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Growing up mutt

Happy Birthday Baby Boy

May 26th 2014 7:13 am
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Hey Cheveyo, This is mom here. I cant believe you are almost three years old. I remember the day you were born and how cute you were. I remember you being born and your tiny tummy was blue, as were your lips, nose, ears,and paw pads. You werent breathing and your heart wasnt beating, I wrapped you in a towel that was just big enough for you then carried you into the living room. Daddy asked me what I had in my hands and I told him that I had a dead pup but if I had my way you werent gonna stay dead. I was gonna save your life. I did it and three years ago tomorrow you became my boy my special pup. I would be lost if you werent with me buddy. I love you lots and lots. I wanted to be the first one to wish you a happy birthday baby boy. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY my Cheveyo my Spirit Warrior, my furry son. Mom loves you forever


Tales Of a still born dog

August 23rd 2013 8:09 pm
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Its hard to believe that two years ago I was born dead. My dog mom Tundra was tired by the time I came along.I was one of only two white pups and because I was born dead my human mom saved me and gave me the name Cheveyo which means Spirit Warrior if you translate it from Hopi to English. I am a big boy now and very smart. I know that if I am let out of my kennel and not put on the leash for a walk that I am to stay in the yard and not run away.

The other day some friends of mom and dad's were taking care of us while mom and dad were away and one of the neighbors stole my runner WHILE I WAS ON IT!! They turned me loose then stole the runner chain. I am only on it when my kennel is being cleaned out and sprayed down and while my food and water are being changed. I ended up in doggie jail over night. They were gonna put me in with mom Tundra but they didnt know how she and I would get along. I was very happy to see my human mom when she came to get me. I got to get in our new bye bye ride then when we got to where we were going I got to go into our new house. YAY we got a safer house. I have to wait till mom gets a few days off from school to get my pen put up so I can go out where I would rather be. I like the house but I dont like to stay inside. Mom knows it wont do any good to report the theft of my runner chain to the police because the people who stole it are Mexicans and they get by with EVERYTHING including fighting pit bulls right out in front of their tiny children and even peeing outside in broad day light. They even have cock fights going on in this town. There were witnesses to the days events of me being turned loose and my runner chain being stolen.


Wow I made it to two years old!!!

May 28th 2013 11:59 am
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Hey all Cheveyo here. I am happy to say that I am now two years old. MomTundra and my human mom cant believe that I am two now. I dont know just how many of my friends out there know my story but I was born to Tundra two years ago. But I was born tail first and dead. My human mom helped me be born then brought me back to life. My human dad told mom that she could keep me because she always has a big soft spot for the special ones like me. She talked to the vet man and he told her that I might be a little slow when it came to learning. Surprise I have a lot of smarts. I know how to say hello and I know a lot of other things like not pottying in the house. It has been a wild two years but I am glad that I have made it this long.


Went to see Aunt Mary last night

July 11th 2011 5:17 pm
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My brother and I went to see moms adopted sister Mary last night. She is gonna be Avalanche's new mommy so he got to check out his new house. and we played in what will be his new yard we had lots of fun. Even aunt marys kitty Ghost checked us out. Aunt Mary promised mom that Avie will be fixed after he is a year old and mom can see him any time so mom is happy and they are too


getting my puppy teeth

June 13th 2011 1:33 pm
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yip yip all Cheveyo here. I wanted to steal the keys of this 'puter thing so I could talk. My siblings and I are growing up well and unlike most pups our age we are already up and walking around on our paws,we are playing and barking and growling too. We are drinking water and trying mommy Tundra's food too. Today our human held us and noticed that we are cutting our baby teeth. What a life.

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