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Finnigan's (A)wake!

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My life so far by Finnigan Biggsywoof

July 23rd 2011 2:22 pm
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My name is Finn and I is a Weimaraner who lives in Cambridgeshire in England. I fort I'd start writin' a diary cos I does some well funny fings and I fort maybe I could help make some other puppity dogs and their humans smile a little bit.

I lives with my mummy and daddy (mummy is the best, she's a dude and i loves her more than cheeses) and my big bruvver mario who is a cat. But he can't help that so I don't hold it against him. (Unless he steals my food. Then I'll have him on toast....)

I is 14 months old and I has lived with mummy since I was 9 weeks old. I was borned in a place called Chesterfield and my doggy mam and dad are awesome. They is called Lexie and Busta and I doos miss them. And I miss Lisa, she's my breeder and looked after me when I was too little to come live with mummy. My posh name is Tatze Huckleberry Finn but everybody calls me Finn...or Finners....or Finnigan....or stinkybum...hehe!

I has been told that my grand-dog-parents and great-grand-dog-parents has done winnin' at Crufts and fings like that...but I fink I might buck the trend cos I is a silly old dogdog and I isn't likely to ever win anyfink that doesn't involve stealing cheese or making stinky smells ;)

My mummy says that's fine cos she loves me just as I is and doosn't care if I never wins anyfink. Phew.

I did enter a competition once, it was called "Most Handsome Dog" and it was gonna take place at 3.45pm so mummy did get me there at 3pm and they had done it early and so I didn't get to win but the lady said i was well handsome and I would have winned so she gived mummy a prize but said i couldn't have a rosette cos some ugly dog had it. Grrrr.

I hasn't done much today to tell you about....I has watched some TV and had some foods...I had a lovely time up on the scrubland wiv my mummy and my aunty sarah and my ball (we always does have fun playin' up there) and now I is snoozin' on the sofa with mummy. Tomorrow we is goin' to a BBQ - I fink that's where there is sausages cookin' on a hot fing and I has to try to steal them when nobody is lookin'. I'll let you all know how I gets on.

Better go now cos it's time to do some quality sleepin'.

Love from Finn x


Good morning world - Finnigan's Awake!

July 24th 2011 12:16 am
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Hey dudes

I has woken up to much praise and fuss this morning cos I did sleeps all the way through the night, no woofs or cries or anyfink! Mummy is well pleased wiv me cos I has been a bit norty recently and keeped her awake a bit wiv my woofin' :(

I has had my breakfast (my favourite dog food plus one single mini weetabix as a sunday treat, yummy) and we has been on walkies which was fun. Now gonna have a snooze (well, I've been up over an hour!) and and then get myself ready for the BBQ later on. Mummy has bought me a ham bone to chomp on while we're there, I fink she finks I might do norty stuffs is I isn't kept busy! Hehe, she knows me well.

Will report back on the BBQ laters on...can't wait!

Woof x


Finn's Grand Day Out

July 24th 2011 12:42 pm
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Hi honeys, I is home!

Had a fab time at the BBQ wiv my mummy and daddy - there was lotses of real nice peoples there and I was a good boy and they did all make a mahoosive fuss of me and it was awesome. Best of all, my nanny and grandad (mummy's folks) comed too and it was great cos I doos loves them lotses. Aunty sarah was there too (I'll tell you all bout aunty sarah sometime, she's my special aunty who does lookin' after me and walkies wiv me and stuff like dat when my mummy has to do workin' late or silly fings like dat) and loads of other groovy human dudes.

And guess what? I was the only doggy dude there! Yay me!

I did has to stay on my lead all afternoon cos I fink mummy fort I might do runnin' away or jumpin' on peoples (or snafflin' sausages from the hot grill fing) but mummy stayed by my side the whole time so I didn't mind, I loves bein' next to her. We getted a nice shady spot under a big tree on the village green and had a snuggle. Lots of peoples comed to say hewo to me and they all gived me treats so I didn't have to steal nuffink! (Apart from some peanuts...I did steal of the humans left a bowl of them near me so I did stick my nose in and snaffle a few...and licked all the others so the humans had to throw dem out! Hahah!)

I was gived chicken and steak (yummy) and hallu...halou...hallllo...halum....grilled squeaky cheese and salad and skips (they is like crisps, or chips as you american doglets calls them) and a spoonful of chocolate mousse. (Ok, I kinda stealed that...). Plus I had my bowl of dogfoods and some proper doggy treats and loads and loads of lovely water to drink. What an afternoon!

Mummy was sittin' on a camping chair and holdin' onto my lead and a motorbike went past dead loud (BROOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMM) and I did freak out and pull mummy backwards off her chair and the chair did break and everybody did laugh lotses but mummy wasn't hurt and she wasn't cross wiv me or anyfink. Phew. I is a lucky boy havin' such a cool mummy, dontcha fink??

There was a quiz and mummy and daddy weren't on da same team so I did try to help mummy's team by doin' a big stinky trump in the direction of daddy's team but it didn't work cos mummy smelled it first and dragged me off for walkies cos it smelt so bad she fort I was gonna poop!!!!!!!

