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A day with Timber

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It would have been your 17th Birthday today

October 30th 2014 10:25 am
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Dearest Timber,

We love and miss you very much. Today would have been your 17th birthday. We did not forget. I bought you a cupcake to celebrate your birthday tonight. Our family will always celebrate your birthday. Saturday we will have prime rib and cake in your honor. I will make a PAW PRINT cake for you. We will celebrate your life and love. Remembering all the good time we had together over the 15+ years you were with us. Please wait for us in heaven because it would not be heaven without you. We miss you very much. I hope you are running free and having fun.

We will love and miss you forever.

Love always,
Mommy and Daddy


Good-bye my baby dog - Timber

May 6th 2013 8:02 am
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May 1, 2013 - 6:30pm

My spirit is FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good-bye Timber. We will never forget the love and happiness you gave us. Your life and love will live in our hearts forever. We will love you forever and ever. Peace be with you and be free my baby.


The Angels are calling - SET ME FREE

May 6th 2013 7:59 am
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May 1, 2013 The Angels are calling - SET ME FREE – Today is the day. Mommy would not leave my side all day and gave me lots of medication to help with the pain and help me sleep. She made me waffles for breakfast. She gave me a piece but it did not have syrup on it and the next one did. I love waffles. Mommy did not want to take me outside to pee-pee. She was scared it would take too much out of me and have another seizure. She picked me up and help me stand. With a little help I could stand and mommy was happy. She encouraged me to pee-pee on the pad. I wanted to be a good dog and not pee-pee in the house but she said it was OK. She pet me and told me I was a good girl. She hugged me and kissed me all day. Around 4:00 I took a for the worst. I was inconsolable. She’d picked me up and helped me move around the bed. All I want to do is run and be a dog. She would calm me down. She told me if daddy did not come home by 5 she would call the vet to have him come sooner. Daddy called and I calmed down for a while. I saw mommy go out the door and straded to see her. Where are you going I need you – don’t leave me. Daddy saw I wanted to see mommy and he turned the bed around so I could still see her. She came right back in with two other people. Oh – It’s the vet. I don’t want to leave yet.
The vet gave me something and now I feel real calm. I can still feel mommy petting me and talking to me. “Timber it’s going to be alright now. Go home and play. Go where there is no pain or sadness and be a dog again – run free and know we will be together again someday.”


I made to 15 ½ year old today and a 100 in dog years today.

May 6th 2013 7:58 am
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April 30, 2013 – I made to 15 ½ year old today and a 100 in dog years today. Mommy made me cupcakes for my birthday. I slept most of the day again. Mommy took me out for a pee-pee and she was so proud of me. I could stand on all four paws (some of the swelling in my paw went down) and use all of them even the swollen one. We came inside and I wanted to do was lie down. Mommy put me on my bed and I started breathing funny and mommy got so upset. What’s wrong with me? Everything not right I am barking and breathing heavy and then black. I guess I pass out and stopped breathing. Mommy must have thought I died. In a few seconds (seemed like hours) I started breathing again. It took me longer to recover this time. My mind, spirit and heart are strong but my body is weak. I don’t want to leave mommy. She is so sad. Daddy came home and she told him I cannot go on this way and they need to do something for me. Not to be selfish and let me go. Daddy was not ready to let me go, yet. Mommy and daddy try to eat dinner and left me in the living room. I got upset and daddy brought me into the dining room bed and all. I watch mommy eat and wanted her to share her dinner with me... She saved me some and gave me chicken and pasta. Daddy said I was still alert and still knew who they were and he could not put me to sleep. Mommy cried and said I was only going to get worst and it was not fair to me. Mommy made daddy call the vet to come and put me to sleep. The vet was busy and said the seizers would not kill me but my body is giving out. I could call him back up until 10:30pm if we still wanted him to come. The vet told daddy that he was call to another house to put a dog name Timber to sleep and he saved the dog. Daddy thought that was a sign to not do it tonight. Mommy was real upset and gave in. Because, she really did not want to put me to sleep. Mommy slept on the couch again to comfort me but I did not sleep much and cried. She’d get up and move me and hold me and love me and I fall back to sleep for a while. It was the worst night yet.


WOW that was a bad night.

