOK when she picked up my paw, pulled it away several times until she said Ut! Ut! and then I knew this was serious business. She snipped one foot and I'd had enough. It was to hard for her to hold me when I was wiggling so out came the Bigger Orange Handled Clipper and I just knew I was in for the haul. You guessed it she picked my other front foot up and clipped so fast I didn't have time to even be scared. The back feet were next and let me tell you I was going to make her work for these feet but boy was I wrong. She held, clipped, dropped a treat said good boy and just kept dropping, clicking dropping clicking and on the last nail I nipped her and then I was done and in TIME OUT! I don't like Time Out because she ignores me and Daddy came home and I couldn't play with him either and he's my bestest Pal everfur, but he Got THE LOOK too and I heard Momma tell him...Don't you dare spoil him until I tell you both it's OK. Sheesh I didn't even see daddy do anything wrong and he was in Time Out..what's up wif that I wondered. Then when our time out was over Momma let me and daddy race through the house and he took me to the field and we ran and ran. When I got home Momma asked me to sit clipped my last nail and gave me lots and lots of hugs and ear rubs so guess that's the trick huh? Just GET ER DONE...I'm happy I figured that out now just have to learn to stop jumping up on company when they come over. I don't do it to my family but still think it's ok on other folks cuzz they don't say anything. Hmmmmmmmm think I'm confused on this one.

Puppy Attitude and Gratitude,


What Fun I've Had

October 31st 2011 6:02 pm
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Woowza I have had so much fun. I went on my very first YKTH Cruise and we went to the Galapagos Islands. I met lots of new friends, swam in the ocean, saw crater volcano's, many many different kinds of birds, we hiked and went horseback riding which I'm pretty good at cuzz I ride sometimes at Lexi and Zak's Angel Bluff Ranch. OMD we just did so much and there was a beautiful wedding for Reba and Toby and at the reception/dance everyfur changed into Halloween Costumes! BOL!

Then today Tyler sent me a Big Fall Leaf for my page and told me I won third place is the AUTUMN IS HERE CONTEST! It's the first contest I've ever entered so was quite a surprise! Thank You Tyler! And Thanks Momma for letting me play in all the leaves you raked up and for taking my photo in them when I stopped to rest.

I have experienced so much in my short 4 months and it has been so fun. I look forward to each day to see what's going to happen.

Woofs and Wags,


WOWZA! Dogster Is Way Fun

October 11th 2011 9:35 am
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Hi Furiends! I have really been having fun on Dogster. I have been invited to play in some new groups and one doesn't even allow gurls! BOL! Howard Jr is in a group with me and OMD we have a ball and are learning so much from the 'BIG GUYS" there:)

It's fun to play in the mud, play football and just listen to the way them "BIG GUYS" TALK AND BANTER. No talk about girlie things like fashion, shopping and who has the newest Jimmy Choos...Hmmmmmm, Jimmy Choos I just know would be fun to tear apart and chew.

I also play in some groups where they have awesome games..Makes my brain hurt sometimes but I am learning a lot as well. I've met some great new friends and several are young like me so we can all grow up together..How fun is that huh?

I Love Dogster and am sure will love the place they call Catster too but just have not gotten to wander around in Catster Town yet.

Puppy Nips and Barks (yeppers I don't yip anymore I know how to BARK)

Roscoe The Beastie Boy



September 27th 2011 12:14 pm
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Woowza I went to my furry first Dogster Wedding on Sunday and it was for my Sisfur Lexi. It was a Grand affair so I got to wear dis new Tux my Big Dogie furiend Mr Teddy Wiggle Butt made me...Him's has a funny name huh?

My Sifur Monnie was in da wedding so I sat wif my furiends and was very quiet just like Monnie asked me to be but I did giggle once cuzz when Lexi and Zak said their vows Howard Jr kicked some sand on Geor-gi's feet. It was so furry funny I just couldn't contain myself. They are both from Zak's fambly and were in the wedding too. Howard Jr carried some pretty rings on a satin pillow and Geor-gi tossed rose petals high into da air along wif another little girl named Jazzi Dancer..Hmmm wonder if she has dat name cuzz she loves to dance eh? When the rose petals landed on the pathway of sand Lexi walked on top of dem and then I saw some tears in Zaks eyes and wonder why he had them and hims knees was shaking too...At first I thought him was sick but then he smiled when Lexi stood next to him and she smiled back and she had tears too but guess they were not sick must just be what happens at weddings. I wasn't sure cuzz dis be my furst wedding.