Mummy's team was a bit rubbish but I liked being in it cos we didn't know nuffink and just made stuff up and it was funny. Daddy's team did do winnin' cos Uncle Dave was dead clever and knowed LOTS of fings so daddy is well happy cos he won some beer and is sittin' drinkin' it on the other sofa.

I is now curled up wiv mummy tryin' to write this between snoozes...I is one sleeeeepy puppity dog tonight. But I had an awesome day. I has already gotted some new Dogster friends - and Ceeley finks I mite have a long-lost twin called Doo! Hehe! I likes da sounds of Doo.

Today has been a good day. Fankyoo mummy and daddy for takin' me to the BBQ and lettin' me eat norty fings and have loads and loads of fun. It was great. Love you more than all the grilled squeaky cheese in all the world.

Finn x


The afternoon after the afternoon before....

July 25th 2011 12:05 pm
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If doggies had hangovers I would have one...I fink I might has a food hangover from the BBQ! Burp!

I has done six poops since my feast yesterday afternoon (sorry mummy) and am living up to my name of Stinkybum. I doosn't fink I will be eatin' Skips again...or peanuts, I seem to poop them out one at a's not nice...

Apart from my slightly dodgy bottom though I is doin' great today. I sleeped really well - i woke mummy up at 2am cos I needed a wee-wee but then went straight back to sleeps til mummy waked me up at half past seven o'clock to has my breakfast and go walkies. It was nice to have my yummy dogfood again, I fink I did eat too much rich stuff yesterday. (Parp!) Mummy has been well strict wiv my foods today, I is actually quite grateful cos I did feel a bit sick last night. All betters now tho :)

I is bein' a bit norty tonight, I has bringed a pebble in from the garden and I is chomping on it then droppin' it onto mummy or daddy. Daddy did just try to chase me outside but I just danced around da sofa and he tried to chase me and it was well funny. Mummy was tryin' to look all serious and tell me off but I know she was laughing too. Hehe! I is a well funny dog. Innit.

Not much other news from today. Mario, my cat-bruvver, is annoyin' me - he keeps comin' in and prancing around in front of me, all cat-like and stoopid...and I just wants to plays wiv him but whenever i gets close to him he doos scratch and hiss at me. He is not a dude when he is grumpy. Mummy tells me he is ten years old in September, maybe that's why - he is old and grouchy! I still doos loves him cos he is my bruvver but man, he's hard work sometimes...

Ooops, I has just done a well-stinky bum trump right in front of mummy. I fink I might go do another poop now. Stand by your poop bags everybody....


F x


One proud puppity dog

July 26th 2011 3:33 am
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Hey everybody

Just a quick one this mornin' to say dat my mummy is doin' a fing called a DIET...I don't really know what it is but she says it's to help her lose some poundages and get finner and more bootiful. I doosn't fink she could EVER get more bootiful but there you go.

Anyways, she went to her weigh-in place dis morning and guess what doggy dudes? She has losted another 3.5lb this week - dat's 28.5lb now. I is so well proud of her.

Just wanted to tell you all how awesome my mummy is.

Woof xx


Evening all

July 26th 2011 2:41 pm
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Evening pupsters

I doosn't have much to say tonight, I is a well sleepy puppington. Just been on a lurverly walk wiv mummy and aunty sarah, so now ready for another bowl of water, a bonio and my bed. It's a tough life!

Am feelin' happy today cos mummy told me that soon she's takin' me to see my bestest ever doggy pal, he's called Reggie and he's a German Pointer and he's a DUDE. His mam and dad live a few hours drive away from us and his daddy has been away wiv his work for a while but now he is comin' home and so we can go see them all. Am so excited, Reggie is gonna take me swimmin' in da river and playin' in da woods and everyfink. Can't wait can't wait can't WAIT!

Better go do sleeps now or I'll get myself so excited I won't be able to sleep at all. Hopes you is all doin' ok. More from me tomorrow I promise.

G'nite fur people, sweet dreams 'bout cheese and meaty bones to you all xx


Grrr and, indeed, HARUMPH (and, in fact, achoooo!)

July 27th 2011 2:29 pm
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Well guess what happened today? Mummy did take me in da broom broom motor car and I did fink we was goin' to da park...and we went to da VET and he did stick a needle in me!

I was a big brave boy and didn't do cryin' or anyfink but it did sting a bit and I didn't much like it. But I know mummy only taked me cos it was well important and da vet did give me a biscuit and say i was proper handsome so I guess it was ok really.

He also did look at my eyes cos they has been a bit sore and a bit weepy (not weeping girly old tears, weeping slimy eye goo) and he did say i has got doggy hayfever! I did genuinely sneeze in surprise and he did laugh and mummy did laugh and I fink I was well funny...haha! Achooooooooo!

I isn't mad at mummy one bit for takin' me to da vet cos I know I had to go, but I feel a bit miserable and sleepy tonight so we hasn't gone for walkies - mummy offered but i just wanted to curl up on da sofa with her so we is havin' a snuggle.

