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I Love Dogster And Catster Too!


September 27th 2011 12:14 pm
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Woowza I went to my furry first Dogster Wedding on Sunday and it was for my Sisfur Lexi. It was a Grand affair so I got to wear dis new Tux my Big Dogie furiend Mr Teddy Wiggle Butt made me...Him's has a funny name huh?

My Sifur Monnie was in da wedding so I sat wif my furiends and was very quiet just like Monnie asked me to be but I did giggle once cuzz when Lexi and Zak said their vows Howard Jr kicked some sand on Geor-gi's feet. It was so furry funny I just couldn't contain myself. They are both from Zak's fambly and were in the wedding too. Howard Jr carried some pretty rings on a satin pillow and Geor-gi tossed rose petals high into da air along wif another little girl named Jazzi Dancer..Hmmm wonder if she has dat name cuzz she loves to dance eh? When the rose petals landed on the pathway of sand Lexi walked on top of dem and then I saw some tears in Zaks eyes and wonder why he had them and hims knees was shaking too...At first I thought him was sick but then he smiled when Lexi stood next to him and she smiled back and she had tears too but guess they were not sick must just be what happens at weddings. I wasn't sure cuzz dis be my furst wedding.

After the wedding everyfur was so happy and then Lexi and Zak kissed and I closed my eyes cuzz it looked yucky to me. There were over 200 attending and all looked so furry happy but none looked happier than Lexi and Zak...Guess it was there special day huh?

OMD! You should have seen all da food Chef Snoop made..It would have fed all of Dogster Town. Him can weally cook! And Emilio had some pretty snazzy drinks he was passing around and even gave me a soda:) I got to sit wif Howard Jr, Geor-gi, Jazzi and Comemere. I barked for Midnight to come sit wif us but him not hear me cuzz da music was playing and Lexi and Zak started to dance all by themselves and then guess what??? Him kissed her again so I closed my eyes AGAIN...

YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THE HUGE CAKE! It was weely tall and so pretty. I nevfur seen 2 furs cut the cake at the same time but that's what they did! Yup they sure did! It was weel yummy and Comemere, Howard Jr and Geor-gi were having fun wif the frosting and I hope someday I can go to the Ranch and play wif them. Maybe Jazzi and Midnight will come too and Monnie said Zak and Lexi gots horses and ponies..I Can't wait but they are off in the Mediterranean somewhere I heard. Hmmmmmm wonder why they went way over there. Oh! Well, Monnie says she will ask them if Her and I can come visit their ranch when they get back and I sure do hope them says, YES!

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