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The Fearless 4 Triumphs

Change in Seasons

September 14th 2012 8:20 pm
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Well, we've almost been here in Oregon for a full year! This time last year, mom & dad were buying our new house and packing up the old house. Summer was a lot of fun. We didn't make any long trips, but every trip around here is fun!!! We get to walk off leash (except for Lily hehe) on gravel roads, smelling all the deer and wild animals. Our summer neighbors are here, and we LOVE them!!!! Jack loves us, gives us treats and let's us run all over his property. He's taught mom how to relax and to trust us a little more. We usually chase chipmunks and birds at his house, and try to corner them under their house. At our house, we can run from the front yard to the backyard, lounge in the sun on the deck, and go out to the rest of our property (if mom & dad are with us).

Mom grows lots of different kinds of berries, and we've learned to eat them off the bush. Dad has the garden fenced off, so we don't get to pick good stuff like carrots. But Mom & Dad eat lots of fresh veggies so we get lots of extra treats! We started on raw food and we LOVE it, that is everyone except Lily. She has a sensitive stomach. Our weight and coats look great. We get more raw bones since we're outside a lot more. Our teeth are looking good. Also, we recently tried some Icelandic fish skin treats that are real stinky & real good. Mom has been trying all kinds of different things with us!

We haven't gone to the beach a lot cuz mom hurt both of her knees. She may get surgery soon, so then we'll get to go lots. NeeNee has been doing great after her big surgery last year - no problems at all. She's going back to see her doctors soon just for a check up.

The season is beginning to change. We've had sun & 80 degrees at our house for 3 months. The fog & wind are coming in and it's cooler at night. Soon it'll be raining again. We all have our sweaters & rain coats ready. We don't let the rain get in our way. And mom has new mats & soggy dog mats/towels so she's happy.

Life is good! This has been a good move for us!

Barked by: Drei Snarky Schnauzers (Dogster Member)

September 28th 2012 at 6:04 am

so glad you love your new home and boy does it sound fabulous!!

We wish you weren't so far away so we could come visit and have fun with you!!


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