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DDP of the Day AND the 4th of July!!!!

July 4th 2013 11:45 am
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Happy 4th of July everyone!! I got the bonus pick for Diary of the Day! Whooo Hoooo!!!! Mom took a really embarrassing picture of me with some sparkly star thing on my and star necklaces. One day she'll be able to post it on here for me!! :):) Stay safe everyone! My daddy will be home with me tonight while mom's at work keeping everyone safe! :)

It's warm today, mom and dad went shopping early and brought home a trailer of stuff! Mom said dad needs to build a trash box, the bear or some other critter got in the trash this week. Mom was not thrilled! She's pretty careful of storing trash so we don't get any unwanted critters.

So since mom's at work, dads going to build the box and me and Darcy are going to be outside most of the day! Yippeeee!!! So far the weather is good, but we all know that can change at the snap of a finger! :)

Well, everyone have a Happy 4th of July, keep your pups inside tonight. I only know a couple of pups who don't mind the fireworks (yup, their weird!).


Mom bit me! :):)

July 3rd 2013 12:18 pm
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After our walk dad went out to cut the playground. It takes at least 2 hours to cut the whole thing and boy is the grass high out there! Well mom had some stuff to do inside the house so me and Darcy stayed with her! She turned on the A/C and some fans for us and we chilled.

After dad finished cutting the grass mom took me outside with the chuck-it ball. She threw it a bunch of times but it was pretty warm out so we went back inside the house. I was upsidedown in front of a floor fan and next thing I know I've got mom laying on the floor with me and she's biting me! What??? No she didn't!! Game on!!! Well let me tell you I growled and mouthed her right back! Then I got the zoomies when mom what biting my paw! Gaa!!! Gotta get rid of the energy somehow! Well I was panting after that and sure enough it was time for mom to get ready for work. I was glad to see them go today. I'm pretty sleepy! :):)


Grandma and Grandpa came to visit

June 30th 2013 6:37 pm
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I love my grandma, there is no doubt. But grandpa, eehh, not to sure of him. He looks mean, but mom told me to give him another chance. That I'm a big boy and I need to behave. Well I did! Grandpa gave me treats, which I love. He walked down a hallway and I didn't know who it was so I barked. Mom said leave it, and I did. Then one day I was sleeping with mom (it was designated house nap time) I heard the gate out back close. I went out of the bedroom and looked at the window and started to bark. Mom called me off, then dad called me off, but I still barked. Well mom wasn't too happy and came out of the bedroom. By then grandpa was sitting in a chair. Mom yelled at me and pointed at me and said I was bad. What??? Grandpa looked at dad and said let's go fishing at the lake. I was confused... :( So dad and grandpa left. Mom got up and gave me a talkin to, she said grandpa isn't a nice person and that I was a good boy, BUT when she says to leave it, I'm supposed to stop. She apologized for yelling at me, but I woke her up and she was pretty tired. Mom left with the camera and me and Darcy kept grandma company. Well grandma got sick and was in the bathroom. I protected the bathroom door to make sure she was safe. Mom came home later and grandma said she was sick, that she couldn't go out to dinner with them (Italian food would make her worse). Then later, mom, dad and grandpa came home. Mom had lots of yummy smelling food in containers. I got to sniff all of the boxes over real good. Mom overheard grandpa and grandma talking and they were heading home early. OHHHH NOOOO!! Is it because of me??? Turns out grandpa was bored and wanted to go home. The fact that grandma wasn't feeling good was their excuse to go. The next day everyone was up early. Dad went to work and mom was eating breakfast when grandpa came up. I growled at him when he was in the kitchen. Mom said, knock it off and blocked me out of the kitchen :( I don't trust him mom! Well next thing mom sees me in the kitchen sitting by grandpa and grandpa giving me a piece of his toast. Which I took super gentle. After grandma and grandpa left mom was in a poopie mood!! When dad got home mom said, that's it I've got to get out of this house. They went to the movies and Friendly's for ice cream. Dad told mom what happened when I barked at grandpa when he was at the back door. Turns out grandpa had his hands cupped around the side of his face and his face on the window. So he was antagonizing me to bark. Boy did mom get mad, not at me this time. I love my grandma, she's so sweet and loves me, but grandpa, I just don't trust...


