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Here comes the big chill

January 6th 2014 2:03 pm
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Mom took me and Darcy out front to run and romp this morning. It was a warm 26 degrees. Mom said we needed to take advantage of the warmth. So we did. We ran and played and then played in the house before mom and dad went to work tonight. The wind has picked up and so far the wind chill is -4. We're expecting to hit -40 tonight!!!!! Wow is that cold! But no worries here. We've got plenty of blankets and heaters to keep us pups warm!

Mom said the State Police posted a bulletin that anyone not providing proper care for a dog or cat outside will be charged with animal cruelty. Great news for pups and cats! Hopefully the animals, horses, cows, dogs and cats will be alright.


Happy New Year Dogster Family!!!!

January 1st 2014 6:01 pm
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I say family cause those who know - !! We're bringin in the new year with a snowstorm tomorrow! Yippee!! Calling for 8-12 inches of snow. I'll believe it when I see it! :):) Hope so! :)


Moooommmm what are you doing???

December 30th 2013 3:45 pm
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We went for our walk this morning. The temperature dropped over night and everything that was wet froze. Mom made us walk real slow down the driveway. She slipped a few times at the top of the hill and did pretty good on the way down. That was until we got to just about the road where the driveway spreads out. Then zip, zap, zing mom was doing the "Oh Lord here I go" moves on the ice. She didn't fall, but she did scare the bejesus out of Darcy! :):):) We walked down to the horses and back and mom slipped a few more times. She never fell and ended up laughing at herself a few times.

Mom doesn't do ice. She says the only ice she wants to see is in her glass. Hmmm... not here mom, there's ice everywhere.


Merry Christmas !

December 25th 2013 11:51 am
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Just want to wish all of my Dogster friends out there a wonderful and Merry Christmas! Mom took me to Elk State Park and we did some photos. I sat on my rock and thought about all the lonely dogs in the world. I said a prayer for them, hoping they find warmth and kindness one day.

It was 16 degrees and the wind was blowing so I got cold pretty fast. But mom got some awesome photos of me.

Just want to thank everyone for being friends with us on Dogster. It means so much to mom to have Dogster friends. They've helped her through her ups and downs. Had some laughs and a few tears along the way. Mom's at work tonight, I'm in charge of keeping Darcy safe. She's got an owie shoulder so mom said I need to keep her calm and safe. Don't worry mom, I've got this...

Merry Christmas Everyone! :)



I missed my mom :(

December 22nd 2013 12:11 pm
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Mom took me and Darcy to the kennel on Wednesday. As she was leaving she saw me and Darcy out in the play area. She stopped and took our photo. Well I saw her and started to cry. She drove away and I was sad. :( Nancy said that I missed a couple of meals. Mom figured it was because I saw her. I never miss a meal. Nancy said she used some Iams gravy and I gobbled up my food! :) When mom came to pick us up I just about plowed her over! Darcy did too! Mom got a double whammy and still managed to stay on her feet! :):)


I got a boo boo :(

December 16th 2013 4:06 pm
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After our walk me, Darcy and Mom went out front to play. I was growling and chasing Darcy and then Darcy would box with me and all was well. Then I did it! I decided I wanted to run up the front steps on the deck. Well there was about a foot of snow on the steps and I slid through the steps. Well not actually through. My back leg went through and my chest hit a step. I've got a cut on my chest and on the inside of my leg. Mom freaked, she though I broke my leg the way it went through the gap of the step.

Mom was giving me my pedicure when she took a close look at my boo boo's. She said that I'll live but it was a close call! Whew!! Mom said I cannot break my leg that that would make her cry. I don't want to do that! After my pedicure mom had to get ready for work. Dad is on vacation this week so I decided to show him how to take a nap.


Baby it's cold outside!!!

December 11th 2013 1:56 pm
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Mom didn't sleep well last night, it happens. So we got up later than usual. Which was fine by us. When she finally got ready to take us for our walk she put on our sweatshirts. The walk down the driveway was fine. No problems. When we hit the road it hit us! The wind!! O-M-G!!! Turns out our wind chills are -4!! Well, we did our usual walk and when we got back to the house mom let us out front so me and Darcy could play and run. I kept running up the stairs to the front deck. Mom was like no, come on let's play! So we did! That warmed us up. But there is still a layer of ice on the little bit of snow on the ground and I of course scrapped up my back legs... :( We got in the house and mom and dad ate some lunch before getting ready for work.

Turns out today is mom and dad's 20th Wedding Anniversary! My mom and dad have been together for 22 years! I cannot even imagine how long that is! :):)

Needless to say, me and Darcy had no problem with mom and dad going to work tonight. We were curled up on the bed nice and toasty! :) There is another storm coming but it looks like, once again, it will miss us! Everyone is getting hammered with snow except us. Not a bad thing!! Buffalo got a foot yesterday (we got a dusting) and NJ got 4-5 more inches yesterday. It's calling for 3 feet of snow just north of us this weekend. We're calling for a few inches! HA!! Not complaining at all! Mom said that just means we have to build a snowdog if we get enough snow! :):)


Hunters are here!

December 1st 2013 1:45 pm
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They arrived at 10:30 this morning! Mom was in the shower, dad was having his coffee and I heard them and did my big boy bark!! They brought someone I haven't met before and I scared him! :):) But we became buds quickly! He knelt down and I did the kitty rub on him! He liked my orange coat and took my picture to send home! We heard tons of gun shots today. Ugghh! Hunters are here!

Mom said tomorrow she's going to take us to town for our walk. Works for me! :):)


Happy Thanksgiving!

November 28th 2013 1:46 pm
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I just wanted to tell everyone Happy Thanksgiving. Mom said we'll celebrate tomorrow. She's working tonight. Dad is home, but he's playing in the snow with the 4 wheeler and the snow blower! :)


Yippe for me!

November 27th 2013 12:59 pm
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Diary Pick of the Day! Thanks HQ! Well we didn't get as much snow as mom hoped for! It rained and all we have left is about 3 inches of snow. There is a thin ice crust on top. It crunches when we walk on it! Mom took me and Darcy out to the playground and it was on! Darcy came zooming across the field and I chased after her! She can turn on a dime and I have to make the wider turn! But we chased and chased!

Still snowing - only calling for a few more inches. That's great! That means more snow to play in tomorrow!

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