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Grunt's Adventures

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Ahhhh, much better!

March 30th 2014 11:59 am
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Mom tricked me. She got me in the bathroom and closed the door! Next thing I know I'm in the shower getting my massage! Actually it felt really good! I didn't fuss too much. I've been scratching so mom knew I was due for a bath! Afterwards she gave Darcy a bath and then we went out front. I chased Darcy, she was a total loon! Mom's jaw hit the ground when she saw how silly Darcy was acting! She never saw her do some of the things she did!

Me? I went potty and was ready to go back in. It's in the 30's here today, snowed last night and I just wanted to curl up on the bed.

Mom was watching a movie and I stood in front of her. She scooped me up and I was snuggling with her on the chair. I love my mom! She was giving me kisses and telling me how I'm such a good boy. She said that grandma is coming to visit this weekend for 2 weeks! I love my grandma!


Power went out!

March 27th 2014 12:20 pm
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Just like they said it would! 9 am pop off it went! Then it got super quiet! It was 22 degrees out, but the house was warm. I was laying on mom when the power went out. Darcy sat straight up and started shaking. She heard the beeping of the battery back-up for the computer. Mom turned it off and covered Darcy with a blanket and told her everything will be alright.

Mom and dad went out for breakfast. Then they came back and took me and Darcy for a walk. We saw our neighbor that works with mom and dad. Big head. He was walking his chocolate lab - Ruger. Well mom made me sit, which took me 2 attempts to get right. Ruger was jumping and crying, just acting a mess. I wanted to slam him on the ground and tell him to calm down! But mom said, come on lets walk and I forgot about Ruger! Walking is much more important in my world! :):)

The power came on just before 1pm. The house was pretty warm, the sun was out and the front of the house is mostly glass. Plus we played Chuckit for a while. Running always keeps ya warm! :)



March 26th 2014 12:02 pm
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We were supposed to not have power from 9-2 today. Didn't happen. Mom got up early to take a shower and never got a nap. So since the power wasn't cut off (the power company is doing "upgrades") that means she has to get up early again tomorrow. Not a happy mommy!! :(

The good news is tomorrow it's supposed to get warmer (in the 40's) and rain. And, it's dad's day off so he'll be home with me and Darcy.


Thanks HQ!!

March 24th 2014 3:48 pm
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Diary pick WHOOOHOOO!! It's a quiet day here. We woke up and went outside in the 11 degree weather! Brrrr!!! We stayed in for the most part! It's going to be cold again tomorrow, and it's calling for some snow tonight! Geeezzz!!

Mom went down to get the paper and me and Darcy took off running in the playground! Woooo! We got to stretch our legs for a little bit! But it was windy and cold and mom said we had to go in. Oh well. Mom promised me that Spring will be here soon. And that we'll be able to go for some real walks and have some fun!


Geez! It's cold and snowy!

March 23rd 2014 4:46 pm
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Again! The wind chills are supposed to be -3 tonight and -3 tomorrow! Come on!! It's supposed to be spring!!! Yesterday mom took me outside and we played with the Chuckit ball. It felt great to run! Then we went inside to take a break. Mom hasn't been feeling good lately and she was getting dizzy again. Anyway, after we went in for a bit mom said come on guys let's get the mail. So outside we went again. Well it dropped like 10 degrees! And the wind was blowing hard!! Geez!!! Now today it's snowed off and on and the wind is really cold! Mom needs to come home from work and snuggle with me!! :)


Oops! :(

March 16th 2014 2:14 pm
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Guess I was DDP again. Mom was pretty sick and she missed it! That's alright, I was by her side. She was shivering and her teeth were chattering so I made sure she was alright. I wouldn't leave her side. She wrapped herself in 4 blankets and was still shivering so I layed on her to help her get warm

She feels much better and went to work today.

Oh yea, great news! Moms BFF and her dog Bootes got their TD today! He's the first All American Dog (Mutt) registered in NJ to get this title!! So proud! :):)


Had it all again!

March 12th 2014 6:28 pm
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Wind, rain, ice, snow - cold! Yup it's March in the mountains! On a good note last night mom heard geese flying overhead. This morning she saw a flock fly by our house. And tonight at work she saw robins.... there is hope!



March 11th 2014 11:49 am
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You can almost see it! There is still about 6 inches of snow in our yard, but it's sunny and melting the snow away. Slowly! I ran out in the playground today. Now I've got ice rash on my legs :( But mom and dad loved on it and I feel great!

Woke up to the sun! Played in the sun! Layed on the deck in the sun! It's a good day! :)


Thanks for the Pick HQ!

March 6th 2014 9:01 am
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We've got a busy day (or so mom says) today. The sun is shining! SUN!! We're going for a walk, mom is making dad join us! :) Then we've got to go in the woods and find the downed trees. See a friend uses a woodstove to heat his house. He's old and frail. Well he asked mom the other day if he could come get some wood. That he had been scrounging for wood. Mom said no problem. They'll be over on Saturday. But since today and tomorrow is mom and dads day off they're going to cut and drag pieces of downed trees out of the woods. That should be interesting considering there is still like 9" of hard packed snow on the ground. Getting the 4-wheeler to where it needs to be will be a big challenge. But like mom says. Nobody or nothing should be cold this winter!

Mom and dad are going to an Outdoor show tonight. Which is good, by then me and Darcy will be ready for our nappie!

Gotta go! Have a great Dogster day everyone! :)



March 2nd 2014 11:59 am
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I just have to say how much I love this guy! Grunt has been such a calming force for me! After a rough day at work or just life in general. He always has his eyes on me! Always by my side!!

Today was his day for his mani/pedi. I order Omaha Steak pet jerkey. It's very expensive and he loves it. The only time he gets it is when we do his nails.

When I open the fridge and get the bag out, his eyes glaze! I break off 25 pieces and put them in my pocket. When I close the fridge door he's off an running to the bedroom. He jumps on the bed while I get the dremel out and plug it in. By the time I sit on the bed he's drooling! :) I give him a piece of jerkey and away we go! I finish the job in no time at all. The whole time he's relaxed and today he even put his head on the pillow during three nails!! That's how calm he is!

Even Darcy gets in on it. She jumps on the bed and I give her a treat. I don't dremel her nails - yet. She is, however, getting used to the sound and associating it with the jerky.

When Im all done I give him the rest of the bits and a big rub down! He's so wonderful. No fussing, no arguing, nothing!

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