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Finnigan's (A)wake!

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A little update

September 14th 2011 2:40 pm
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Sorry I has missed a day or two of diary-in'...mummy hasn't been feelin' too goods so I has been spendin' my time snugglin' wiv her. And you all knows how rubbish I is at using her 'pooter wivout her to help, my big ol' paws hits all da keys at once and makes me type rubbish! BOL!

No real change wiv mummy since I last writed...she hasn't had so many nosey-bleeds dis week, but she's had real bad headaches dat makes her cry. And sometimes her nosey does still do just a lil' bit of bleedin'. But not so much. And dat's good, right?

Mummy and daddy is goin' on holibobs next week and da doctor has said she can still go altho' he doosn't really want her flyin' in da scary-plane. But she needs a break so she is allowded to go. I will miss her millions I will :(

But aunty sarah is commin' to live in my house and look after me and my cat-bruvver Mario for da whole time dat mummy and daddy is away, so I won't be frightened or nuffink. I will be a big brave boy and guard da house for mummy and wait by da door every day in case it's the happy day she comes home. She has telled me dat I will has to do 8 bedtime-sleeps and then she will be back wiv me. Woo hooooooooooooo. Dat makes me happy.

Mummy is goin' to see a special doctor man the day after she gets back from holibobs and he is gonna try to fix her poorly head. So dat's good too.

I gotta go now, it's sleepy-time for us here in little ol' england. Fankyoo all for carin' so much bout me and mummy. We is ever so very grateful and finks you all is pawsome.

Love and a puppington snuggle from your pal Finnigan xx


Doctors and fings

September 12th 2011 1:38 pm
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Hey everypuppy

I did promise I would lets you all know how mummy did gets on at da doctors today so here I is to tells you all bout it.

I fink dat mr doctor man is a bit worried bout mummy to be honests. He did check her blood pressure and look at her nosey and take lots of bloods from her arm (why couldn't he have taked some of da blood from her nosey?! She's losted enuff from there! BOL) and feeled her neck to see if her glands was up and taked her temperature and lots of other fings like dat. He looked at her pale-ness and noticed some bruises on her...I fink I did those when I jumped up to give her snuggles, ooooops! I doosn't fink dat the doctor dude knows quite what is wrong yet but it looks like he ain't gonna takes no chances and has gived her some special magic cream that she has to put right into da very top of her nosey (she hates it, says it makes her feel sick, poor mummy) plus he's sended her arm-bloods away to be looked at plus he's made her a fast-track appointment to go see a consultant dude at da hospital the day after she gets back from holibobs. He doosn't really want her to fly in da scary-plane but he understands dat she needs a break so is gonna let her as long as she doosn't get any more poorly sick before then and takes a million tissues in case her nosey does do bleedin' on da plane when da pressure goes all scooby. When she is home, I is gonna make sure she goes to the consultant dude, I will ask daddy to take her I fink. Cos she needs lookin' after, right? And I is well good at dat!

She says she is fine and dandy but I isn't so sure so I is gonna keep an eye and a paw on her I fink. Cos I loves her I doos. More dan cheeses still!!! :)

I has liked hearin' from you all bout where in 'merica you is livin'. You is all in different places, innit! Haha, we is all spreaded out everywhere like butters spreaded on toast...mmmmmm....toast....

Gotta go - hungers!! Munch munch munch xxx


Telly Hound

September 11th 2011 1:23 pm
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Guess what I is doin' everyone? I is watchin' tellymavision wiv daddy and he is watchin' a movie and it's so good dat I is standin' right by da screen havin' a good ol' look!

It's pawsome!

Earlier on I was watchin' a programme wiv my mummy all 'bout da sad fings dat happened in your America ten years ago. I wasn't borned then so I doosn't really know what happened but me and mummy watched a programme bout it all and she did explain what she could to me, and I got sad cos it was such a horrid fing dat happened. I doosn't understand how peoples can do stuffs like dat, especially to innocent peoples and children and even puppington dogs and pussington cats too :'(

You is all so brave to cope wiv it all, it must be well sad and hard to fink about. But mummy and me....well....we just wanted you to know we is finkin' bout you all too, and bout all your families and friends and everyone over there in 'merica.

I is well proud of you all.

Sometimes mummy says I watch too much tellymavision (!) but today she was happy to let me watch as much as I wanted, cos I said I wanted to learn more bout da country where all my new friends doos live. Where 'bouts in 'merica is you all from? Mummy says it's a mahoosive country and has squillions of peoples and puppingtons livin' there - but you know what? Yous is my favourites of dem all :)

Am makin' mummy go to doctor tomorrow, she's been poorly dis weekend. I is lookin' after her I promise. Will let you know how she gets on, I promise.

Love from your little english pal
Finn xx


Silly old confuzzled pup

September 11th 2011 1:25 am
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Mummy has just explained to me dat you guys use a different way of sayin' dates than we doos - so nine-'leven is actually today, not da other day when I fort it was!

I is a silly old pup innit.

Still I is pleased cos it means I can tell you dat I is finkin' bout you on da actual day I wanted to fink bout you. So dat's good.

Lots of puppington loves and snuggles
Finnigan xxx


Just to say.....

September 10th 2011 2:18 am
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Hewo everypuppy

I just wanted to send you a message cos me and mummy and daddy was finkin' bout you all lotses yesterday cos mummy says it was a sad day called "nine - 'leven" and dat it marked ten whole years since bad fings happened in your country.

Me and mummy didn't want to intrude on your own private thoughts yesterday but today we just wanted you all to knows dat we was (and still is) finkin' bout you.

Lots of super-dooper puppity snuggles from across da pond

Finnigan and Mummy xxx


Bein' alrighty!

