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A Day In The Life Of An APBT

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April 17th 2012 2:56 pm
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For those of you who don't know, I have a Facebook Fan Page! You can access it at this web address:

I also have a Blog here:

My last Diary entries were all about my new brother and how happy I was that he was here... but there is news. :(
We took Caesar in for his checkup on March 9th and thought it was going to go wonderfully. He was playful, happy, energetic, and had an appetite that could only be described as voracious. But when the vet did his physical, she felt that his spleen was enlarged. So they did an ultrasound. Caesar had a large tumor on his spleen, that upon closer inspection looked to be Hemangiocarcoma.
There was also a lot of fluid in his abdominal cavity, which seemed to be coming from his spleen. After discussing it with Dr. Wisdom, and searching our hearts, we decided that the best course of action was to let Caesar go peacefully. We spent a long time, hugging him, holding him, and saying goodbye, and Daddy went with him to the room where they sedated him and then put him to sleep.
This decision was not taken lightly, but completely blindsided us. Caesar was older, we knew this, but he was so VITAL. The vet said that the way this cancer is though, that she would give him days, not weeks or months without surgery, and at his age, she was afraid the surgery would not be successful.
He was only a part of our family for 8 months, but we loved him, and we miss him.

We did add two new puppies to our family!
Their stories are long-ish and I'm tired, so you can find their stories on my blog or on their Dogster pages! :)


Summer Days...

July 11th 2011 12:10 pm
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So Caesar and I are getting along great! It's been a month since Mommy and Daddy brought him home, and I think I speak for everyone when I say that we couldn't imagine life without him! Even the cats are doing better with him than they were-- even though they still don't really like him.
I have grown a lot. I went and got spayed last month, and it has been all better for a while. I weigh 43 pounds now! Annnnd, the vet says I look great for my age. All of my grown up teeth are in, and I let Mommy brush them every week. Caesar hates getting his teeth brushed, so Daddy has to hold him down while Mommy does it. But I just lay on Mommy's lap and let her do it. We think Caesar has never had his teeth brushed before. Mommy says that my training is going well, and I am right on track for her plan to get my CGC at the end of the year. She's going to do Caesar's too, but probably sooner. He only needed a few touch-ups on his training.
Mommy is also thinking about training me to do agility. Since we don't have a fenced in yard, my off leash time is limited, and she thinks agility would be a great way to burn off excess energy while keeping me fully focused on the task at hand. Plus I have proven that I can jump really high, so she thinks I need an outlet that will harvest that capability without any added stigma. It sure is hard being an APBT-- there are so many things that I would be good at, but because this is a state that is infested with too many dogfighters, Mommy has to be super-careful with the activities we do, so that we don't get in trouble for suspicion of illegal activities.
We play fetch a lot and I get to play inside too, since our living room is big enough for Caesar and me to roughhouse in. But I can't wait to see what Mommy has in mind for me to do with Agility!


Getting Used To Caesar-- among other things...

June 13th 2011 11:58 am
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Getting used to Caesar is one of the most exciting things I have ever done! He's humongous, and sometimes he steps on me (and even scratched my faced with a claw before Mommy cut his nails) but we are having a lot of fun. Caesar has some weird habits though-- he won't eat with me, and will growl if I get too close while he is eating (Mommy says it's food aggression) but he lets the kids get in his food bowl. He growls and barks at our kitties... which I am not allowed to do, or the big black POE will come for me. (And oh my DOG is he scary!)
He also walks RIGHT NEXT to Mommy when she walks us... huh. How weird is that??? I am always trying to make Mommy go faster by pulling her along as HARD as I can! Surely, that is the only way to walk your human, right? Caesar also does weird thing like sit (Right when he's told to), lay down (ditto) and goes to bed without a fuss! (I only make minimal fuss-- like running around in circles before maing my grand entrance to my bedroom!)
But I have also come to realize that Caesar is not as cool as me. I mean, HE doesn't "talk" to Mommy like I do, and he only makes Mommy smile half as often. Mommy calls him "good boy" which makes me insanely jealous though...
However, all in all, I have to say that this "having a brother" thing is actually not so bad. I have someone to walk next to, someone to wrestle with, and someone else to be the focus of Mommy's camera! I think I'll allow Mommy and Daddy to keep him... for now.