After the wedding everyfur was so happy and then Lexi and Zak kissed and I closed my eyes cuzz it looked yucky to me. There were over 200 attending and all looked so furry happy but none looked happier than Lexi and Zak...Guess it was there special day huh?

OMD! You should have seen all da food Chef Snoop made..It would have fed all of Dogster Town. Him can weally cook! And Emilio had some pretty snazzy drinks he was passing around and even gave me a soda:) I got to sit wif Howard Jr, Geor-gi, Jazzi and Comemere. I barked for Midnight to come sit wif us but him not hear me cuzz da music was playing and Lexi and Zak started to dance all by themselves and then guess what??? Him kissed her again so I closed my eyes AGAIN...

YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THE HUGE CAKE! It was weely tall and so pretty. I nevfur seen 2 furs cut the cake at the same time but that's what they did! Yup they sure did! It was weel yummy and Comemere, Howard Jr and Geor-gi were having fun wif the frosting and I hope someday I can go to the Ranch and play wif them. Maybe Jazzi and Midnight will come too and Monnie said Zak and Lexi gots horses and ponies..I Can't wait but they are off in the Mediterranean somewhere I heard. Hmmmmmm wonder why they went way over there. Oh! Well, Monnie says she will ask them if Her and I can come visit their ranch when they get back and I sure do hope them says, YES!

Puppy nips and Yips,


Barking doing zoomies and telling Momma it's ALL ABOUT ME- TODAY

September 23rd 2011 7:07 am
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OMDogness Me signed on and saw my cute widdle face on the main page staring back at me...I started doing zoomies, prancing, wagging my tail and giving Momma the look cuzz she had just bought me a scarf dat say BAD BOY..Who she kidding..Momma just take a look at this screen and see my cuteself..Momma had to agree but also little guy do not think you're better than others you is just ONE LUCKY PUPPER...I know that Momma and I won't never think that cuzz we're all created the same in God's eyes.

Thanks Again HQ! Yesterday I was one of the DDP's and today I am THE DDP! I hope I don't get stuck like Gizmo! BOL! What's next? I'm not sure cuzz it's a big world out there but I see furiends receiving well deserved honors of Diary Of The Day, Dog Of The Day and Even Dog Of The Year and Mr World! Eyes get huge and thinks...Can't even imagine that!

WOW, I got crowns today just as if I was weely important.. Thank You once again Beautiful Zaks Family, And one from Bailey too..she's so pweety and always kind to all her friends. Yup she's my furiend alright even tho I'm so young. Hmmm furiends can be furiends no matter what age difference huh? That's weely kewl! And another crown from my furry god furiends Buddy, Maggie and Peanut. Maggies a beautiful Angel just like my sisfur lexi.. OMD A frisbee from my pweety furiends Harley Diva and Jazzi...Come on everyfur lets play....Grabs it and starts running off wif it in his mouth.

Puppy Nips and Yips,

Oh My, I had to come back and tell you I just gots a huge STEAK from my Furry good furiends Walker and hims big family! I am going to eat it right now YUM!

Fanks everyone you're so kind and caring♥

Hello Again.... The fun today just never stopped..Momma ws so happy she taked me to the big filed for a long run and I had to come home and nap but guess what? Come on guess? I ate some deer poop before she could even scold me! BOL! Must be why my sisfurs always loved the filed huh? Ya Think?

OMD..More thank you's;0

I gotted a handsome gold crown from Hershey and it's weel shiny, then came a bowl of Kibble from my furiend Shaki, A trophy from Suuny and it's weel shiny too,another shiny trophy from my furiends Copper and fambly, A foot ball to play wif from my furiend Thunder, another pretty blue ribbon from my furiends Tiki and Fambly,another blue ribbon from my furiends perrp, teddy and baron and a BIG ol' juicy burger from my furiends Howard,Jessi and Fambly!

I am so full, so happy and so sleepy from all dis excitment and just going to say:

Thank You for celebrating wif me and for all the pressies, pmails, pprs and your caring, loving furiendship♥ Wuv you all bunches!

Nitey Night..Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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