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No Rain, No Rainbow

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I'm in New Hampshire now!

April 25th 2011 5:33 am
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Hi, all. It was a LONG trip from Grenada, but I am now in NH and settling in. I have an appointment with the vet next door this afternoon to see about my heartworm.
I played with Beanie and Toto yesterday, but we were all a bit nervous... I am happier today, though.
Auntie has to figure out how to fix my page back to basics cuz our internet here is SLOW and it won't display it. Until then, hopefully it works for you????


Me Call She Sponge! - (my name is Sponge)

April 5th 2011 5:42 am
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Hello Dogster!
I am an island girl from Grenada, West Indies.
I titled my blog "No Rain, No Rainbow" because that Caribbean proverb is the story of my life so far.
I grew up in the countryside as an 'outside' dog. That means, like all us Grenadian dogs, I wasn't allowed inside the house.
When I was attacked by two dogs in February, nina's mom brought me inside their house so I could mend.
I'm all healed up now, but it seems like I can still come inside!
I love it so much! I sleep on the floor right next to nina's mommy; I love being close!
I am perfectly behaved inside the house, because I never want to go back to being an 'outside dog', I want to be an 'inside dog' like nina!
I am housebroken, I never have any accidents! not one! I will whine when I need to go out.
I don't chew anything or touch anything that is yours.
I like to sleep at your feet. Sometimes I snore and sometimes I chase manicou (possums) in my sleep. I never can catch them!
I am coming to America to get heartworm treatment and find a new home and I need your help!
When we get the word from dogster HQ, we would like to tell you more! (Please! Stay Tuned!)
Here is another proverb from Grenada that suits me now:
"Daylight show through li' key 'ole"
There is a sunbeam shining through a little keyhole in my life..I want to unlock the door and run right through!

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