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I Love Dogster And Catster Too!

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March 12th 2012 11:10 am
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OMD, I just found out I won a Lickety Sticks but it will take 4-6 weeks they said to get it to me. How fun it will be cuzz I've nevfur had one before. Momma says it's going to be great to carry in her pocket for training sessions..What's up with that..It's mine right? BOL! I don't really mind cuzz if I have to do something before a lick I'll do it. HMMMMMM There's 500 licks so I'm wondering if that woud mean 500 commands..gosh I sure hope not!


I AM One Happy Pupper!!!

February 23rd 2012 9:45 pm
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Yes I am a very happy pupper today because my sisfur Monnie loves me! She always only tolerated me but today she played with me for the very first time. We have licked each others faces over the partition since I arrived in August but Momma has been really working at introducing us. We have eaten in our crates side by side, daddy walks me and Momma walks Monnie at the same time but several feet apart. We have sniffed each other through the fenced yard and been together in the fenced yard but both still leashed but TODAY, Momma took Monnie out turned her loose and Daddy brought me in and turned me loose..Lots of fun happy voices from Momma and Daddy and we were off and running. No time for sniffing and no growling from her at all. We played tug, we chased and ran past each other and oh we had fun! Momma now thinks she should have done this months ago but was not sure because since Lexi went to the bridge Monnie has been alone and felt it was HER house but no more thinking like that cuzz she loves me as much as I love her. What A Happy Day it was for both of us! The partition Momma never believed in has been put in the garage and we now can be together all through the house!


First Trip To The Groomer! OMD!

February 17th 2012 2:54 pm
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Cuzz my Momma has a owie and can't lift my 74lb self into the tub anymore she and daddy took me to the groomer for my bath this time. I love riding in the truck but DAWG I was surprised when they pulled into the DOG HARMONY parking lot. I jumped out just as if I was going somewhere fun and when Momma opened the door I ran right in then smelled and heard other doggies and boy I HIT THE SKIDS! The lady came around the counter took my lead and said..Hello Roscoe Boy wanna go shopping? I looked at her wagged my tail but wasn't gonna move.Nope, No Way! Then she reached in her pocket and I realized she carries treats like Momma;)so she must be ok..She let me sniff all the shelves full of organic treats and shampoos and then around the counter we went...BIG MISTAKE on her part! Picture this: A Bull in a china shop...She told Momma see you in an hr and Momma left me there! The nerve of her! I probably don't have to tell you I wasn't a happy boy cuzz I've only ever been left with Doc Don and I love him but wasn't sure about these two hoomans wearing rubber looking aprons!. I barked and pulled wiggled and jumped and wiggled and jumped some more. It took both ladies to lift me into that tub and I was trying to jump out as fast as they put me in I tell you! I love it when Momma baths me but heck I didn't know what they were doing with me stuck in that big ol' steel tub. She turned the water on and I took one big leap but they were faster than me...They had my head tied on both sides so fast I didn't know what happened so I barked and barked and barked. Only a Half hr later Momma answered her cell phone and they said Roscoe is done! BOL! They then told Momma I was a little anxious so they both bathed me fast to Get R Done. Ha! If Momma only knew. BOL!

Momma and Daddy pulled into the parking lot and could hear me barking. I don't bark at home so they were surprised to hear how deep and loud my bark was. Now I saw Momma come in the door so vision this: Me pulling a petite little girl around the counter but she stopped me dead and said Roscoe SIT and I did. Momma was happy that I listened to my command but she was totally embarrassed with my behavior of barking and pulling. The girl said I was real good and didn't try to nip and didn't growl at all and was just being a puppy. She said to probably just see it as terrible because he's so big and strong but we see it all day long and she laughed. Momma paid the bill, gave her a huge tip and thanked her and the lady said we are welcome to come back again and it gets better each time so guess what! MOMMA MADE ANOTHER APPOINTMENT FOR NEXT MONTH! OMD!


Counter Surfing Turned Ugly!

February 3rd 2012 6:20 pm
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Ut! Oh! I don't feel so good and have found out the hard way counter surfing which I always thought was awesome turned out to be just the most awful thing I have encountered in my short 6 months of life;(

Momma and Daddy went to Sams club and skinsis was over and decided to make a steak and salad. It was a huge porterhouse steak that I saw come out of the fridge and I wanted patiently for her to turn her back. SHE DID AND IT WAS MINE! All 22 ounces pf pure raw red meat! I grabbed it and ran to my crate with my prized possession and when she tried to take it I was a very bad boy! I growled loud and threatening and she was afraid to take it so I got to eat it all. Now mind you at this time I felt pretty dern lucky because if Momma would have been home first of all I would have never taken it and if I had Momma would never have let me keep it and if I growled I would have gotten in even bigger trouble than I already was but hey, not my fault my skinsis left it out in the open and turned her back.