Whew what a weekend!

June 23rd 2013 2:11 pm
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Mom and dad went out the first day. They went to go see some friends from Florida who were up in NW NY. They were gone all day!!! So we didn't get to play. THEN, the next day mom said we're gonna be home today, but we've got tons of work to do. Boy they weren't kidding! Mom and dad were putting this gritty stuff that looked like paint down on the deck. It looked like chocolate milkshake to me!! :):) Me and Darcy got to run all around except for the deck and stairs outside. Dad got hot mom told him to go inside and cool off. She's used to being outside and drinks water constantly. Dad doesn't like water, he loves soda, well mom said soda is bad and that if he wanted to continue he had to drink water. Well dad came out with a big 'ol smile and a Kool-Aid squirty bottle thing. He made his water red and blue. He came back out and was real red. Mom banished him to sit under the tree (there was a great breeze). My blanket was on the ground next to his chair so I sat with him in the shade while mom finished up the deck. We all went into the house to cool off and took a power nap. Then mom and dad left, again!! Geez! Turns out they went to the movies and saw Now You See Me. Mom said it was sooo good! Dad turned on the A/C earlier in the day so while they were at the movies me and Darcy snoozed. We didn't catch our regular nap time because mom and dad were home! :):) Today we took a short walk, mom said it was too warm out. The road surface would be too warm for our paws. We walked where the shade area is, it's a shorter walk, but a walk just the same. It was hot out today, but the a/c is on and mom and dad are at work. Dad's room has it's own window a/c unit so you know were me and Darcy are! :):)


My Poop

June 20th 2013 12:09 pm
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When mom took me to the vets the other day she took some of my poop. Why they would as for my poop is beyond me but anyway.... Mom got a call the other day saying my poop was fine. Uh yea! Then yesterday she came home and there was a message from Dr. Mount about my poop. Why is my poop so interesting? Well it turns out that my poop tested positive for coccidia. But the type of coccidia is related to rabbits. Last year me and Darcy had coccidia and had to have meds to stop the runs. Now it seems I have a taste for rabbit niblets!! The vet said she wasn't worried, but wanted mom to know that I've been munching on rabbit jelly beans! :):)

Today mom took us out to the playground! Before she threw my chuck-it ball she made me pose with my Canine Good Citizen medallion and then with the CGC bandana. Then it was game on! Darcy was running around like a looney for a bit. When I was smashing the grass along the fenceline she thought there was a bunny and took off with ears up and determination in her step! There was no bunny but boy did she move quick!

We were outside most of the day. Mom kept the gates closed so we could stay outside with her. After we got done playing and mom taking pictures we went in the house and climbed in bed with daddy. He worked last night and wasn't sleeping so we figured we'd snuggle with him so he could sleep.


It was a blast, now I'm pooped!

June 18th 2013 12:41 pm
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Mom got up early to put the trash out. I was sprawled out on the bed and fell back to sleep - too early mom! Next thing I know mom is sitting next to me saying, "Grunt, wakey wakey!" Ugggghhh!! Sleeeeeep!!! Then I heard mom grab our leads, HEY! Wait for me!! :):) We went through our usual loop and headed to Bradford. Yippppeeee!! Road trip!! Mom had to go to the DMV first. I love to people watch and sure got a good showing! :) Then we were off to the lake. I was there once when I was a pup. We got there and my tail was in full force! Jumped out of the truck and sure enough I remembered this place! Tons of great smells! With nose to the ground and tail waggin we were off! Darcy was nervous at first but then she followed my lead, sniff the ground Darcy!! We walked around the entire lake! Over 2 bridges and down to the waterfront a few times! Darcy went in right away! She loves the cool water. She took a drink and walked along the bank for a bit. When we got on the other side of the lake I decided I would cool off also. Mom got a picture on her phone of both of us in the lake! :):) We finished the loop and headed out. Stopped to get gas and I got a cookie! The guy said it was his last one! SCORE!!! :):) Then we stopped at the food store, I got to people watch again! :) When we finally made it to the house I was pooped out! Dad worked last night and was still sleeping when we got home. I was almost asleep on the sofa when he came out of the bedroom. I just layed there and wagged my tail! Mom told dad we went to Marilla Reservoir and dad said, looks like everyone had a good time! Yup sure did! :):)



