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What a day!

March 1st 2014 2:15 pm
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The sun was out yesterday! But it was still cold. We didn't go outside too much. Mom and dad were gone most of the day. They got home before dark and we played out front for a few minutes. Today we woke up to the sun! :):) We took a walk first thing, and are so glad we did! I scored a cookie from the FedX guys that were driving by. Then we walked around the cemetary for a bit. On the way back from a truck pulled up and stopped. A man got out and was talking to mom forever!! Turns out his mother and father owned the property that mom and dad own now. She got so much history on the property. SO many questions answered. We played a bunch. Then mom shoveled out our paths, there was grass there in no-time with the sun melting it!

The bad news is it's calling for more snow! Hmmmpffff! The good news is only 8 more days until we change the clocks and get more sunlight! Woohoo!! :)


Thanks HQ!

February 26th 2014 9:33 am
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Wooohoo! I got diary pick of the day! Awesome!! Well let me tell you spring is no where near here! It's 10 degrees and the wind is trucking along outside! Brrrr!!!

Mom got an e-mail from my rescue. The last time it was bad news about my sister. She died from cancer :( So mom was a bit hesitant. Well it wasn't bad news it's actually fun news!! Turns out they're making a walkway at the rescue. We're buying a huge brick and mom is putting a wonderful thank you out for my rescue! I'm going to be immortal now! My name will be forever on a brick at my rescue! Whooo hoooo!!! :)


Soooooo Cold!

February 24th 2014 2:07 pm
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Well the temperatures dropped again. The wind is blowing and it's cold outside! Brrr!! There are ice pockets in the back yard so I'm not happy about going out there. Luckily mom takes us out front to potty. It's level and not too much ice. Mom turned on the heater in the bed room. So me and Darcy are snuggled up on the bed while mom is at work. I need warmth! I need grass!! I need to runnnnn!!!! :)


It's warm!

February 19th 2014 12:11 pm
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It was 26 degrees today! That's a heatwave here! It's supposed to rain and get near 40 tomorrow. That means all of these mounds of snow and the 2 feet of snow on the ground is going to melt! Luckily mom took me and Darcy for a walk today. We played out front! I wouldn't let Darcy pee, I kept pouncing on her. Mom finally called me over so she could pee in peace! I'm so rude mom says! :)

Mom and dad are hoping that the snow will melt so we can go in thr playground. We can't even get to the gate it's so deep! Hmpf!



February 16th 2014 12:08 pm
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Mom and dad took us for a walk today. Mom and I took off and left Darcy and Dad in our dust! :):) I got to run for a bit out front. I need to stretch my legs out!! There is about 18 inches of snow and it's still snowing!! Gaaah!! How can I get my run on if it keeps snowing?! I like my new Ruffwear coat. It's very warm, it fits perfect!

Mom said that me and Darcy smelled "rank"! Whatever! I think I smell awesome!! Well next thing I know Darcy is getting a bath! Uh oh! That means I'm next.

Well mom finished Darcy and I was on the bed. She drug me over to the side and scooped my 73 pound butt up! I got a bath, massage and massage! Then I got cookies and the zoomies!! Mom said tomorrow I'll get my mani/pedi and I'll be good to go for another week! :)



February 12th 2014 4:23 pm
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For not shutting us down! For letting us keep the friendships and memories intact! Thank you!!!!! We Dogsters are a dedicated group who love each other through thick and thin!

Thank you! :)


Happy National Squirel Appreciation Day!!

January 21st 2014 2:15 pm
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I appreciate them. I love to chase and bark at them! :)


I made a new friend today

January 15th 2014 5:15 pm
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Uncle Russ came over for a visit today. He brought me a new friend to meet! Her name is Angel!! She's 3 whole pounds! She's as big as my head! And sooo adorable! Her daddy, Monster, was getting his fur trimmed at the groomers and Uncle Russ brought Angel over while they waited. She's so cute! Mom told me to be gentle and I was. I scared her once though I didn't mean to my paws are kinda big! But we made up and became fast friends! :):)


Went for a walk today - kinda

January 8th 2014 3:15 pm
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Mom put on our sweaters and bundled up. It was 10 degrees and we were going to head out to see how far we could go for a walk. Me and Darcy need to get some exercise bad!! So we headed down the driveway and went the other way. We didn't get to far and I was picking up my paws funny. Uh oh! Mom took off her gloves and warmed my paws. They were so cold! We walked along for a bit more and then I started to lift my paws again. So mom said, yup, that's it, lead head back. We got to the bottom of the driveway and mom took of my lead (she does this all the time). I took off running up the driveway. It felt real good to run! :):) We got to the front yard, mom locked the gate and then took off Darcy's collar. Game on! We played for a few minutes and then met mom at the door! We were cold! :):) At least we got a little walk and some outside playtime in today! Yippeee! :):)


Are you Kidding Me!?

January 7th 2014 3:34 pm
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Mom and dad came home last night. We ran out and I hunched my back it was so cold! But I did manage to go potty. The wind was blowing and the trees were cracking like crazy! It was -26 degrees wind chill! That's frickin cold!

We got up this morning and it was -30! Mom had to put sweaters on us before we went outside. It was a quick trip again! We got in and curled up on the bed again! Mom got busy doing her things and I proceeded to eat Darcy's face! I nom nom nom on it and growl and sing to her! Darcy gives mom "the" look like "really? get him off of me!" Well mom gave us breakfast and then put our sweaters on again. We went out front where it's flat and ran a bit and did our business again. Me and Darcy were waiting for mom at the door. Come on mom it's cold!!!!

Well finally mom was getting ready for work. She covered Darcy with a blanket and I was stretched out on the bed again. Too cold to go outside to play, I wish it would warm up!!

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