THEN...When Momma arrived home it turned ugly! Momma first checked me and cuddled me and didn't say too much because I had already forgotten what I had done so a few tablespoons of peroxide later I was throwing up everything but my own guts. DAWG I was sick and Momma felt so sorry for me but said Roscoe Boy it had to come out;( She sat next to me on the rug and stroked me and talked gently as everything kept coming out. When she felt I was done she helped me into my crate and I lay down on my toasty warm blankets that daddy had warmed in the dryer. Momma turned out the lights and put very quiet music on and left the night light on. I';m ready to go nite nite but think it will be a long night cuzz Momma made up the sleeper couch and has some cleaning stuff on the counter. I love my Momma and know she is sleeping near just so she can keep an eye on me through out the night.

I Love You Momma!


Can't Keep A Good Boy Down!

January 19th 2012 8:27 am
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Well Pals, I had my surgery on Monday and it's only Thursday and I can't keep all 4 feet on the floor. I am up and counter surfing and jumping around making Momma crazy. Our yard is full of ice, daddy used 3 buckets of ice melter just so I could get out and go potty without slipping because as you know I don't want to walk anymore...I WANT TO RUN! I feel good and the Tramadol isn't even making me sleepy anymore but NOOOOOOOOO Momma says, Slow Down Beastie Boy or you will be heading back to see Doc Don! What's up with that? She is such a worry wart and them eagle eyes of hers need to look at something besides me. I know she means well but Hey! It's hard to keep a good Boy Down ya know!

I have something else to share too. I always knew Momma was very fond of me and really liked me a lot but when she came and picked me up from the hospital she had tears in her eyes and was so happy to see me she sat right down on the floor and let me climb in her lap so her heart is completely opened and SHE LOVES ME...What A Great feeling it is knowing that! It even surprised her she said. She was so afraid to love me because when she lost my sisfur Lexi it hurt so bad and I remind her of Lexi except for my energy level! BOL! It's almost Valentines Day which is all about love and Mommas all time favorite holiday so I can hardly wait to see the surprises she will be getting for me and Monnie! But LOVE is always the best gift of all♥

Roscoe and Momma sitting on the floor,
Sharing Love like never before
I'm excited as you can see
Because I Love Momma and Momma Loves Me♥♥

Your Pal


I Had My Snippity Snip

January 17th 2012 6:53 am
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Yesterday in the early morning Momma got up and didn't feed me;( I always get fed as soon as I get up so I was thinkin Hmmmmm wonder what's up!! Then she said, come on Beatie Boy we have to go for a ride and when I heard the word ride I was jumping and wiggling but she wasn't acting excited like she normally does so again I thought,,,Hmmmmmmmm! I jumped in the truck and she had the heater blowing toasty warm air and some soft calming music on and we drove right past the woods so then I knew this is not going to be a fun ride. We pulled up infront of Doc Dons and she shut the truck offcame to my door opened it and I jumped out and we went in. He ruffled my ears but didn't give me the treat I always get so Hmmmmmmmm, wondering what's up. He took me in the back without My Momma and then I got a little bit scared. I was there for my Big Boy Snip. I went sleepy town and when I woke up I was in a big kennel in a very quiet dim lite room and was so groggy so went back to sleep and when I woke up again guess what??? My Momma was there. I was so excited to see her I pulled Doc Don right into the room and he said, You can't keep a good boy down and laughed. He gave Momma some pain meds for me and they talked and talked about family, fishing, kids and colleges and I just wanted to go home! FINALLY They said goodbye and I was once again in the truck headed to my most favorite place..HOME!

Everything was well and good! I could only have 1/4 cup of water and a few kibble throughout the night so I wouldn't get sick and Momma was very strict about it. I finally got my 2nd pain med and slept all night and so did Momma. I'm doing well this morning and ate my whole breakfast drank a 1/2 bowl of water, took another pill and am resting in my crate.

If ever you have to go for your Snip I hope you have a great vet like I do and don't be scared cuzz you just go to sleepy town and have great dreams and then wake up and your Momma is there;)

Thank You to everyfur who kept me in prayer and sent me nice encouraging pmails and sent me rosies for my page. What wonderful Furiends I have♥ I sure do love you all.

Wags,Wiggles aand Woofs,


WhoooWhooo I'm A Junk Yard Dawg

January 8th 2012 7:41 pm
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I already have 50+ furiends in my new group Roscoe's Junk Yard
As you all know my Sisfurs Monnie and Lexi play everywhere on dogster/catster so I needed a place to call my own and hang out with my furiends too. It's gonna be way fun;) I am over the top excited which is nothing really new cuzz as a 6 month old pupper everything excites me! BOL

I am so looking forward to running through the Junk Yard, eating at the Garage Cafe and playing some games in the threads as well.

Soooooooooo I'll C-Ya all behind, on top and underneath the wrecks and maybe you might even want to try and get one of the junkers up and running. How fun would that be huh?

