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The Life of Copper....

What a wonderful life I have!

October 28th 2011 12:17 pm
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On July 30th of this year, I was sitting on the side of the road way out in the country where I had been dumped by some irresponsible human being. I watched as cars went by...hoping someone would come along and rescue me. I saw this one man go by, and he slowed up and looked at me. I wagged my tail and my heart started beating faster, but he drove on. I was so disappointed. A few minutes later, though, I saw his car coming back! This time he stopped, picked me up and put me in the car and took me just a little ways down the road to his house. There was a momma, a furless sis, and other dogs and some kitties there, too!! I was soooo excited! I've been there almost three months now, and I love my humans so much. I can tell they love me, too, even though they do raise their voices at me when I get a little too rambunctious with the other dogs and the kitties. They feed me really good food for puppies from the pet store, and they give me all kinds of luvins. I weighed 31 pounds on October 17th when dad took me to the vet for my last set of shots. All my fursibs are smaller than me now,and I'm only around 4 1/2 months old! BOL! I get to sleep in the house at night, and on days when it cold and rainy they let me come in some, too, to warm up. Momma says even though I am stubborn and hard headed, I am very smart. When she tells me to sit or lay down I do exactly what she says...eventually...BOL! Mom says I'm still a work in progress...whatever that means. I learned how to open the front door to get in the house...all by myself! The bad thing is, they keep it locked. I might just show them, of these days I might just pick that lock....BOL!

Barked by: Duke (Dogster Member)

November 16th 2011 at 7:04 pm

I love your rescue story Copper. It's so sweet and I'm so glad you have such a wonderful family now. love and wags Duke
Barked by: Copper (Dogster Member)

November 16th 2011 at 7:45 pm

Thanks, Duke. As you can tell by my pictures, I'm just a bit spoiled...bol




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