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The Fearless 4 Triumphs

Fritz & Ripley's dad!!!

July 13th 2013 6:25 pm
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Our pals Fritz & Ripley's dad is in the hospital. Mom is so worried about him! Their dad is one of her first friends from Dogster and they have kept in touch with us for years. Their dad had a fall on his bicycle and kept getting dizzy. Now he's going to have surgery tomorrow. One of his friends is looking after Fritz & Ripley, who have probably never been away from their dad.

We're putting all our paws together, and sending our angel sisters Georgie, Annie & Molly to look after their dad & to keep Angel Charley (their angel schnauzer brother) company.

POP for dad Fred! Angel kisses all around.




Change in Seasons

September 14th 2012 8:20 pm
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Well, we've almost been here in Oregon for a full year! This time last year, mom & dad were buying our new house and packing up the old house. Summer was a lot of fun. We didn't make any long trips, but every trip around here is fun!!! We get to walk off leash (except for Lily hehe) on gravel roads, smelling all the deer and wild animals. Our summer neighbors are here, and we LOVE them!!!! Jack loves us, gives us treats and let's us run all over his property. He's taught mom how to relax and to trust us a little more. We usually chase chipmunks and birds at his house, and try to corner them under their house. At our house, we can run from the front yard to the backyard, lounge in the sun on the deck, and go out to the rest of our property (if mom & dad are with us).

Mom grows lots of different kinds of berries, and we've learned to eat them off the bush. Dad has the garden fenced off, so we don't get to pick good stuff like carrots. But Mom & Dad eat lots of fresh veggies so we get lots of extra treats! We started on raw food and we LOVE it, that is everyone except Lily. She has a sensitive stomach. Our weight and coats look great. We get more raw bones since we're outside a lot more. Our teeth are looking good. Also, we recently tried some Icelandic fish skin treats that are real stinky & real good. Mom has been trying all kinds of different things with us!

We haven't gone to the beach a lot cuz mom hurt both of her knees. She may get surgery soon, so then we'll get to go lots. NeeNee has been doing great after her big surgery last year - no problems at all. She's going back to see her doctors soon just for a check up.

The season is beginning to change. We've had sun & 80 degrees at our house for 3 months. The fog & wind are coming in and it's cooler at night. Soon it'll be raining again. We all have our sweaters & rain coats ready. We don't let the rain get in our way. And mom has new mats & soggy dog mats/towels so she's happy.

Life is good! This has been a good move for us!


Hanging out at home!

June 4th 2012 9:58 am
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Last week we had another week without rain. Mom & NeeNee were away on a trip to California. She said she remained spoiled the whole time by all of the relatives! Good girl, gotta work the relatives. We were home with Dad. He always let's us run in and out of the house, and since he was planting the garden in raised beds, he let us run around the garden too! We discovered gophers and have been digging at them in mom's flower garden BOL! Dad wasn't too happy with that but we get away with it sometimes. One day a cat jumped into our backyard where all 3 of us were hanging out. That cat had to fight it's way out of there, but we won by chasing it away and only getting a few scratches. Mom wouldn't have been happy with us if she had been home!

Our across the road neighbors came home from their winter house. A cute lil bichon named Angie lives there. She came over to our house to visit one day. She has never been on a leash. She has a doggie door and can go in & out as much as she wants. She often sleeps on the porch!!! The best thing is that she leaves her treats around their yard, so it's like an Easter egg hunt. We like visiting Angie.

We also were sneaking out of the yard BOL!!! Dad didn't know it, but when he mowed the lawn in the front yard, he damaged the fencing and we were able to squeeze through a hole. But when Uncle came to visit and they were working out in the garage on motorcycles, we couldn't hold back! We gave ourselves away by showing up in the garage. So he patched it, or thought he did! hehehe!

Mom came home and Dad took off on a 3 day motorcycle trip. Winston was sick and the vet said he ate something bad, so he had to go on medicine. Then, a couple days later mom kept finding Winston & Lily outside of the yard. She spent hours looking for the places where we could escape but every time she turned her back, we'd escape again!!! Finally, mom said to Lily "where are you getting out?!" Lily went right up to the fence and bit it. It was where Dad had patched the fence but it didn't look like there were any openings. So she got smart and went around to the outside where Lily was standing and found the big hole! After patching it, she tried to round us up. After a game of chasing each other and running circles around Mom, she was able to get us back into the yard.

Well, the Fearless Four are maintaining their reputations as a feisty pack. We try to make life an adventure! Let's see what else we can get into!!!



March 8th 2012 3:48 am
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We have some visitors at our house. Two dachshunds named Newt and Spot. They were both rescues too. They travel with their daddy in his RV. They are returning home after a several week trip to New Mexico and Southern California. Being service dogs, they get to go everywhere with their daddy - even in restaurants!!! Man, can you imagine getting to do that! Their dad also drives a ural motorcycle like our dad, and the two of them ride with him.

