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Faun, Faunie, Boojie Boojie or Booj (I dont know! LOL), Goo, The Face (from Fauna-face), Fauntlaroy (my dads name for her), and SO many more!

Doggie Dynamics:
not playfulvery playful

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Quick Bio:

September 3rd 2001

Shes easy to please! Walks, running around livingroom and playig with toys, FOOD, running out back back and forth as the poor neighbor tried to mow his lawn, visiting friends and family and more!

Favorite Toy:
Anything soft. She loves those Loofas, stuffed animals and her fave- the Skinneeez (Stuffingless toys)

Favorite Food:
She eats Wild Prairie Acana. Her favorite treat is "Zuke's Jerky Naturals"

Favorite Walk:
ANYWHERE! It doesn't matter to her!

Best Tricks:
Bless you by far. It started that i said "Bless You" when she sneezed, now I say it and she sneezes on command. "Sit", "Laydown" and others aren't so great. She's very stubborn and will only do them for food. Stinker.

Arrival Story:
She was given to my friend as a Valentines Day present but she was unable to care for her. I did not like small dogs at all. I grew up with all big dogs, but I figured a dog is a dog and wanted to save her. I fell in love. Sure it took a little while. I thought she was a ridiculous yappy annoyance, but that little personality blossomed and now I can't live without her!

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Living with your pets heart disease

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May 19th 2011 More than 5 years!

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Fauna's Days

Fauna made a recovery

September 3rd 2012 8:08 am
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Fauna had that strange fever for over a month. It was a rough ride. I cried every day sure that my baby was dying. I felt hopeless. I did everything I could. She went to the vets numerous tines to get sub Qs, was hospitalized twice to bring the fever down (despite their fear that pumping fluids in her would hurt her damaged heart), and even went to a radiologist to see if it was cancer. She was a mystery. No one could tell me what was wrong.
Then she recovered. Slowly, but she began to eat again, had a little energy, and started coming around. I still have no idea what it was but every day I look at her and squeeze her! I did not think she'd be here! She is 100% today and celebrating her 11th birthday playing with a rope toy, chewing a bone and running around begging me to catch her! Her heart disease is still there, but I know I have at least been give more time with her. That awful virus didn't take my girl!

Also strange, she was eating a recalled food for salmonella poisoning. I wonder, could that be it? And with her heart being bad and her age, could that have made it so much worse? Vets don't think that's it, but it makes me wonder... She's now on Wild Prairie Acana and she loves it!


Fever of unknown origin!

March 28th 2012 5:30 pm
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Wednesday March 21:  Fauna starts potassium bromide for her extremely mild, almost unnoticeable unless you live with her and know her, focal seizures

Thursday March 22: Fauna is extremely lethargic... Doesn't want to move, doesn't want to eat, or bark, or play or even go out to pee! I'm very worried. She'd usually bark and dance around at my feet but she doesn't move from under the one chair when I come home from work... I call the vet. They say it takes 3-5 days to acclimate to the med and extreme lethargy, weak hind legs, and low appetite are all because of this drug. She had diarrhea. I cleaned her up, the went to class.
Returned  at 9:30pm: scary tired. Falling asleep in my arms (NOT her). 

Friday March 23: Fauna seems sad! She reminds me of how she was when I had her hospitalized due to fever a couple years ago. She won't move or do anything. Can't even step over the 3" rung of the doggie gate bottom... Won't climb one step. Friday at work I call the vet again and they said to try boiled chicken to get her to eat. The diarrhea is also a side effect and they said to skip the potassium bromide for the night. (she got it once a day at night)
When I returned home, she seemed happy to see me, but then laid down as if sick. She ate some chicken, but no rice. At bed time I noticed she was warm. She wouldn't drink though drank a bit when I was at work. When she licked my leg, it was like a wet warm washcloth... I didn't want to do the rectal temp cause I didn't have one for just her and it's scary. The readings in her ear were 100.4, the highest 102.9 which scared me... If its that high in her ear what's it rectally? I wet her paws and underside and set the alarm to call the vet as soon as they open.