My New Brother Caesar!!

June 10th 2011 12:49 am
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For those of you who remember when I posted about the possibility of m getting a sister named "Blondie", I forgot to tell you that it fell through. We were second on the list to meet Blondie, and the people that met her first bonded with her so quickly, that they got to take her home! But Mommy was contacted today about this guy named Caesar, a white German Shepherd Dog in need of a home ASAP. Caesar's owner got transferred to Ohio from Georgia for work, and needed a place for Caesar to call home. So I got a NEW BROTHER!
Caesar is 6 years old, pure white and has brown eyes. He is full-blooded (But not papered) and is neutered, UTD on his shots, and has been cared for very well. At 120 LBS (!!!!), he's on the HUMONGOUS side of large for his breed, but he is very gentle with my human siblings, and adores Mommy and Daddy already! Mommy's camera is broken, and her cell phone takes really dark pictures, so the REALLY good pictures will have to wait til tomorrow. We have one good picture of Caesar that was sent to us earlier. We're still establishing our pecking order, as Caesar is realllllllly dominant (but proven to be good with dogs-- he just likes to be in charge!) Mommy said I need to learn to be not so crazy. More news on how we learn to get along tomorrow!


Say What??

June 6th 2011 2:44 pm
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SO my Mommy let it slip today that there is a possibility that I might be getting a new sister.
I'm not too sure what to think about that yet.
Her name is Blondie, and depending on how she and I get along,
She'll be coming to live with us within a week.
She belongs to a friend of my Mommy...
And we haven't met yet.
I've heard she has beautiful blue eyes
And a blonde coat.
A Blonde??!
Like Mommy?!
What if Mommy likes her better than me?
OMD, I'm so nervous!


New Photos!

June 4th 2011 10:15 am
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Mommy got camera happy yesterday while the kids and I were playing outside. I have a few new ones posted to my profile page! I love playing outside, even though I have to wear sunblock. (I HATE putting on sunblock!) But Mommy says no sunburn for me!
Just wanted to drop a few lines, but more later!


I just wanted to play!!!

May 31st 2011 6:35 pm
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It all started with a simple game of fetch. Mommy ALWAYS plays fetch with me. She taught me how when I was just 9 weeks old, and I love it! Unfortunately, Daddy's cat doesn't like me very much. He's 8 years old and doesn't like to be bothered. The other cat is younger and likes me, as long as I don't get too rough.
Well, Mommy and I were playing fetch in the living room today, and Poe (The 8 year old cat) came around the corner just as I bounded up. He scratched me across my nose! He is so mean to me. :(
Mommy told me I was a good girl for coming back to her, and gave me lots of loving and kisses.

I just wish that cat would stop being hateful.



May 29th 2011 9:37 pm
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Keira and I went for a walk/training session this morning.
In the end, I was the one who learned something new!

After telling her to sit about a dozen times, with no response, I finally got frustrated (she was yanking the leash, and trying to chase something I couldn't see) and I said "WAIT!",

...but guess what!

It WORKED! She plopped her little fanny on the ground and kept quiet. So in our family, "wait" is the new "sit". :)

Now on to the true success story of the day!

