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It's hard work being this cute!

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It's good to be me!

October 19th 2012 9:08 am
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Sita has been a superstar lately. She's taken her role as big sister very seriously! The puppy has really helped her relax. She'll nap in the car now when we are out driving. Construction zones don't worry her as much. She's getting better about wind storms. We haven't done any public work lately, only because I worry about leaving the puppy alone. So I just do my shopping as quickly as possible. She's really been loving the dog park trips, especially when we have the park all to ourselves. She lets loose like she's a puppy herself again! LOL


My poor baby!!

September 13th 2012 3:21 pm
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Poor Sita got stung by a yellow jacket today :(. We had just finished a playdate with some clients & were loading into the car. She was sniffing in the grass, then jumped into the car & freaked out! She was furiously pawing at her face. I got Tia in the car, then went to look at Sita, who had calmed down a bit by then. I started looking through her beard & the cheeky bugger was still hangng onto Sita lip! I was finally able to pull it off with the lid from my Pringles can & trapped it in the can so I could see what it was. Darn thing!! I called my vet, who was out to lunch, but they calledme back & told me what to give her (a dose of ledum palustre every 15 minutes for 5 doses). Thank doG I have a cool vet! Sita seems fine, just a little swelling on her bottom lip. I swear, if it's not one of my fuzzy kids, it's another. Sigh


Guess it's been a while!

July 31st 2012 10:21 am
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So mom looked at my page & realized she hadn't done an entry lately. Not much going on, other than my crazy sister. Mom hasn't been taking me out in public much (stores & such). She gets more anxious about leaving Tia alone than she does about going into the stores alone. So I babysit while Mom makes her trips into the store as short as possible. I still get to spend all day with her. It's great that Mom works for herself! The only time we are apart is when Mom is at the barn. There are a lot of high strung horses there. Nobody is allowed to let their dogs roam around so Tia & I stay with the car. Mom opens the back up & tethers us to the car. We have lots of room to move around & we can lay in the car if we want. The car is parked where Mom can check on us often. Mom says we need to have some alone time, just her & me, but we don't have anyone to watch the puppy and Tia is so not ready for public work yet. Maybe Mom's Mom will watch Tia for us for a few hours one day.


My sister is so danged annoying!!

April 26th 2012 9:59 pm
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I like to think I'm a patient dog. I've helped raise dozens of puppies (working with Mom at her pet sitting business). I let them bite on my ears, lips, tail & bear it all with motherly patience. I really do love my sister, just not first thing in the morning (I'm not a morning dog!) or late at night (I mean, come on! it's been a long day). How this puppy can have soooooo much energy after all we do all day is beyond me!! Was I ever this crazy?! (Mom says yes, but I don't believe it!). The worse is when I'm trying to get my nap on & the danged pup jumps on my head trying to get me to play. UGH!!!! I can't wait till the puppy stage is over!


Learning to relax

April 16th 2012 10:03 pm
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So in my last diary entry I talked about some anxieties that I have developed due to over vaccination. Well I'm starting to learn to relax. I was meant to teach my little sister how to be a good dog, but she is teaching me to take it easy. I can now nap when the car is moving! This is big for me as I have not been able to do this for at least two years. Yes, I can nap when the car is stopped, but not while Mom is driving. Well I used to not be able to. Mom has caught me snoozing quite often on our drives lately. The vet said that now that I am relaxing more, the remedies she gave me to overcome the effects of the vaccinations are getting a chance to do their job. Mom is sooo happy!!!
But of course, being my little sister, Tiaki can be very annoying! She tries to play with me when I want to sleep & she grabs my leash & Halti while we are walking. SIGH!! I can't wait till she grows up a little lol. Still, she's fun to have around.


Rabies woes

April 11th 2012 9:26 am
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Some of you may have read some of our comments on posts regarding behavioral issues linked to rabies vaccinations. I'd like to elaborate. I got Sita when she was a little over a year old. The people I got her from didn't know when she had her last vacs (we knew she had some because she had been spayed). I grew up believing what the vets told me, that dogs needed to be vaccinated every year. Not long after I brought Sita home I took her to the vet to be vaccinated. They said even if she had been vaccinated before, vaccinating her again wouldn't hurt her. Wow were they wrong! Sita had a very bad reaction (I thought she was going to die!) & the vets had to giver her a steroid to stabilize her. I was told she would need the steroid or a benadryl pill before shots. It was after the second set of shots that Sita had with me that she started showing odd behavior. She freaked out when it got dark & we were still at the barn. She freaked out when we drove through construction zones. My dog who used to live for car rides started getting very anxious on some drives, to the point of almost hyperventilating. She acted scared when she saw people with hats on. I didn't know why my once stable dog was acting so weird.