June 17th 2013 12:09 pm
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Mom took us for a walk, there is a field down the road that is about chest high to mom. I heard something and jumped straight up and into the weeds! Mom was laughing so hard! She was bent over and cars were driving by looking. All they saw was me jumping straight up looking around and diving into the weeds again! Mom said it was like something from a cartoon!! :):)


Vet Visit

June 15th 2013 5:03 pm
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Mom took me, not me and Darcy, to the vet yesterday. I love going to the vet's office. All of my girlfriends are there! We pulled into the parking lot. Mom opened the door and I was off! Pulling her to the door. Got to the door and I was smacking it with my paws. Open up! My girlfriends are in there! Got inside and there was 2 techs smiling at mom! She said, "He's here!" and everyone laughed! My tail was on super-hyper speed and I couldn't wait to greet everyone! Mom weighed me. 69.4 pounds! Nice! Mom and the techs were saying that I'm at a good weight for my size. Then we went into the room. The tech didn't love on me, she came back with my shot and nose stuff and sat on the floor while I gave her kisses and sneezed in her face! I like her! The other tech came in gave me my shot and put the stuff up my nose! Yuck! Then she loved on me good! Then another tech came in with a treat. The door was open, I was by the exit/desk and there was 3 people with their dogs. A beautiful black lab was laying on the floor. Well anyhoo, the tech with the treat asked for me to sit, give paw and down. I had to do down 2x's because she didn't leave me much room. But I did down! They were so amazed with all that was going on that I did all the commands. Well DUH, you asked with food, I obliged! :):)

The today mom put on our Frontline + she said it's going to rain tomorrow and that it'll be a great day for us to get baths. No problem! Bath time means warm water and massage - I like that! :) Mom dremeled my nails yesterday. She said giving me a bath will make me super shiney and that she may have to take some more pictures of me! Darcy needs her nails done, but like mom said that's easy also!

Mom put the down payment on my collar today. Can you imagine what this collar is going to look like to need a DOWN PAYMENT!?!?! Mom won't tell dad how much, dad doesn't really want to know either!! :):)


Custom Collar for ME!

June 12th 2013 11:53 am
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Mom has been looking at Denice Langley's webpage for quite some time now. Mom's been waiting for me to get 2 years old so I she can measure me for a custom leather collar. Well today mom sent and e-mail to Denise with my measurements (she put the tape around my face!!!) and what she's looking for in my collar. Hopefully we'll hear back soon about the price. Mom is sooo excited and can't wait to hear back from Denise! Check out her webpage she does amazing leather work!! And not just collars either!!!! :):)


Helping Mom Sleep

June 11th 2013 6:28 pm
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Mom has neck problems. Sometimes she gets up and says Grunt I can't sleep, my neck/head hurts. Then she goes to the living room and sits in the recliner with her neck massager and blanket. Eventually she falls asleep for a few more hours and wakes up better. Well this morning mom got awake and said, Grunt I can't sleep. I got off the bed and she followed me to the recliner sofa. I climbed up and waited for her to get comfy. Then I layed on her and we both fell back to sleep for 3 more hours! Mom woke up later than ever and got herself together and took me and Darcy for a walk. It was misting outside but mom knows the deal. We must go for a walk. The fresh air does everyone good! Well after our walk mom closed the gates and me and Darcy sniffed out front for a bit. Mom went up the steps on the deck and I caught right up to her. It's my job to make sure mom is alright and I take it very seriously! Mom got out the laser light and we did in-house agility. I flew through the air over the bed a bunch of times and got a good workout in! :):) Dad was making some kind of chicken for lunch and I still didn't leave moms side. She said her neck was snapping and grinding and she just didn't feel right. Darcy was sniffing at the kitchen at dad's cooking. I stayed steadfast with mom. Well mom started to feel a bit better and I began to sniff towards dad, who now had a bowl in his hands. Didn't work, I didn't get any chicken AND mom forgot to leave my kong balls out. Mom and dad are working and I'm starving!! You figure after all of the hard work I did making sure mom was alright that she would at least remember my cookie balls! Geeez!!

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