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Finnigan's (A)wake!

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The luckiest pup in the world

August 26th 2011 2:35 pm
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Gosh, I is surely the luckiest pup in all the whole wide world - I has had soooo many messages and bones and gifts from all my new pals over the last few days that I doosn't know what to do wiv myself! Fankyoo so much to everybody for sendin' me stuffs and sayin' such lovely fings. You is all pawsome and I loves you lotses I doos.

Had a quiet day today, went to play wiv my ball in da POURING rain wiv mummy after work, we did both get proper wet and I did go spotty again (!) but we had fun. I is feelin' an ickle bit poorly today, not sure why but I has a funny little cough, like I is gonna throw up and it's worrying mummy a bit. I keeps tellin' her I is fine but she is keepin' a close eye on me tonight. I fink I is just tired and over-excited 'bout bein Diary Pick twice this week BOL

Not much to say tonight so I fink I is gonna go to beds and hope dat fun fings happen tomorrow so I can tells you all 'bout dem.

Hopes you all has lovely dreams full of cats to chase and cheese to munch :) xxx


Norty norty pully pully...ooopsie ooopsie :/

August 25th 2011 2:06 pm
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I has been norty tonight, hehe - I did do lots of pullin' on my walk and mummy getted well cross wiv me. I knows she still loves me (I looked at her wiv my big ol' puppydog eyes and she wasn't cross any more) but I fink maybe I has to start tryin' a bit harder to behave so that she doosn't get stressed.

She said tonight she is done wiv tryin' to make me walk to heel on a normal lead so she is gonna makes me has a new Halti headcollar. Bum. I doosn't like those, they itches my nose. Not sure I has much choice tho, I almost did pull her over tonight and dat's bad, I know. I just doosn't know my own strength sometimes!


No news from here today, I seem to be a diary pick again which is well funky (I fink I is just stuck in da loop, BOL, I is sure my ramblings isn't DAT interesting!!) but apart from that nuffink much is goin' on. You know I said yesterday that I was goin' to wait and see what today throwed at me? It didn't throw nuffink, not even a rubber ball or a piece of cheese. Harumph. Bad old today!

Gotta go has wee-wees now then I is goin' to lay on da bathmat while mummy has a bath, then I is gonna go sleeps.

Night night x


This little pup is sighing a well contented sigh tonight :)

August 24th 2011 3:10 pm
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Well howdy puppy pals

What a day! I can't believe I is diary pick of the day, am still sighing contented little puppydog sighs 'bout dat, oh yes! It makes me and mummy laugh dat peoples actually want to read 'bout what we is doin'...we doosn't fink we is all dat interesting but it makes us well happy dat peoples (and doglets!) love us. So fankyoo, very lots.

Mummy buyed me a lovely bone to say well done for being Diary Pup today, I did eat it while she was at work, then she taked me out for a big long play wiv my ball. I runned and runned and runned and didn't even get tired, dat's how 'xcited I is today! I was pullin' on my lead loads and dat's norty but I didn't even really get telled off too much for dat....well, maybe a bit by daddy but mummy was well lovely today and let me be a norty little pup for a bit. She finks dat me and her makes a proper good team. I finks so too. I loves my mummy. Even more than I loves bein' Diary Pup BOL.

Mummy did has a celebratory drink for me tonight (I isn't allowed alco-mo-hol cos I is a pupster) - she likes a drink called Jack Daniels (she almost did call me Jack - BOL!) and she did has one tonight to toast our happyness. I fink I'd prefer my happyness untoasted but she said it was a good fing to do so I said okie dokie. Woof.

Bedtimes for us all now, need to get my sleeps to make sure I is ready for whatever tomorrow throws at me. I hope tomorrow throws a ball at me, then I can run after it and catch it and chew it and take it back to mummy.

G'nite everypuppy

Finn xxxx


Oh my goody goodness!

August 24th 2011 6:01 am
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Not just a featured diary - but da one that Dogster has chosed out of all da other diaries in all da whole wide world!

I is a very very happy puppington doglet. Fankyoo Dogster for choosin' my 'ickle diary. I is well chuffed.

Woo hoooooooooooooooooooooooooo! xxxxxxx


Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy pup!