She let slip today dat she has only goned and booked me into da puppy grooming parlour for....wait for it....a BATH in a couple of weeks! Not alright, mummy, not alright! Am sure I'll get outta it somehow. Maybe I can uses my puppington hayfever sneezes to pretend I is well poorly dat day...achooo..cough...splutter...woof!

Right furry friends I has to go sleeps now, it's half past ten o clock and I is well sleepy.

Big puppy hugs from me and mummy xx


Groovin', eatin'....and a little bit of norty pullin'...

July 28th 2011 2:02 pm
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I fink I is in trouble wiv my daddy. Mummy asked him to come out walkies wiv us - he never doos come out wiv us - and dey didn't realise one of his favourite telly programmes was on (I fink dey is all his favourites, he is always watchin' da tellymavision...) and he only realised when he got back and now he seems mad cos we maked him go out and miss it, and I fink he finks it's all my fault cos I is da one dat needed walkies :(

I wish sometimes I could go back in time and not do fings dat make peoples unhappys :(

My mummy gets well sad sometimes and I doos wish I could do more than give her snuggles and makes her laugh. I is afraid I didn't even makes her laugh tonight, I was norty on my walk and pulled lots and maked her a bit cross. Ooooops. And daddy was always a few steps in front or behind of mummy so I fink she was upset 'bout dat too. But I doooos loves her so much (more than all da cheeses in all da world) and I fink she doos know dat. We is snuggled up on da sofa now so I fink she doos knows. I hopes so. Maybe I'll tells her anyways...


There. Dat's better. She'll know now, right?

Not much to tell you all bout today, I has been home on my own a lot cos mummy and daddy has been at work - mummy comed home to check on me a few times but couldn't stay long, but it was lovely to see her and a relief to be let outside for a wee-wee! I has been listening to da radio and snoozin' on da sofa a lot, and I eated all my lunchy and drinked lots of nice cool water. Yummy. It's been quite hot here today, not in a sunshiney kinda way, but in a cloudy, sticky way. I was pleased really to be in da nice cool house wiv da tunes playin' on da radio. I was groovin' along, even had a bit of a boogie :)

Am lookin' forward to da weekend cos my nanny and grandad is comin' to visit again and I doos so like tryin' to knock grandad over when he's not expecting it! BOL!

Talk to you alls tomorrow ok?

Finnigan xx


To sleep...or to bark????

July 29th 2011 3:35 pm
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I has been tryin' to go to sleeps for about an hour now and I just can't doos it...every time I drops off, some noisy old humans start talkin' (well, shoutin') outside my house, or driving loud noisy broom broom motorcars past real fast (zooooooooooooooooom!) and wakes me up :(

Then I doos start to do woofin' and then mummy comes down to tells me off cos she is sleepy and I keep wakin' her up. Sorry mummy. But I doosn't likes da noises outside...I doos get frightened sometimes and wants to protect my house and my mummy and my daddy and even my cat-brother Mario. Plus nanny and grandad are sleepin' here tonight so I has to protect them too. But mummy finks I is just bein' a noisy old dogdog and I gets telled off. Sigh.

Grandad is doin' snorin' upstairs, hehe, and daddy is doin' snorin' too...I wonder how nanny and mummy ever doos ANY sleepin' wiv all dat racket goin' on! I can hears dem from in my bed downstairs!!!!

It's all gone quiets now, maybe the noisy humans has decided to go to beds and get some sleeps. Dat's what I's gonna try to do now. Am a very sleepy boy tonight after my run around the scrubland wiv mummy and nanny. I did lose my ball in da long grass tho. Bum. Mummy says I can haved a new one tomorrow. I is gonna ask for a orange one I fink :)

G'nite everybody. May you all have happy dreams filled wiv cheeses to eat and pussington cats to catch xxx


It's a dog's life!

July 30th 2011 2:12 pm
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I has had a sleepy day today cos I didn't get many sleeps last night...poor old mummy had to go to work so she had to do wakin' up real good, but I was allowed to lay in a sunbeam and snooze while daddy did mow da grass. I only had to move when he getted a bit close to me in case he did mow my tail right off!

I did doos good fings today too - nanny and grandad did come in earlier and they did has treats for me so instead of jumping up at dem likes i always doos, I did do nice sittin' and getted fed yummy treats! Yay! Must learn to always do dat, in case ALL our visitors has bonios in their pockets...mmmm, what a happy ol' world dat would be!

Grandad comed walkin' wiv me and mummy tonight. It was ace. I did lose another ball. Bum. Now mummy has to buyed me two new ones :)

I is now snoozin' on da sofa wiv mummy and daddy but daddy keeps pokin' me cos he finks dat if I doos snoozin' for too longs now I won't be able to sleeps. Don't know why he's too worried cos he sleeps right thru my woofin' every night, it's poor old mummy who has to come sort me out :p

Oooh, you know I was tellin' you all dat mummy is on a diet and losing lots of poundage? Well, she had a new haircut today and she doos looks LURVERLY, all sleek and shiny like a sleek shiny puma! Hehe! She is a yummy mummy.

I fink I should go now cos nanny and grandad is still here and dey might fink I is rude if I keeps on da pooter writin' my ol' diary. So I will comes back tomorrow to talk to you all again ok?

Night night everybodys xxx

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