May 6th 2013 7:57 am
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April 29th – WOW that was a bad night. Mommy tells daddy I cannot go on this way. She loves me too much. They are being selfish and need to do the right thing for me. Daddy resists and asks to give me more time to see if I get better. Mommy says time for what – to get worst than this. She says I know you still want her to be here with us but if I get any worst it will not be good for me. We have to call the vet today. Daddy cries and is very upset. He carries me outside to do peepee and I will not stop peeing. Every time he picks me up I pee again. I am like a sprinkler devise but I held it all night like a good dog. He brought me to my bed and I fell asleep right away. He thought it was a lot on me to go outside and peepee but I did not sleep all night and felt like I ran to CA. I did not even care he was eating breakfast next to me. Daddy videotaped me and told me how much I meant to mommy and daddy and what a good little girl I have been. That I gave them so much love and happiness. I change their lives for the better. He even made a segment for mommy to see later.
I slept for a few hours and mommy woke me up to give me my medication and I began to be restless again and pooped on my bed. She was not mad. Mommy went to the kitchen and I could smell eggs and sausage. She came out to the living to eat and I was wide awake and trying to reach her. Where’s mine? She said I would have to wait because it was too hot for me and she would save me some for later but I can’t wait. Mommy really did not want to eat and did not eat much. Good more for me. MMMMMMMM eggs and sausage. Boy was that good and I ate it up fast. I fell back to sleep happy.


I had a real bad night again.

May 6th 2013 7:57 am
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April 28, 2013 – I had a real bad night again. Now Mommy just cries and cries. She still soaks my foot but it is even bigger now. It hurts when she massages it and I squirm to get away. I still have the strength to try and get away and I still give her a good fight, too. I have not given up yet and still feisty as ever. I slept a lot of the day and when daddy comes home he bring me outside and makes me walk. He sees my left foot is curling under and tell mommy. She is more upset now. She knows it is a bad sign and I am getting worst. She knows daddy is still in denial and wants me to stay around a little longer but mommy’s trying to come to terms with all of this. We have been best friends for almost 15 years and always have been there for each other. I remember a time long ago her mother was really sick and I did not see much of mommy for a while and one day she came home and lay on the bed. She put me on the foot of the bed which is not normal. Me on the bed? She was crying and she said Timber I wish you give me a kiss. I got right up and came over to her face and started kissing her and lay down so close to her and she stopped crying and we fell asleep together. We have always been there for each other.
My time is near the end. They both do not want to give up on me but mommy knows it is time but daddy does not want to call the vet back, yet. Mommy walked me in the afternoon and I start pulling to my left and walking in a circle. Bad, bad sign and mommy knows it. She cries and holds me and tells me she loves me. She tells me soon all will be OK and all the pain will go away. She is praying I just pass in my sleep but it looks like that is not going to happen. Daddy says wait one more day and maybe I will get better. Mommy says I am getting worst and does not want me to suffer. He says just one more day. So mommy did not call the vet knowing maybe she should have because, she night I am worst at night and was going to be a long night. Daddy promised to help bring me out in the middle of the night to go peepee.
Mommy and daddy sat down for dinner and forgot about me in the living room. I can’t walk and they are eating without me. So I start to cry and wining. Daddy came out and says Timber wants to be with us. So he picks up the bed with me on it and drags me in to the dining room and put me next to mommy. Now I can see what they are eating and beg for some of their food. Mommy saved me some of her chicken and pasta and I eat it like jaws. I still like to eat.
Tonight mommy gave me 3 ½ Tramadol and Rescue remedy to help me relax. Daddy put me in my doggie cave with the bed I like and kissed me good-night. I fell asleep right away. I was really tired. Going outside to do my business took a lot out of me. Mommy came in and was going to give me my good-night cookies but I was asleep. That did not last long. An hour later I was restless and running in place over and over again. Mommy gave me water and usually that help me go back to sleep but not
tonight. She try food and more rescue remedy but no I just want to get up and walk around. I am very restless and nothing is helping me calm down. I frustrated I cannot get up and walk around and start to cry. Mommy wakes daddy and he bring me outside to do peepee and bring me to the living room this time. Mommy gives me more water and holds me tightly. She tells me she loves me and is glad I am still with her. I fall asleep for two hours but back to running in place and wanting to get up. Mommy tries water and food this time but no go. I am inconsolable. Finally, I settle down and sleep anther two hours and now I wake up worst than ever. Cannot stop running in place and trying to get up. She tries wrapping my head with at scarf for pressure on my head and moving me. She gets me up and all I do is spin the top of my torso in a circle to my left. Now mommy real upset. This is really not good. I keep working myself up and wining. She cannot find any way to calm me down for three hours and then she places her hand on the top of my head and applies pressure. Oh that feels good and I calm down but as soon as she lets go I start running again.


