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Grunt's Adventures

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Hi Everyone!

August 20th 2011 2:43 pm
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I'm Grunt! The new guy in the house! Mom and dad brought me home August 13th - a full moon night! :) What a day it was! You see I was at a rescue with my sibilings and surrogate mom (a beautiful GSD). Anyhoo, Joyful Rescues had a fundraiser called Petfest 2011. I was in a pen with Alfalfa and my brother Air Force and a wonderful lady. It was raining off an on and I was wet and cold. Then I saw these feet and said, hmmm... I went over to say hi and this really big guy reached out and I knew I wanted him to be mine. So I licked his hand. Well the guy looked at the lady next to him and shook his head up and down. Then the lady reached down and I licked her hand also.

But then they left, so I curled up with airforce and took a nap. They never came back that day.

A week later I was pulled from the play area and taken to the sun room. And guess what, there was that man again. I ran right over to him and climbed up. And the lady was with the man again, so I ran over to her and climbed up. The man looked at the lady and said that's it, he's the one. The lady had this cool collar and put it on me. I put my head right through it - take me home!! So they did... with a new name (Grunt) and a new life my journey begins....

After we put Grunt into the crate to bring him home, we though he was broke. He slept for the entire 1 1/2 hour trip home. I mean he slept! Out like a light...

When we pulled into the driveway I let Karl and Grunt out. I drove up to the house to get Darcy on lead to meet out front. Our front yard is about 3 acres of grass. I got Darcy on lead and walked her down the driveway. As soon as she saw Karl and the puppy her tail went right up! She perked up immediately! Needless to say the meeting went extremely well! We took a walk around the front yard and then headed up to the house. We took their leads off and let Grunt explore. Let me tell you his nose covered every square inch of the yard and the house. It was sooooo funny! He was calmly walking around sniffing everything in his path. Then we went outside and Darcy started to check him our better. They played for about 10 seconds, just a couple of playbows. It was an interesting night just checking everything out.

I put Grunt in his crate at bed time. He cried for about 10 minutes and then settled in for sleep. He cried about 2 hours later, went outside to potty and came back inside. He wanted to sleep on the sofa, I didn't so I scooped him up and took him to bed with me. We slept for about 4 hours. He was pretty congested and had yellow snot when he woke up. He coughed a flemmy cough in the morning.

Grunt had some quick accomplishments at our house. Within 3 hours he had the doggie door licked! I noticed one at the rescue - that was a BIG help for us! By the end of his first official day he will sit on vocal/hand command. By day 4 he's learning to master down. He will sit for his food, he's learning to wait - that will come in time. He is perfect on a lead! Once he figured out what side was his and what side is Darcy's he stayed on the correct side and walked, sniffed the entire time!

He's had 2 baths so far. He came to us with a skin bacterial infection (pyoderma) and meds for it. I've bathed him with Hexedine, this is the best shampoo for cleansing the bacteria from the skin. The first bath was scary for him. I had a slip lead on him, Karl had a container with crushed dog cookies and kept feeding him cookies the entire bath. By the end he stood on his own - eating eagerly. The second bath was even better. Most of the scabs are gone, he's still scratching but healing well.

I called Joyful Rescues about his snot. Drove up to get him some meds. He's pretty clear now, no yellow goo from the nose! Good sign!

The first time that Grunt and Darcy played was pure joy for us. She ran with a smile on her face. Grunt plays with his mouth open and growls. It's so funny to watch him run after her growling, it's like he's saying "hey, wait for me!" Darcy did something the other day that she hasn't done since October 2009. She picked up a small squeeky toy, squeeked it in Grunts face and ran away with the toy! They played for almost an hour that time!

Grunt is so calm for a puppy. We keep waiting for the chaos to erupt, nothing yet. But we're still waiting. He will follow you in the house and then just sit and watch you. He is an amazing snuggler and loves his belly rubbed. We've been handling his feet and have trimmed his nails while he's sleeping. His appetite is great. We're switching him over to Blue Buffalo Large Breed from Science Diet.

He really does have some healing medicine in him! Karl is having a blast with him. He lays on the floor and Grunt goes crazy over him. He is such a gentle soul. His bite inhibition is amazing. He doesn't bite hard and will release if you yelp. His name fits him. He was named Marine at the rescue, we decided on Grunt. He does just that, grunts! He grunts when he lays down, grunts when he sleeps, grunts when you pick him up, grunts, grunts, grunts!