We live in a very rural area. There is a leash law-- but it is hardly ever enforced. Which explains why my neighbors 8 year old Schnauzer mix is always running free. He never causes problems-- but Keira gets so jealous, and wants to play with him so bad! If he will come to us (which he sometimes does-- but he's very shy) I do let her play with him a few moments, but she's much bigger than he is already, and I am afraid that she will accidentally hurt him.
On our other side, lives a HUGE Great Pyrenees. He is a working dog-- he takes care of goats and cows for his owner. His owner approached me the day we got Keira (because it wasn't an issue before we had a dog) and told me that under no uncertain terms was I to ever allow Keira to get through that fence. The Pyr will kill her. He always barks his head off at her, and she quite frequently barks back. I don't like the idea of her seeing him as an enemy.
Today, I made her "wait" right next to the fence. She sat for a full 5 minutes-- no growling, no barking, no challenging, no sound at all. She just "waited" and watched me! She is such an amazing little girl! I was totally doing a happy dance when we got back inside.
Training is going well, and I am wayyyyy excited!


First Entry Ever.

May 28th 2011 6:39 pm
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Hello, fellow pups (And their families)!
My name is *KEIRA* and I am an American Pit Bull Terrier.

Okay, so this is ACTUALLY Amber, her Mommy. :)

We adopted Keira 12 weeks and 1 day ago. Her story is on her profile. I can't believe how fast the time has gone! Just yesterday, she was a sleepy little girl, a couch potato who wanted nothing more than a full belly and a soft, warm place to sleep. Today she effectively wore her siblings (two cats and two children)out to the point of exhaustion. The cats are hiding, and the kids passed out on the couch, with Keira between them.
Adopting Keira, and the subsequent training, playing, learning experiences, etc-- all of this has been a HUGE learning experience for us. I have been so proud of the progress we've been making. I have owned several dogs (ALL of them older rescues) throughout my life. Size was never an issue. I've owned an 8 lb. Pekingese and a 120 lb. Mastiff mix. But never had I ever owned a puppy. My husband and I adopted our first dog.... well, "adopted" is the wrong word. We rescued our first dog from a Walmart parking lot about 4 years ago. My husband works for Walmart, and the dog had been dumped there in the middle of the night (No, the cameras didn't catch a licence plate number)and the poor guy was caught inside the store by my husband. He was a purebred Husky, obviously older, and in very bad shape. His coat was matted and he was very dirty. And thin. He only weighed 40 lbs. We lost him 9 months later. He had Canine Heart Disease, Heartworms, and his body was shutting down. We made the decision to have him PTS when it became too much for him to walk across the room. Our whole family was devastated. In those nine months, he became such a big part of our lives.
We couldn't just get another dog. We were grieving for him for a long time. After giving it much thought, we decided to adopt a dog. We never planned on getting a puppy. I honestly never considered getting a puppy. But I guess we were meant to find Keira when we did.
I remember that it was a Friday, and all we were planning on doing that day was stocking up on some basic dog supplies like a bed, treats, bones, toys... and we ended coming home with a PUPPY. Goodness. A purebred, papered puppy. Ha, you should have heard my friends when I told them. I am an avid rescuer. I post all the stuff on Facebook, I'm a "Don't Shop, Adopt" person. Backyard breeding makes me ill. I'm not shy about saying that buying from pet stores is irresponsible.
-- Just a reminder--
That particular store only sells feeder mice, crickets, and small animals like guinea pigs, hamsters and such.
Keira was left up there when her owners got evicted and they asked the pet store to find her a home.

I had never owned a pit bull. Never considered it, even though I love the breed. My husband was terrified of them, and had too much media convince him that they were not good dogs for homes with children. After MUCH education from me and a few canine friends, I showed him how sweet they can be and opened his mind. Which, in turn, opened his heart to Keira.
We are considering adding another dog to our family-- but it's still uncertain. The dog would have to be pretty special. We have two children-- ages 6 and 3, and two cats-- ages 8 and 8 months. And Keira has a rather dominant personality. She's GREAT with cats, and other dogs... but we would need to find a mild-mannered older guy who wouldn't get too upset about being handled roughly from time to time by Keira, and who wouldn't mind our bad-tempered 8 year old... He simply doesn't like dogs, and has been known to chase Keira for sniffing him.
Well, thanks for reading. Will be bringing more news ASAP :)

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