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My Diary

Mommy says......I will wear the dress!

October 19th 2011 1:59 pm
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So mommy got me a dress,for when I sit on the big man's lap come Christmas....she measured me,looked for just the right one and...she got me one, came complete...a beautifur red velvet dress with white trim,a matching hat and even...a leash that goes with it(it hooks on the back of the dress)....
So mommy waits and waits for the dress and finally it comes...she opens it and comes and gets,this is my first dress mind you and I must have had that look on my"why are you putting this on me?" or..."seriously mom...frills?"...
Anyhow,she starts putting it on me and guess will not fit...I gained that much weight since she ordered it....ooooo talk about mommy and daddy calling me names like...fatty,pig,sausage...(which I wouldn't mind eating right now)...
Anyhow here I thought I would have the joy of not having to wear this dress...HA!..mommy and daddy got a piece of red velvet yesterday and mommy made an additional closure for the dress fits....
LAWD help me pahleeeeeeeze.....why me? and who says I want to sit on the fat man's lap come Christmas....oh wait,will he give me treats,like a cookie....hmmm,I may have to rethink this...I will let you know...



October 4th 2011 7:00 am
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The nerve....these people......grrrrr!
Look..when I signed up for ownership no place and I mean no place was it written in my contract that certain shall we say,violations shall occur. I am,minding my own business and what happens? Something was shoved into my mouth and this strange thing of moving something over my teeth happened.....(it tasted good but I could not really get a good taste) THEN...just before we went to bed,she,that is my mommy dared to spray something into my mouth!
Look,I have endured having my toenails painted and I endured wearing some silly cheerleading costume,which brings me to another complaint...does anything about my beautiful self look like a frilly girl? NO...and yet,she dares to get me frilly dresses.....Yes you heard me well...she got me some pink dress and a christmas velvet dress...DEAR GAWD...I can just see it now,here I will be wearing this red velvet dress and I will want to ruff and tumble play with Daffy and I will split some seams...dat in my book will not bold well with her....I am going to lookover my contract and see where she can do these things to me...I only signed up to being fed and to poop,not dresses,things put into my mouth,nail polish....that women is daff!



September 29th 2011 10:52 am
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mom says I must go on a diet...why? why does she torture me like this? Now mind you she is doing this to shove my beautiful self into a cheerleading dress.....HELLO....does anything about me says....I am a bimbo,watch me jump? I have a heck of a time just jumping onto the sofa...sports,the most I do is...(thinking.....thinking....) ok I do not do sports.
Tomorrow my world will end,I am on a diet....


diary of a Princess

September 28th 2011 12:19 pm
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it is revolting...this nickname I have....Fatty I have gained a few pounds,and in truth this all started when my humans went to the zoo,they saw a potbelly pig and without thinking my feelings may get hurt,they started to call me Fatty.It is not my fault that I (looking around)snort like a pig....then,well...(housebreaking still in action here),anyhow,I find my favorite place to um....go potty. This made them humans think they can completely change my name,and they did...
Anyhow,on a brighter note,I have Thumper completely trained,he is under my power...a few well placed ear nudges,a lick or two and he is putty in my paws....ahhh,my morning facewashing as only my brother knows how to do...
Ok..I have to go,..there must be some food laying about!


From my woof to your ears!

April 26th 2011 9:07 am
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So OK,I just got adopted into this family,on April 6th,and came home after all things,having why I had this I do not know,I wasn't broken or anything....Anyhow,home I came,the pics you see is my first day home and I am as any self respecting girl would do,I took everything that was Thumper's and claimed them as mine!
Now..there is 2 other gals here,much bigger then me,Daffy and Tommy Girl and well....Daffy is my favorite toy...we run and play for hours and,um,,I like trying to chew on Daffy's legs or ears and get this...she lets me!
So anyhow,mommy and daddy thought everything was A-OK with me,that was not the case as I had surgery again yesterday,my spay area had,today I am just laying about mending and thinking about chasing everyone and play with everything....
I also want to say..."Hi everyone"

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