We took him around the lake the other day and asked everyone we came across to pet him. He did so well. He only jumped on 1 person. Everyone told him sit, he did, except once. Such a good boy!

We're off to a great start and we just love him to pieces. His is so calm, yet so easy to handle and a true joy to have in our lives. Joyful Rescue, his foster mom and foster mom-dog did an amazing job and should be commended for everything they've done with him - we are greatful.


My day...

August 21st 2011 11:50 am
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Got up went outside, used the doggie door and went potty. Decided it was too early and mom needed more sleep. So I walked her to the bed. We slept for another hour and I was like, streeeetch, time to get up mom.
Had some breakfast, went outside to officially greet the day. Mom gave me and Darcy a bully stick. Well I decided that I wanted hers and she decided she wanted mine. Only thing is after she got mine I wanted it also! She wouldn't give it back to me so I ran around her barking and giving her grief about it! Darcy would just look the other way no matter what side I was on...

Then mom and dad gave me a bath. I kinda like baths. The water is warm, I get a massage and, the best part, I get cookies!! Dad just keeps giving them to me if I start to look concerned. Mom can't believe how easy it is to give me a bath!

No walks to day :( it's been raining off and on all day. Sometimes the rain is so heavy I can't see out the window. Rude!

Mom went to work and I was sleeping on the sofa. It's my nappy time when she leaves. Bonus is that dad is home today. He was snoring in his chair when mom left also!


Early Morning Zoomies

August 22nd 2011 1:29 pm
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So I got up and decided it was playtime in the house. There is a toybox I've been waiting to explore in and decided at 2 am this is the time. All mom and dad heard were thundering paws and squeeking! I had a good ol'time....

Today mom took us for a walk. It's nice and cool out and there was an awesome breeze. There were leaves moving on the road and I chased and caught most of them! When we got back it was playtime with Darcy. I ran after her with my mouth open, growling... Then mom gave me and Darcy a bully stick and went inside. I was on my bed and Darcy came over and took my bully. Not until I growled and chewed on her neck/mouth, heh heh heh.

Mom played with me all day. She wouldn't let me take a nap until 1pm. She leaves for work at 1:45. She took me outside to potty, but I was too sleepy. So she put me in the crate - where I fell fast asleep....


Travelin Man

August 23rd 2011 10:17 am
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Well after last nights chilly temps and playing until 1:30 am, I let mom go to sleep. When we got up we went outside so I could go potty. I heard something and wasn't sure if I liked it. Mom said it was geese. Geese? What is that? Mom said, "don't worry, we're going out today." Well, alrighty then.

Later in the day mom got ready to take me to town. There is a lake there with loads of these "geese". I was outside playing with Darcy and mom said, come on Grunt - let's go. She put me in the truck. There was no crate this time, hmmmmm. Just a huge pillow with a blanket. Hmmmmmm. Well mom had her camera and treats for me and we headed down the driveway. By the time we hit the road I was heaving. :( Ohhh noooo, I don't feel so good. I threw-up a couple of times. Mom turned around and took me right home. My tummy was woosey. She got me into the yard and sat with me for a little while. Darcy came over to check on me and I decided I was good enought to chase her a bit. So mom cleaned up the truck and said, next time you're in the crate. I do good when I'm in it - I sleep!

So now it's nappy time. I'm on the sofa snoring while mom is updating my diary. Mom and dad are going shopping tonight which means I'll be in my crate for a hour or so again. I don't mind the crate too much now. I prefer not to be there, but I have my kong and bully stick so I'm good.


I'm a Good Boy!

August 27th 2011 4:53 pm
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Last night mom came home, grabbed a handful of treats and took me outside. She told me to go potty. After sniffing a bit I did. I got the treats! I'm a Good Boy!

Then we went inside, played a while and went to bed. I slept all night with mom. We went outside this morning, mom said go potty, I did and I got a bunch of treats! I'm a Good Boy!

Then I played with Darcy for a bit while mom took her shower. I checked on mom a couple of times to make sure she was alright.

We all went for a walk to the cemetary. There was a truck driving around the perimeter and I stood waggin my tail. But they drove by. Well the truck stopped at the front of the cemetary to put some grass down. I stopped to greet the lady in the truck and sat as she approached me. I'm a Good Boy!