My right paw is worst today and mommy fears it is not- because I injury it.

May 6th 2013 7:56 am
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April 27, 2013 – My right paw is worst today and mommy fears it is not because I injury it. Plus I slept more of the day and was pretty listless but would get up and walk the best I could for her. I still can make it outside to done my business and mommy is so proud of me. She decided to call “House calls for pets” to have a Doctor come out and check on me. He was surprises I was a 15 ½ year old Dalmatian. He said it could be related to the prednisone and/or an infection from it. He gave mommy some antibiotic and an injection for me. Ouch that hurt! He said I did not have much time and hopefully I would not have to call him back real soon. But I think he knew it was real soon and did not tell mommy or hoped it was not real soon. She makes me walk and soaks my foot 3 times a day. She soaked it and massages it. Man did that hurt! He is not sure the swelling will go down or not but we will have to wait and see what happens. Sure enough the swelling is not going down at all. Mommy laid me down in the living room to go to sleep again and on my left side. I do not like being on my left side. She slept on the couch and waited on my all night. I could not sleep and was very restless. She gave me 3 Tramadol and still I could not sleep. I tried to get up every 1 to 2 hours. She was patent and gave me water and walked me around all night. Little did she know that my left leg is curling under and I and not able to walk without her holding up my back side.


I am doing OK.

May 6th 2013 7:55 am
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April 26, 2013 – I am doing OK. I was standing and waiting for mommy to give me more water and I sat down correctly. She poured me the water and I got up all by myself. Mommy was smiling and so proud of me. She thought I was starting to feel better. So did I until the afternoon and I noticed my paw was starting to swell up and it hurt to walk. Mommy took me out side and back inside for more water and noticed that my right paw swallow up to 5 times its normal size. So was so upset she thought she had hurt me getting me outside. I can barely walk now even with assistance from mommy. Mommy still loves me and is taking care of me. At night I started to have a hard time sleeping in my little doggie cave and she brought me out to the living for more space to spread out in. She slept on the couch next to me and brought me cookies and water through the night. She is a good mommy.


DId not have a good night

April 25th 2013 10:45 am
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04/24/13 - Had a bad day, too. I can barely walk and my right leg is very weak. Mommy wraps the leash around my waist so she can steady me to walk. I can only walk with her help now. All I want to do it drink water and eat cookies. I wish I could walk on my own I want to do my laps around the house like I used too. If I could just walk I would not feel that bad. Mommy gives me lots of lobe and cookies. The Prednisone is not working to well any more. I am getting worst. I am still pretty happy and can make it outside to do my business. Mommy's doing everything she can to help me. I know she loves me very much. She gets up at midnight and brings me outside and gives me water and cookies and then again at 4am. I hear her check on me a few times a night. I could not sleep and was breathing and panting allot last night. Mommies very worried. I am not getting better this time. She will not give up on me and keep looking for ways to make me feel better. I have not given up yet either. I still want to be pet and loved and eat chewies. I sit up and still want to know what new things are around me. Like yesterday I saw these black things in my lawn and had to go over and sniff them. Who put these stupid lights in my lawn? I still try hard to be a good dog. Give mommy lots of kisses and she gives me lots of kisses, too. I love her very much. She my best friend.


April 9, 2013 – Wohoo! I made it through the year after- being so sick with Vestibular.

April 9th 2013 11:19 am
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April 9, 2013 – Wohoo! I made it through the year after being so sick with Vestibular. I am a little worse for wear but holding my own. It has been a very rough year for me. I have been sick on and off all year but still walking and wagging my tail. I still am not well but my parents have not given up on me. They are doing everything to make me feel better. They know that I will never run around like a puppy again but at long as I am not in pain all is good. I have been taking Predazone and it kicks in at night and drives me crazy all night long but I sleep all day. All I want to do is walk around and drink water at night but at least I can still walk and not like a drunk anymore and I still want my treats. I see the worry on mommy and daddy faces but I try to be a good dog for them. I know they love me very much and will do anything for me. They are trying everything to make me feel better. I guess being 100 in dog years takes its toll. I know I am loved. I can feel it.
I thank God I still have Timber. She is such a good and loving friend. She is my best friend. I did not rescue her 14 ½ years ago from the pound she rescued me. I love her very.

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