Saturday March 24: The vet said to come in. She did have an elevated fever. I believe 103.7 or so. Dr. M felt Fauna could either be admitted or go home. She had mixed feelings. Then after thinking it out she recommended Fauna come home with me with a SubQ (pouch of fluids to keep her hydrated) . She didn't really want to admit her because a) the stress from being away from home is something we'd prefer not to do because of her fragile heart and b) the IV fluids could do damage to the heart. The meds Fauna is on is kind of dehydrating her just a little so as to keep water away from her heart, which is why she usually drinks so much. So by adding all these IV fluids we could be adding water to the heart which is not good.  I am told to just let her sleep and hopefully it's just a virus that needs to work itself out.

Sunday March 25: Fauna does not seem better and is not eating now. I call the vet after I did a rectal temp and it read 104.9! Emergency visit with Dr. Y. She came in and took us. She wet behind her ears and admitted her. The lesser evil is the IV drip on a low dose. She also gave her some antibiotic intravenously just in case it's bacterial. the X-ray was normal, blood work normal, Lyme test, negative. So the thoughts are its a) a virus that simply needs to be worked through her system and for Fauna to just get the support to help her through or b) it could be cancer. 

Monday March 26: Fauna comes home with a temp of 101.7! She is to be given Clavamox twice a day (antibiotic) just in case. She ate boiled chicken there and some EN canned dog food. I continue that here. She seems so much better. Not 100% but on her way. She greeted me when I came home from work, went outside etc. only issue was the lack of interest in food and still sleepy a bit. But that's to be expected, she's getting over a virus.

Tuesday March 27: When I came home from work Fauna got her Skinneez brand toy and tried to play tug with me! So sweet! She barked when someone walked by, her usual way, she would walk the perimeter of the yard, showed appetite (though small), and at 6:30pm I gave her some boiled hamburger because she wouldn't eat the boiled chicken... Her temp is 102.8. It's a little elevated again but close to the normal 100-102.5 range. 
When I came home from class I have her a tablespoon on EN dog food.

Wednesday March 28: Fauna woke me at 3:30am by vomit splashing on the floor. I clean it up and she's shivering. She's inaudibly whimpering. I take her temp and it's 103.6. She seems to be in real pain- belly pain. As if it's a stomach bug or food poisoning. I call the vet at 4am. Dr. Julie said that her fevers only slightly elevated so she should be okay for now. It may be the antibiotic that caused the belly ache since its known for that. So she advises that I skip it this morning and try just boiled chicken or hamburger meat. If she doesn't seem better give a call at 8 when the open. If she gets worse, breathing, coughing, etc to call right away.
I take her temp and it's still 103.6 at 8am. The shivering is gone and now she's just very tired, won't move, eat, or anything. I schedule an appointment for 12:20. 
Dr. M man, says that her fever is 103.6 and he's worried about keeping her hydrated so she can fight this thing if it is indeed a virus. She seems hydrated but wants to be sure. He dives her a SubQ and Rimadyl (anti inflammatory) that will help lower her temp and also help with any pain she might have. When you have a fever you aren't hungry so he understands that but by not eating she might not be getting enough liquid. He said not do give her the antibiotic anymore. Fauna's body might just need a reset to say "it's okay, your body can be normal and have a low temp" so this SubQ might jump start that. He said normally you see cats with problems with viruses and get fevers cause they are so little so it makes sense fauna might have that issue as well. Again, it might just be this. However, of this doesn't help and she still has a fever after a week or two the next step is the radiologist for an ultrasound to see if it's cancer.
2:00pm: The SubQ and rimadyl is working. She barked at the mailman, went out, ate some hamburger meat.
Night: temp is 100.3! She ate more hamburger, is going out, greets me, just a little sleepy. And drinking too!! Yay! Everything else is fine. Now to hope the SubQ isn't needed and she can keep the temp down on her own.