Mom said that tommorrow we're going to the lake. That I need to meet and greet more people. Since tommorrow is Sunday there should be plenty around. Mom said she's going to put me in the crate since I don't get sick in the crate. That wasn't any fun last time. But tommorrow should be a blast!


Bubble Baths! :)

August 29th 2011 9:13 am
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Mom took me and Darcy for a walk today. We saw a doe and three (3!) babies! The babies weren't much bigger than Darcy! So cool!

Then we got home and mom decided she needed to break up some cookies in a bowl. Hmmmm,,, that's a good sign! Then she walked into the bathroom with the bowl and I realized it was my bath time! Yipppeee!! You see, I don't mind getting a bath, mom gives me cookies the entire time!! Yummmy!! So I got my bath, I'm super duper clean and now it's time for play!

Gotta go jump on Darcy!


A Bat? What's A Bat?

September 3rd 2011 12:20 pm
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While laying on the sofa with dad I spied something flying around the ceiling. What is that? It went left, then right, then left, then right... So finally dad caught on that something had caught my attention. He looked up and said, Hey Grunt, that's a bat. A bat? What's a bat?

So dad caught the bat with a towel. Took him outside and set him free! :)


Rainy Monday...

September 5th 2011 3:02 pm
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Woke up this morning - rain. Booo....

But first I have to tell you about last night. Mom and dad had to work the same shift and I was alone last night with Darcy. Mom left me yummies hidden throughout the house. I found all of them (or maybe Darcy found some..) and was a good boy! I did my business outside and didn't mess (or eat) the house up! Mom and dad are at work again tonight and mom hid stuff (stuffed cow toe, kong ball, bully stick, nylabones) around the house again. Only this time I was sleeping paws up when mom and dad left for work...

I go to the vet tomorrow. Mom can't wait until she finds out my weight! Then she can get an idea at how big I'll be...


My First Vet Visit

September 7th 2011 7:16 am
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So I went to the vet today. I LOVE that place!! Everyone,and I mean everyone gave me scratches and compliments. I was soooooo good! Mom was teaching me "up" as I climbed on the big boy table! Dr. Mount came in and said, so this is the new guy huh? She gave me a thorough once over and said my heart and lungs were great. My muscular and skeletor are on the money, eyes, ears great - that I was in good health!

Oh yea, the big news is I got weighed! 35.2 pounds at 4 1/2 months! I'm gonna be a big boy!!

I did throw up in the crate along the way. Mom just changed out my blankets (she has a back up just in case) and we continued on to the vets. The ride home I was sooo sleepy, I missed my nappy time!

We got home and Darcy was going crazy over seeing us return. Mom got me settled in and went shopping. It's what she does best. Only this time she went to Petco (1 1/2 hours away) She got me food and treats for vacation in a couple of weeks. New toys and loads of chewies for me. Even bought me a couple of outfits, one that should fit now and one for when I grow bigger. Oh yea, and a new bed.

When mom got home she looked in the window and saw me sleeping. No Darcy to greet her either. So she quickly unloaded the truck and then came in the house. We were snoozing, it was a long day for us!


Little Person

September 8th 2011 2:40 pm
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We woke up and went potty this morning. Then mom decided that we should chill in the bed and catch the news. Next thing you know Darcy came flying into the room. Giving mom the crazy eye. Mom was like, I don't hear anything Darcy... Then Dad said, company's here! Aaah so Darcy was on point!

Two people came to visit and I greeted him at the gate. Only one of them was a little person. Mom said that was his son and that he was 3. I was to be nice to him. Paws on the ground. His name was Liam. He gave me a couple of pats on the head and giggled. Well, I just loved him! He was my height! Mom gave Liam a bunch of treats and treated me the entire time they visited! He kept calling me Gunt. Hmmmm.... we'll have to work on that one!

I got a bath today, then I got the zoomies a couple of times. Dad was playing with me on the floor and I was just plain pooped out. Took me a quick snooze and then mom was like, "Hey guys, lets go for a walk." Well Darcy came in and did the happy dance. So we went for a walk around the cemetary. I saw the mini-horses and wanted to go sniff them. Dad wouldn't let me, said they were too far away... Humpf!

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