After our car accident in July of 2011 I decided to take Sita to see a chiropractor. I mean, she didn't show any injuries & was checked out by a vet, but no one could come out of a roll over accident without something happening to them. So I went to see Dr. Kim Henneman in Park City UT. Dr. Henneman has studied all over the world, has worked with the US Equestrian Team & has been an official vet with the Iditarod. She practices traditional veterinary medicine as well as chiropractic, acupuncture & traditional chinese medicine. I knew Kim from horse shows so I was happy to give her business. As the doc took down Sita's history, we started talking about her odd behavior & I was worried that it was starting to affect her work. Kim asked when the behavior started. I said it started around the first set of shots she had. Kim started to explain that vets had begun linking behavioral & health issues with over vaccination. Did you know that British vets had never seen a case of reverse sneezing until they made rabies vaccinations mandatory? Anyway, back to the story. Kim gave Sita a homeopathic remedy to help counteract the rabies effects. We started seeing improvement. Sita was calmer in the car, better going through construction zones. Other issues popped up. She was suddenly afraid of wind storms. Kim gave Sita a different remedy (each remedy helps with different issues). Yesterday I took Sita up for a followup & to get Tia her second set of puppy shots. We talked about Sita's issues. I said that since the puppy came, Sita was much more relaxed in situations that used to upset her. I also said that the night before we had gone to make a delivery to a mine. The road is open on both sides, but no lights. It's pitch dark. Sita was panting & wouldn't settle. Also on the trip up to the vet's office Sita wouldn't settle & was panting hard. Kim gave her some Pulsatilla. It is a remedy for claustraphobia.
On our last visit, I told Kim that Sita was due for her rabies vacs. Kim wanted to check her antibody levels & we pulled a titers. (Titers are required for international travel). Acceptable levels are more than .5. Sita's were 3.46!!! She may never have to have another rabies shot as long as she lives. Vets are starting to recognize that we are over vaccinating our pets.
So, moral of the story, after your dogs first set of shots, get a titers before your next shot is due. I know that counties require a full set of shots to register your dog, groomers, boarding facilities & day care require them. But they should recognize the titers as proof that the dog is vaccinated. If not, fight. Fight for your dogs health! Go to your local government if possible. The only way we can change the system is to fight it. I will never again over vaccinate my dogs. Their health & well being is way too important.
If you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer to the best of my ability. Check to see if there is an alternative vet in your area. You will be happy you did!


April 24th 2011 9:23 pm
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Hope everyone had a very Hoppy Easter!


Movie day!

April 8th 2011 11:00 pm
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So after a day at two barns (I got REALLY dirty & had to get a hose down at home because it was too cold outside) Mom took me to a movie with some friends. When we went up to the concession stand to get goodies, the lady had a huge smile on her face. She said she was really excited to see an actually SD in the theater instead of a stupid small pet dog that the owner just COULDN'T leave at home! The lady was cracking me up!!!! She was said she was honored that an actual SD came to her cash register. LOL people crack me up!

Poor mom had a major anxiety attack 3/4 through the movie. She doesn't know what brought it on, it was a comedy after all. I did my job by sitting up so mom could hug me & pressing against her legs to help her calm down. Mom said she doesn't know what she'd do without me. I love my job!


Good week ending with a bad day

April 3rd 2011 5:20 pm
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Mom says I am making it possible for her to go more places. YAY! We've been to the mall, Walmart several times and a restaurant. I've been fabulous if I do say so myself.

But then there was today. It started well. I went to the barn with mom. Mom had a good day, three good lessons & a good ride on my big horse-sis Aws (and I do mean BIG. She's HUGE!!). Then we went to Wally World to look for a back massager for Aws. That's when Mom realized her drivers license was missing. That instantly sent her into an anxiety attack. I tried my best to calm her down (she did calm down enough to go into the store), but it did put her into a mood. Wally World didn't have what we needed so we decided to try Ross's. That's when things went really bad. We walked in & a security guard marched up & demanded my ID (I was wearing my vest & patches so WTF?!). Mom informed him that it is illegal to ask for ID. He then asked what Mom's disability was. She again informed him that was illegal to ask & all that he needed to know was that I was a service dog & I alert to Mom's medical condition. He got huffy & said he was only doing his job. Mom said I realize that, but I'm just informing you of the law. Mom gave him an ADA card (it has my photo on it). When he try to give it back Mom said to keep it, it has the ADA regulations on it. Mom is still upset, so I am cuddling with her (one of my my cat-sisters, Punk, is helping by laying in front of the keyboard while Mom types this). Mom knew she would have entry challenges, but I don't think she realized they would be so hard on her.


Wow! What a busy day!!

March 28th 2011 9:54 pm
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It started out normal. We had a client walk. It drives me CRAZY how slow that dog walks!!! Then we had three deliveries. We were in the car for around 5 hours (Mom did stop at Walmart to let me go potty & so she could hit the ladies room). Then to the chiropractor's office. Some lady there actually asked mom what the deal with the dog was. Really?! She couldn't see my vest or read the patches on it? After that Mom & I met up with Grandmum (mom calls me her Grand-dogger lol) for dinner and mall walking (extra training always helps!). This was my first time in a restaurant and although one lady gave mom a crusty look, most people were curious & loved seeing me there. I was a super star and slept while mom & Grandmum ate. I was a little distracted in the mall because this train thing kept driving around. I just couldn't figure out what it was!!! Then there was the security mirror on the wall in one store. It freaked me out a little!! Then we went to Walmart with Grandmum for grocery shopping. Now I'm totally EXHAUSTED!!!! I'm currently napping on the couch while mom types this for me. I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

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