Well I am off to curl up and go nitey night so will see ya all tomorrow;)

Wgs, Wiggles and Woofs,
Your Pal Roscoe


WOWZA! Another honor

January 1st 2012 5:59 pm
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What a way to start the new year off. My Christmas Toy Shop page won an honor from PDPC along with my friend Junebug whom also had an awesome page! Thank You PDPC! My page was made by my friends Poana and Nick who live on dogster but don't play here much as they are both service doggies and are so busy. Their Momma is a dear friend of my Momma and they live in WA. They were one of the first friends Momma met when she came to dogster and they call each other Sisters so guess you don't have to be related to be that huh? * thinks hard*

Also it was a great day today cuzz I scored 6 meatballs off the counter before Daddy even saw me. WhooooHooo I am The King of Surfing!!!

Stay Tuned to see what else I may get into;)


Christmas was so exciting and fun

December 28th 2011 3:06 pm
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Oh! My! I kept hearing the word Christmas Eve, Christmas Day over and over but didn't have a clue what it meant. Momma nevfur looked at me when she said it so I assumed it wasn't a command and I was right.

THEN finally the Word Christmas Eve became a evening. Not sure how it happened but there was so much activity at our house. Hoomans coming in and out, food was on tables and kitchen counter and carols playing in the background while everyone ate and then went into the living room and the boys started handing out presents in front of the big tree covered in lights and tossed some at me and Monnie. OMD! I knew whatever it was it was going to be fun because 2 made noise and one had Big Smells! I shook it tossed it through the air and it landed by daddy on the couch so he tossed it at me and then I thought we were playing fetch! I ran across some hoomans laps as they were sitting on the floor by our pretty tree and when I heard paper ripping I got so excited I started grabbing every package I saw and digging with my paws and using my teeth like a paper shredder until Momma said ROSCOE! Sit! I was so excited I didn't listen and then everyone was grabbing at me as I raced over and across them. Momma finally had to take me to the kitchen with my new Angry Bird Toy, My new String of Christmas Lights that were strung on a chewy rope and they squeeked! She gave me my Bully Stick and Monster Mouth filled with treats and then the gate went up but hey, I didn't care cuzz it was Christmas Eve..The word I heard so many times and finally found out what it was and Momma said it will come again next yr. I tossed my toys around, chewed my bully, tossed toys again and finally was so tired I sucked my pillow and crawled in my crate and went Nite Nite. I heard more paper being ripped in the living room and smelled lots of food again and then there was hoomans in the kitchen putting stuff away and I was just too tired to look up. Yeppers, I was one happy tired pupper and when Momma finally shut out the lights I heard her tell daddy wonder what Christmas Morning will be like! I perked up my good ear and thought...Hmmmmm I've heard them words before but I'm just too tired to think about what they meant.

Christmas Morning Arrived and Everyone said.. Good Morning Beastie Boy! Look what Santa brought you! I was still tired so just looked up from my crate and sniffed the treats Momma set in front of me. Dawg I nevfur would have thought I would be too tired to even crawl out of my crate for a treat. This Christmas stuff is exhausting but Oh So Fun. Momma took some kewl photos of my first Christmas but she to is to tired to put them on my page but said A New Year is starting soon and she's happy this FUN won't happen for another whole year but I wonder if she means it? What do you think? I think she's wrong because fun at our house nevfur stops...Woof Woof Woof


Sniff Sniff I Gots a Owie!

December 21st 2011 6:09 am
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Several days ago Momma noticed I didn't seem to like my ears ruffled like I usually love and when she checked them my right ear look just a tad pick but wasn't warm at all. The next day it looked like the pink was darker and I was shaking my head so Momma cleand it with Nolvassan but when I woke up yesterday it was Bright Red and smelled! Momma siffed it and it wasn't yeasty at all so off to see Doc Don we went. He flushed it out and it was full of brown smelly goo! YUCK I did not like it a bit when he stuck that furry long q-tip in there and smeared it on a slide. I was good but was frightened, He came back in the room and stuck a pill way down in my throat giving me no choice but to swallow. Momma kept whispering he was helping me when he dumped some stuff in my ear but I was having no part of that I tell you and I growled..Then Momma scolded me;( Sniff Sniff I was only trying to tell her it hurted bad. So Momma held me like she was taught to hold doggies when she worked there and Doc Don and she finished what had to be done and Let me off the table and I got a big greenie. It was my first and I wasn't sure what to do with it so I played with it as they talked about things in the newspaper, Christmas and kids and grandkids. Finally I scratched the door to tell them Hey! I'm, down here and ready to go...Helllooooo remember me???? They laughed and I went to wait with Momma while he filled my meds and then I got a biscuit and a hug from the tech and we were out the door. I never jumped in a vehicle so fast! BOL! So it's pills and drops for a week all because I had something in my ear. I go back in one week but Mommas not telling me the exact day* shrugs* Then I heard her make an appointment for something called a snip...Sounds scary to me but A Guy as To Do what a guy has to do so I'll try my best to be good.

Santa..the growl I did shouldn't count against the naughty list right? Cuzz it really hurted and I only growled didn't show my toofers or snap at all.

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