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my birthday

June 27th 2012 1:25 pm
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Momma and Star locked them selves in a room and there were these noises of paper tearing and laughter . then they came out with smiles on their faces and abig bag of christmas wrapped presents. Momma said since Leif our landlord likes me so much we had to wait to open them when he gets home . Since he bought most of them. I know what presents are but it isn't cold outside. so Birthday?? Her and STar are singing Ice cream you scream, we are scream! I dont know what she means . STar is yeah get the machine lets do it! icecream machine? I guess we find out. She said I'm one today! now I can start on the terrible twos is what Leif told me last night! Momma still dont have a job but now she got teeth and she isn't crying all the time . jUst says either we will get money or not. she seling a bit more online and still gets us treats at the dollar tree when she goes for food. I love my momma and sTar and I will find out what my birthday means tonight.




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