September 9th 2011 4:37 pm
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Hey it's tomorrow-o'-clock and I's writin' bout today which is now yesterday and I is all confuzzled!

Just a quickie to say hello and let you know we is all ok. Mummy is goin' to try to get into see the doctor on Monday. Daddy is alrighty. And I is alrighty too.

Hope you all is all alrighty too. (Dat's a lot of 'all' innit! BOL)

Fuzzy snuggles to everypuppy xx


Ear Mops, doctors and phones dat go 'splash' :/

September 8th 2011 12:32 pm
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My mummy has had to talk to da doctor today cos she did has anuvver nosey-bleed (dat's 7 in 3 days...hmmm) and she is tired and pale. I maked her talk to da doctor cos I is a good boy.

Da doctor said dat mummy has to be careful and take it easy and see if da nosey-bleeds still keeps happenin' after 10 days. If they do she has to go have tests and fings.

Mummy is worried cos her and daddy is goin' on holibobs in 10 days and she finks da doctor mite not let her fly in da scaryplane but I fink she'll be alrighty. Hope so. They needs a break - and aunty sarah is comin' to live in my house and look after me and my cat bruvver and I is well excited :)

Poor mummy really hasn't had a good day today - she dropped her mobily phone into da sink earlier and it went 'splash' and it did stop workin' and all mummy's stuff is on it! Not good! Luckily mummy did fink fast and putted it into da warm airing cupboard and it's dryin' out and she tried to turn it on just now and it showed signs of life so I fink it mite all just be ok. Paws crossed everybodys, paws crossed...

Sorry dis is short again, I needs to go lay on da bed wiv mummy just in case she needs my ears to mop up her poor poorly nose (I used my ear mops earlier when she was bleedin, I was proper helpful!)

I has a wise fing to share wiv you all you all ready?

"When somebody upsets you, before you lose patience with them walk a mile in their shoes. Because then you'll be a mile away - and you'll have their shoes!!"


Laters, dudes xxx

ps – it’s my nanny and grandad’s wedding anniversary today, dey has been married THIRTY-EIGHT whole years! Human years, too! Dat’s amayzing innit :)


Tired pup

September 7th 2011 1:58 pm
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Hewo everypuppy

Too tired to write much tonight, busy doin' doggy fings and lookin' after mummy who is still a bit off colour (but doin' better today fanks everyone) but I just wanted to say hi and fank you all for da nice messages you has been sendin' to me and mummy.

We both finks you is all groovy and you is our pals.

More from me tomorrow - mummy is goin' to have a bath now and I want to go wiv her to make sure she is alrighty.

Lotsa love and puppy snuggles xx


Big blowy winds outside maked my ears blow inside out!!

September 6th 2011 3:08 pm
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Gosh, it's windy here tonight (and I doosn't mean my stinky butt, before you all starts laughin' at me BOL!) - da weather has been real odd today and it's doin' what mummy calls "blowin' a gale" outside. Yeppers (as my lovely Doo would say) it really is more windy than a bag full of windyness.

Da wind makes a groovy noise, a bit like 'a-woooo' so dat's pretty cool cos I makes a noise like dat too.

A-wooooooooooooooooooooooooo! A-wooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

(Dat's me out in da wind...da wind and me is both singin' - BOL!)

Actually, I hasn't really been out dat much in da wind. Mummy getted me ready for my walk tonight and opened da front door and a huuuuuge gust of wind did blow my ears right inside out and I was scareded and I did run back into da house and hide in my bed! I wasn't goin' out in dat wind, no way, not me. Mummy has been poorly today wiv more nosey-bleeds so I don't fink she was too bothered that I wanted to stay home. She sent daddy a text message to ask if he fort she was a bad mummy for not walkin' me in da blowy ol' wind but he hasn't done replyin' so he can't fink she's norty or he'd have said so real fast. I fink mummy is pawsome for not makin' me go out when I i frightened. We went to da garden together so I could do my wee-wees and get a little bit of fresh air but then we comed straight back indoors and dat's where we is stayin' fankyoo very much.

I loves my mummy I doos. And she says she loves me too, more than anyfink or anybody in all the whole wide world EVER. Wow - dat's a whole lotta loves innit!

I is a lucky pup and even my ears blowin' inside out can't take dat away from me xxxx


Courgette and bacon soup, two nosebleeds too many - and my stinky butt!

September 5th 2011 2:02 pm
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OMD I getted Diary Pick agains :) Goshma!

(I is so excited dat I just did a well stinky bum-trump. It's vile, I fink I might has to leave da room....)

Poor ol' mummy has had two mahoosive nosebleeds today and nobody doos knows why. I fink it is stress (cos she has had to go to work and not stay home wiv meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!) but she looks a bit pale and poorly tonight so I is gonna give her loads of puppington loves and snuggles.

She said when she had her first nosebleed she was at da gym and she did bleed 3 gym-towels-worth of bloods! Wow - dat'! Poor mummy :(

You know what tho? Even wiv a poorly snout mummy did still make lovely homemade soup today - courgette and bacon - and I did has a sneaky lil' lick of da pan when she was done and it was SCRUMMY. I seed mummy puttin' da soup in da fridge in a big ol' box, so tomorrow I is gonna look at her wiv my big ol' puppington eyes and see if I can has a little bit! Yummy.

Ooooopsie I just did another parp. It made a funny noise and mummy & daddy laughed but it smells so I is goin' out to da garden. Maybe it's my stinky bum-trumps makin' mummy's nose bleed BOL - p'raps her nose has just gived up hahaha!

I fink it might be bedtime now, my bed is next to da air freshener and it smells nice (glad somefink does!)

Love and parps from Finn xx

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