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We're good again,,,

January 7th 2013 5:12 pm
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Mom came home and I made sure she knew that I was sorry and that I love her. I kept looking at her with sad eyes. Mom finally sat down and I crawled up on her lap and gave her a lick that I was sorry. She gave me a hug and said it's alright.

Today mom took us for a walk, she slipped and slid all over the road. When we got back she loaded me and Darcy in the suv and went to the post office. She had a package that needed to get to grandmas right away. We went to the bank first, then the post office. I got to see a few nice people while mom was in the post office.

Got back to the house and dad was plowing the snow around the mailbox. We went up to the house and mom took pictures of the avalanche. Oh yea, at 4 am the snow fell off the roof. It was loud! In the morning mom looked out and the snow was 1/2 way up the railing. It even broke a few sections free. What a mess!


Sorry, mom :(

January 6th 2013 11:34 am
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Mom is mad at me. I didn't mean to do it,,, sorry mom :(


Thanks HQ!

January 4th 2013 8:19 pm
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I got diary of the day! Mom has been so busy she didn't check the computer until 11:15 pm!! Geez! So for my day today we played in the playground. We were sitting under one of the big blue spruces and the wind picked up. It was swirling the snow. I wasn't sure about it and kinda got close to mom. Darcy was getting freaked out, she hates the winds after Hurricane Ike. She was right under mom's arms. I nudged in as the wind blew the snow right over us! It was scary. Mom got up and ran us across the playground. We still have about 15 inches of snow and I antelope hop to get through it! Darcy walks behind mom as mom trailblazes a path. :)

Then mom said we stunk and gave us both baths! What??!!! It's cold outside... well that didn't work and we both got baths anyway. Mom dried us off real good and said that her and dad were going out for dinner. Darcy and I were glad to see them go. After a bath we like to take a nice long nap!

Well mom and dad made it home and got me some new toys from Petsmart. I saw some other little bags, but mom said they're for next week when we start class. Hmmmm, wonder what they are! ???


Baby it's COLD outside...

January 2nd 2013 2:18 pm
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Mom didn't take us for a walk today. The wind chill was 16 degrees!! Mom said come on guys lets go for a ride! Ride??!! RIDE??!! SURE!! We hopped in the truck and away we went. Mom took us to town so she could mail off a bunch of packages. She left the window down for me so I could sit and smile at everyone! Then we went to the Courthouse so mom could get our licenses for 2013. Now we're legal again in the County! When we got home mom took us for a loop around the playground. That was about all we could handle it was way to cold. But me and Darcy took full advantage of it and played and ran the entire time! I stopped for a couple of digging sessions along the way first! Then mom took us in the house to play. When I decided I didn't really want to play mom said come on Grunt let's see how much you know. I walked along side of her, watching her. When she stopped I stopped and sat next to her. Even did some downs for her. I'm a smart boy! Mom said we've got to work on my downs more. That I've got to do them without treats. Huh?? Where's the fun in that??


Off to a great start!

January 1st 2013 4:51 pm
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So it's here 1/1/2013!! Yipppeee! Mom said it's a great start to the New Year! Mom read the news and was cheering! Turns out they passed one of the toughest Dog Fighting laws in Michigan! Up to 20 years and $100,000 in fines! This is fantastic! We're so happy!! Mom HATES dog fighters, anyone involved in dog fighting and breeders of fighting dogs! Finally one up for the dogs! :):)


Happy New Year Everyone!

December 31st 2012 4:06 pm
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I just wanted to wish all of my Dogster friends and Families a Happy and Safe New Year! Mom keeps saying that she's declaring 2013 the Year of Tie Die and Smiles! :):) I think mom may need some medication! Her brain is frozen from all of the snow!


Run, run, run!!

December 30th 2012 4:48 pm
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Mom let me and Darcy stay in the playground while she plowed the driveway on the 4-wheeler. We had a blast! Darcy and I ran almost the entire time! Mom would go up and down the driveway, me and Darcy kept up with her! It was great! I did manage to rip my new jacket. I rub the fence, it drives mom nuts! I got a few holes in it, now it's perfect!

I'm pretty ooped out now. We ran for almost an hour straight! So much fun! Mom let me stay outside with her when she plowed behind the house. She started her truck and I jumped in to listen to the music. Mom moved the truck and I chase Darcy around the back yard - again! Mom said Darcy got an awesome workout today because of me! Glad I could help! :):)


Snow, snow and more snow!

December 29th 2012 3:01 pm
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Yippeee!! Woke up this morning and there was 6 more inches of snow!! It snowed all day! Mom took me and Darcy for a walk and then we went to the playground! Yup! We went to the playground and the snow was over mom's knee!! Darcy and I got to play over by her tree. The snow wasn't as deep there and we really put the smack down on each other! :):) The hunters came in. They only stayed one night, said there was way too much snow for them to walk through! So I got my rubs from the guys and went running around smelling for bunnies! One violated the fenced in dog yard, Darcy and I smelled it all over the yard! We couldn't find it though!

It's calling for more snow still tonight! Geez! Mom said we have to take it easy on our walks. Her foot is hurting and mom can't keep up with us. I wish she would go get that surgery so we can play! Mom's concerned about when she gets it done. Dad will have to take care of me and Darcy for 3-4 weeks. Mom won't be able to walk at all and she knows how dad can be! Oh well, she'll figure it out! :):)



December 26th 2012 2:58 pm
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Mom and dad took us for a walk, the roads were clear and dry. She said enjoy it guys, it won't last for long. Boy was she right. We got home from our walk, mom went in the house, out the house and it was snowing! Just that fast! Well now it's like a blizzard and me and Darcy are chillin while mom and dad are at work. Mom's fed us just in case they don't make it home tonight. WHAT????

So far there are a bunch of people stuck at mom's work and it's only 6pm! Hopefully mom and dad will have the next shift show up and they can leave and come home. At least me and Darcy are comfy! :):)


Merry Christmas Dogster!!

December 25th 2012 12:28 pm
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Merry Christmas to all of my Dogster friends and pals! It's been another wonderful year full of highs and lows. My Dogster family has been there thru it all and I love them for it! I hope everyone has a safe and happy Christmas.

Mom took us for a walk today and we went up into the woods. Mom left me off lead for the first time. Then she let Darcy off lead. It's been a long time since Darcy was allowed off lead. Mom's afraid she won't return. But Darcy ran up the hill and around the house and joined me and mom in the playground. We played for a bit and then mom took us for a walk down to see the mini-horses.

Mom and dad are working tonight, that's alright. I've got my 2 kong toys to keep me occupied and then it's nappy time!

Mom said there is a big storm coming tomorrow. Yippeee!!! That means on Thursday when mom and dad have off I get to run around while they dig out! Sounds good to me! :)

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