Note: did the potassium bromide hide the beginning stages of the virus? Or did she not get t until that was stopped?

I wonder has anyone else had a dog have a strange unknown virus that doesn't end up bring cancer? I wonder what this bug could be! Prayers and well wishes for Fauna!


Fauna's journey thus far

August 11th 2011 12:32 pm
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My friend had gotten Fauna as a Valentines Day present by her then boyfriend. She was called Samantha in those days. My friend didn't want to keep her and asked if I would like to take her. I never liked small dogs. I thought they were "ankle biters" and annoying. I had always had big dogs growing up: a doberman, great dane, a husky/German Shepard/lab mix. But a dog is a dog so I said I would take her home for a couple days and see how it worked out.
I still live at home so I needed to see if my Mom would like to have a new addition to the household as well, and if she got along with my Moms dog, Daisy, a poodle mix.
"Samantha" came home with me and to be honest, at first I didn't really like her. I mean, she was sweet cause she was a dog, but she was barky, annoying and ran around like a dust bunny blowing in a hurricane. That crazed creature though, slept peacefully in her cat carrier(LOL) on my bed at night. She looked almost cute. Okay okay, she did look cute. Still annoying but she was cute.
My mom fell in love with the fur-ball and I couldn't let this little thing that was getting attached to me (and I was starting to get attached to her too) go somewhere else. She became my little shadow. She followed me everywhere and instantly knew I was her owner despite the fact that my mom was there more often than me. I told my friend I was going to keep her.
I named her Fauna because she has characteristics of nearly every animal (fauna) that I could think of! Snorts like a pig, looks like a fox, sat on couches like a cat, I could go on and on. Plus I liked how it sounded.
I don't know how or when it happened but I fell in love. I mean, I can't live without this little thing! She started to take on characteristics I have. Likes to sleep late, has to have the last word, you name it. LOL Not having children myself, she is like my kid. My fuzzy kid.
I would take Fauna everywhere with me. I was 20 when I got her and she really did stop me from partying too hard cause I wanted to be with her! I would go places that I could bring her with me rather than a bar. I wouldn't stay out so late so I could come home to her. Sure I did my share of partying, but she is the reason I didn't party dangerously. I was a bad teenager and heading in a horrible direction. I sometimes think if it weren't for Fauna, who knows where I'd be. Honestly. Strange how such a small creature, a dog, can change your life.
Anyway, Fauna has been the best thing ever. And I can't imagine life without her.
We have sit down conversations about how she isn't allowed to die. She can only pass away when I pass away. Only half kidding. LOL. I can't bear those thoughts.

Fauna was born with a heart murmur. I have one myself but its one of those heart murmurs that are barely a murmur. Nothing at all. I learned that hers, however is "significant". I listen to her little "thump-thump" and it has no pattern at all. It;s all over the place. The vet seemed concerned, which concerned me. Greatly.

Fauna has an inverted sneeze. (I hate these things. It so sounds like an asthma attack not a sneeze but anyway,) She was "sneezing" while I was at work and my Mom was home. She said that it was kinda worse than usual so she took her to the vet. They did some x-rays (I am assuming because they thought it could be a cough.. and a cough could mean heart failure) and found fluid near her heart. They prescribed Furosemide, a diuretic and Enalapril to help her heart beat a little better... I think. It's a blood pressure medicine.

Anyway, she has her follow up tonight. I also am taking her to see a cardiologist. I heard about Vetmedin and am wondering if this can help her. I am worried sick.
I am joining Heart Disease in Dogs forums for support and advice. Remember Fauna has to live until I die so that will be like I dunno, another 50 years??? LOL

Well, until next time, I'm signing off. Please friend Fauna if you have any advice or also have a Pom or if you have a dog with heart disease. We can get support from each other or share Pom stories!

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