They got to go for a ride this morning with our dad & their dad. Then we all played at our house. We have a big fenced in front yard and backyard that is completely dog safe. The sun was shining so the door was opened from the house to the deck. We all just ran and sniffed from one end to another. They don't play with toys. But Winston convinced their dad to throw a toy for him hehehe! He always gets visitors to do that!!! Every one was so well behaved that we all got extra treats.

Newt was really cold so mom tried a few sweaters on him. Winston's fit him best so he's wearing that tonight. Winston thinks that maybe he'll never have to wear it again, but then we heard the parents talking about going to buy sweaters for Newt & Spot tomorrow. Darn!

They're sleeping in the RV at night. So we'll see them in the morning again for another day of play. Finn might get to go riding with them tomorrow!

The Fearless Four


Breaking Away From The Pack

February 21st 2012 1:45 am
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Mom has decided that we each need individual attention out in the world. So each of us is getting to go on a short trip every week with mom. We'll still go on our walks, but this will be an extra trip. First we have to go to the post office to pick up mail, then the drive up coffee place. So far they haven't given us anything! Mom says we have to speak up!

Yesterday, Finnegan went to the beach. It was a sunny dry day. He ran around off leash for a while, then mom practiced hand signals with him. He likes to sniff the bushes the best BOL! Today Winston went to the harbor for a walk. It was raining so he had to wear a raincoat, not his favorite. But he likes sniffing and marking everything. Tomorrow is Lily's turn. She's going to go order some dog food for us. We'll have to wait to find out if she does anything fun.

We hear that some of us are going to work with a trainer again! We KNOW Lily is going to have to go, she's crazy! Mom says training never ends. Sheesh, just when we thought we were just going to play and have fun adventures. Well, so far we've had good training when we were back in California. We'll see how it goes here in Oregon.

The 4


OUR Christmas Tree

December 13th 2011 6:05 pm
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We added a photo of OUR Christmas tree with cards from our friends! We're allowed to sniff and play with it as much as we want since it's ours! We received 24 cards so far to our pawrents 3 BOL.

Finnegan insisted that at the top of the tree, we posted a photo of Uno and her brothers. You know Finnegan loves Uno! So NeeNee insisted that a pic of Dixie from Dallas and her sister get posted near the top too. NeeNee and Dixie came from the same place & were rescued the same day. Our moms met up near Dallas at Sheree's Dog Rescue. After a couple of days of visiting with Linda & Sabrina, we took off with our moms.

Then on the rest of our tree, there is a mix of schnauzer and shih tzu pals, other pals and a CAT on our tree. It's SO pretty!

We hope you're having a fun holiday too. Thank you to all of our friends for your beautiful cards & photos. We feel really lucky.

xxooxx The Fearless 4



November 7th 2011 7:45 pm
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We just moved to another state! We're living on the Oregon coast. What a change from living in a valley in California. First of all it's rainy here, A LOT!!! Schnauzers don't like rain, but shih tzus don't mind. It's cold!!! We went from 70-80s degrees to 50-60s. The girls are having to wear sweaters, BOL! Us boys want to tough it out because we don't like clothes. We do all like napping with blankets now though, BOL! We get to walk OFF LEASH on trails through the forests and when the weather is better on the beach and at the rivers. There are lots of animals in our yard too - deer, quail, bunnies, and some gophers (at least we can see where they've been). We haven't seen any squirrels yet, but they say there are ground squirrels here. And Dad isn't working any more so we get away with a lot more like he'll throw a ball in the house until mom makes him stop. Also, our 2 uncles & aunts live here. We have some dog cousins but we all haven't met yet, just Lily and NeeNee. It'll be fun playing with all of them some day.

We're adjusting pretty well. As soon as we get our pawrents retrained, we'll have it made!

The Fearless Four


Diary Pick Today!!!

July 27th 2011 11:47 pm
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Wow, what an honor. We just started our diary and it was picked by Dogster. Thank you!!! You have to admit it was a great hunting story though, except for Finnegan getting sprayed BOL!!!

Again, thanks. More later.

The Fearless Four


How we got our name

July 18th 2011 1:12 am
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Woo hoo, we really got wound up last night right before bedtime. Dad let us (Finn, Winston & Lily) out to go potty. And right across the lawn between our back steps and the guest house was a SKUNK!!!! All three of us charged across the lawn and surrounded the skunk. Mom was in another part of the house and heard dad bellowing at us. She ran outside and saw all three of us around it. She started yelling too! The skunk had his tail up and was stamping his feet. Mom saw Finnegan shake his head. Winston decided he better back off. Lily thought she might charge the skunk, but with both mom & dad yelling, she decided she better go to mom. Finnegan was the last to leave, and the only one to get sprayed! Pee Yew!!! Of course, even though it was midnite now Finn had to have a bath. Everyone was so hyper it was hard to get everyone settled down. Lily had to go in a crate for sleeping and Winston kept pacing for hours. Finn was a lot more sobered from the experience after having a bath suddenly, so he curled up and went to sleep. To dream of the next hunt!!! NeeNee missed all of the action because she had surgery this week, but we know after she heals she'll be joining us in the hunt!!!

The Fearless Four

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