August 23rd 2011 4:33 pm
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Hewo everybody

This is gonna be a well short diary entry today cos it's after midnight here (I fink dat means it's actually tomorrow...but it still feels like today...oooh I is well confuzzled now....) and I is a sleeeeeeeeeeeepy puppington. Just had last walkies with mummy for today (or was it yesterday....oh my goodness, we started walkies yesterday and finished today BOL!!)and now time for sleepys in my bed.

Will talk to you all tomorrow when I is more awakes and less sle.........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


A bit more happy and a bit less sad :)

August 22nd 2011 2:45 pm
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Hewo pupsters

I is feelin' a bit better today - we is still kinda sad after our unhappy weekend but mummy and I has spended lots of time together today and I fink it has doned us both good. Mummy didn't have to work til late this afternoon so we spended, like, HOURS together! It's been brill.

We went for early walkies and I was a good boy and didn't pull (much!) then we had breakfast together then watched some TV then mummy had to pop out for an hour so I had a snooze then mummy comed back and picked me up and we went to the park again :)

We spended AGES there, wiv aunty sarah and riley again, and I did run and run and run and jump and play ball and play wiv my imaginary frisbee what Doo did send me BOL. Then riley's daddy did come to da park to pick him up (riley's mummy and daddy has been on holibobs which is why ri has been livin' wiv aunty sarah for a week or so) and ri was so happy to see his daddy that he did run all the way back down da park to meet him at the gate! It was super-dooper. I gets like dat whenever I sees my mummy. Uncle steve (dat's riley's daddy) did make a big ol' fuss of me and said how big and handsome I is now, and how I is clearly completely in love with my mummy, hehe! He is a smart cookie is uncle steve!

I like riley. He's not my bestest pal, dat's still reggie dog (who I hasn't seen yet but fink I will see real soon if I is a good boy) but ri is a dude and he's my mate.

After the park mummy and I comed home and had lunch together then I had a snooze while mummy went to the gym. When she comed home again we did sit in da garden together and she readed her book and I did eat a pig's ear. Pawsome.

Then mummy had to go to work so I spended the rest of the afternoon and the evening wiv daddy, watchin' tv. I has found a way to get up on the other sofa (mummy and daddy have one each and I likes mummy's one best...when she's out I lays on it and snoozes and finks bout her lotses) and rest my chin on a cushion so I can watch tv wivout even havin' to hold my head up! Haha! What a clever boy I is :)

Mummy is home now and we has had a little walk and now we is snugglin'. I is also trumpin' a bit (parp - sorry mummy!) and fidgitin' and scratchin' and lickin' and makin' mummy & daddy laugh.

Ooooh...I fink I might be makin' big stinkys, actually, so I is goin' to go outside now to sort my bottom out!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you is all havin' a great day and doin' lots of fun stuff. I'll be off to bed soon, it's gettin' late here so I'll say gnite for now ok?

Love and woofs from Scooby Boo xxx

ps - Parp!


Ello everybody :)

August 21st 2011 2:12 pm
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Hey again everyone

Thank you all sooooooooo much for all the lovely messages and puppy snuggles and nose pokes and bones and stuff dat you has sended to me and mummy and daddy since my sad diary writin' yesterday. We is still pretty sad here, mummy says part of the reason it's so hard is cos nobody knows quite what happened yet, and everybody is doin' speculatin' (i doosn't know what dat means, I fink it's' or somefink) and dat's how rumours start. Mummy and me, we is waitin' to hear the official enquiry report which may take ages and ages. All we knows for now is dat Red 4 is a well doody hero and we is very very very proud of him.


It's well good knowin' we has all these new friends so fankyoo from us for bein' our pals.

We has had quite a good day today, all fings considered. Me and mummy didn't sleep too good (daddy did but then he can sleep thru anyfink BOL) so we has been tired today but luckily mummy has had a day off work so we has spended lots of nice snuggly time together. I had a couple of hours at home on my own dis morning when mummy and daddy went to visit daddy's daughter and grandson (yep, mummy is a step-nanna and she's only 33! haha!) then they comed home and mummy did pop me into da broom broom motor car and taked me to.............THE PARK! I meeted my mate Riley there, and aunty sarah too, and it was fun. The sun did has his hat on though and it was well hot so we didn't stay long. Mummy and I comed back home and I had two bowls of water and my lunch then settled down to snooze on da sofa. Mummy and daddy did put a DVD on tonight and it was funny, I fink it was called Blades of Glory and it maked us all smile a bit which was a good fing. I fink I would be a well good ice-skater. Yup, my super-dooper long legs would make me real fast and springy! I fink I might try it...BOL maybe not, I would do much fallin' over! Maybe I'll just dream 'bout it instead. Yeah, that's better.

