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special moments

new freinds!

February 8th 2012 10:35 pm
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Hey my mom's new dog shorty has joined dogster and we sure are meeting some furry friendly lovable pup pals,
Thanks for making us welcome. My human sister is taking over our pages and she is going to tell shorty's arrival story in detail soon. My mom still misses me but shorty makes it a little easier for her all the time. I was with her so long....she was not sure she wanted another furbaby, but now she has "freckles" a kitty and shorty.
thanks for making shorty and I so welcome.


Little Bit

February 3rd 2012 11:58 pm
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A little bit about Little Bit:

My mom has not found the comfort here that my girl thought she would. So she doesn't visit here often. My girl had hoped mom would find comfort here like she did when her kitty
alley went to the bridge. See my girl is my human sister and she has added me to her family of cats,the cats and I always tolerated each other when I used to visit. I adored my human sister if mom or dad looked and me and said her name, I got all happy and went looking for her. Every time we went to visit her, I could always figure out where we were going and I got so excited way before we reached her house. We have added a pretty picture of my cousin dog Sally, my mom and sister loved this girl like she was their baby and they still miss her lots.
My mom has adopted a new dog now she calls him shorty. Later I will put his picture on my page.


making friends

March 24th 2011 11:15 am
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I just thank all of my friends and look forward to meeting many more soon. Mom is not doing so well, she spends much time alone, but is so glad when she sees how well I am doing.


The Bridge.

March 23rd 2011 10:47 pm
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Oh moma I am so happy here the bridge is a pawsome place, there are so many beautful things to see and do I feel like a puppy here, there is no pain. I know you are missing me but please know that I will live forever in your heart. Memeber the shirt that you had it said "michael lives in my heart" with a pic under it? Well now I do too. I love you and I miss our times together but oh the joy of living here where there is no more pain is so very grand. Whatever we like is here and whatever we don't like is removed for each of us, it is like the perfect world. Time here is not like it was there so don't worry I feel so happy and time flies when you are having fun. I can chase the kitties and they don't hurt me we are all furriends now we play together and get treats together too. Jesus is here with us too he says one day in God's time table and according to His good plan we will all be together again, until then please take care of that new farm puppy and Morey, she needs your love like did, there is nothing better than a moma's love.
love ya have a great day and share the love


Fond Memories

March 19th 2011 11:37 am
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Mom here, Little Bit just thinking of you as I do still every waking moment. I miss you but am glad to know you are making friends every day. Its only been two weeks now but it seems a lot longer for me. The last day we had together, and I lay beside you most of the day, I knew it was time, although I didn't want to give you up, I knew it was not fair for you to have to suffer longer. You kept me in your sight, even with all the strength you could,that last day, and I will be so happy when the time comes to see you again. Its a beautiful day here, but I know you are in doggy heaven. I remember all the good times the past 16 years we had together, the joy we brought to each other. I can still hear you bark sometimes, and come to ask to go outsite, or ASK if I am ready to go to bed, the trips you made in to where I was and look at me like WELL??? And remember all the trips you made with me on the road out of town,and stop at McDonalds and get you and I a sasuage and biscuit, to share at the park, in the cool of a spring morning.

lots of hugs,love, and kisses My little cow girl dog.

momma loves you.


mom still adjusting

March 7th 2011 10:24 pm
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Mom still finds it difficult not to call for me or get up to go let me outside she recalls the last few weeks I had with her and she recalls the way our life began together losing me hurts her like losing a child. I hope she will see me happy and feeling young and full of life here at the bridge.


crossed over

March 6th 2011 8:04 pm
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On March 3rd I crossed over to the bridge. Mom did not want to let me go but for my sake she knew it was time so she and I bid our farewells and now as I have been united with family furs and humans I look down and know she is sad but she has so many good memories of our years together. I would take her sadness away if I could, she is a good moma and gave me the best life dog could ever have. There is so much about life with her I remember and wait anxiously to be reunited with her. I cannot go back but she will come to me in God's time. I look forward to meeting other angel puppies and the moms,and dads that miss them.

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