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When it comes to typing I am All Paws!

It's Friday the 13th

July 13th 2007 1:32 pm
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My poor human has had a ruff day, the following is her account of her day so far;

I never gave much thought to Friday the 13th. Today has put my mind in a
supersticious mood.
I removed a frying pan from the pot rack and although the handle was in my hand the heavy stainless steel pot landed right on my big toe, ouch. The screw had come loose. I still was not thinking too much about the day and date. The pain from my toe subsided as I enjoyed my breakfast. I had recieved a new juicer as a gift and though about how delicious fresh juice would rinse down breakfast. I took the fresh grapes from the refrigerator, picked through them and put them in the juicer. The grapes were juicey. Squirting me just a little but not much. When the grapes were gone I noticed there was a lot of pulp with no juice to speak of in the cup. Disappointed I went to clean the juicer and found the juice all over the countertop and it had ran behind the stove! It was at that moment that I discovered supersticion invading my mind.
For lunch I made corn chowder and it came out great, I started to feel like myself again, today is just a day. I ground some fresh pepper and poured salt into my bowl, yes poured it in. The salt cap had loosened and the salt content would do a coronary very nicely, so I threw it away and decided to warn everyone what today is it is Friday the 13th, let the antisupersticious beware.


My Mom wanted to know

March 19th 2005 2:42 pm
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Does anyone like Poetry out there. If you do you should write my mom, she loves poetry. She is an editor for the Smithtown Poetry society.


A New Door Has opened to me!

March 10th 2005 5:29 am
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Yesterday I learned how to use the doggie door! The whole outside world has opened up to me. I can visit the pigs whenever I want and when Snowflake and Flurry run out the door I go too! I can play in the snow & slide on the ice !
Finally I won't be left behind when they go out to play. =)


My Valentine

February 22nd 2005 4:04 pm
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On Valentines Day I was just one of many puppies waiting for a home. I really showed off for mom playing and jumping around and piddling on the floor from all the excitement. I thought I wrecked all my hard work with the puddle I left on the floor. I looked up at her, I was so ashamed from what I had done. She just smiled and picked me up, I kissed her like crazy begging for her to take me and she did. My Valentine, my mom.

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