Oooh I did do one funny fing today - daddy was down on da floor makin' the DVD player work so I went and layed down next to him and mummy and daddy realised how big I has got! Daddy keeps callin' me his Great Dane now...dat's like Scooby Doo right? Mummy always calls me Scooby BOO so maybe dat's why! It made mummy laugh when I laid next to daddy and she said I was a dude and she gived me a cheeky pigs ear as a treat. Woo hoo! Will get mummy to put a picture of me and daddy on Dogster soon, once she gets the photo off her phone and onto her 'pooter.

Right, it's bedtime now and so we is gonna go do some sleepin' and stuff. Not sure what we're up to tomorrow but I'll tell you all 'bout it tomorrow night if we doos anyfink fun ok?

Love and woofs
F x x


A sad day in England

August 20th 2011 3:11 pm
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Hewo puppy pals

A bad bad fing happened here in England today - has you heard of the Red Arrows? They is our Royal Air Force's aerobatic display team and thems is PAWSOME. Mummy worked wiv them for a few years before she started her own business, and she says they is all amay-zing.

Well, one of them had a real bad accident today and his plane did crash and he did die :'(

His name is Flt Lt Jon Egging and I fink he is a hero. Nobody really knows what happened yet, 'cept dat it seems like he could have ejected out of the plane to make himself safe but he didn't want his plane to crash into some houses and kill peoples there so he stayed in it to steer it away from the houses and it did crash right down onto the floor wiv him still in it. It's so sad. They is the bestest pilots in the whole wide world and they doos amazing, amazing flying fings and now cos somefink went wrong, the poor dude has died and now everybody is hurtin'.

I doosn't know why I wanted to tell you all but I just did - it's made me and mummy and daddy and aunty sarah and everybody else real sad and you is our friends right? I fink we needs some puppy snuggles today. Mummy and daddy and aunty sarah all play in the RAF band near where we live, so anyfink to do wiv the RAF is real important to them (and to me, I know I is only a little puppington but I knows 'bout important stuffs) - and mummy used to work wiv the Red Arrows so she knows some of the guys up there and is feelin' very sad. We all is hopin' dat the pilot man's family and his friends and all the other Red Arrow pilots can find a way through what's happened today. I is sendin' dem all the biggest puppy snuggles I has inside of me.

Remember everybody, life is very short and you never know what's gonna happen. So go give somebody a snuggle right now.

Love you all
from Finn xxxx

ps - I hopes you doosn't mind but I is gonna let my mummy write the last bit of my diary entry tonight, she wants to say somefink:


RIP Red 4 - having worked with the Reds for a few years I can hardly bear to picture the crew room at RAF Scampton tonight :(
Up among the clouds forever now Jon - smoke on...go x


Blue Suede Paws

August 19th 2011 2:13 pm
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I doosn't has anyfink to say tonight.

I is feelin' blue and can't fink of any funny stuff cos nuffink funny has happened here today.

Sorry everybody. Will try to be more funny tomorrow.

Love Finn xx


Prince Pookie of Pookingtonshire calling

August 18th 2011 2:30 pm
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Hewo everybody

I has decided today only to answer to the name Prince Pookie - it's well funny listenin' to my daddy shoutin' it outta da back door when he wants me to stop barkin' at da neighbours and come indoors! BOL!

I doosn't even know what it is 'bout da word Pookie dat makes me laugh, it's just well funny and I can't resist comin' runnin' if one of my humans shouts it at me! Hahaha - Pookie! It's so funny!

Mummy hearded daddy shoutin' it at me a while ago and she was upstairs and she said to me dat she was cryin' wiv laughter cos it sounded so funny - I fink dat's well funny and I is glad it made mummy laugh so much! You all has to imagine my daddy shouting 'Pookie.....Pookie.....come on Prince Pookie, get back in here...' in a very posh english accent - BOL BOL BOL!!!! Funniest fing in all da world me reckons!

I wented out to play ball in da rain wiv mummy like I said I fort I would, we getted SOAKED and it was brill.

Nuffink else to tells you all tonight, am too busy bein' a prince and laughin' at daddy. Will talk to you all 'morrow, ok?

Lots of love and woofs from Prince Pookie of Pookingtonshire xx

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