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Piano dood!

May 15th 2011 4:09 pm
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Yesterday was my fourth puppy class, and one of the things we did was learn how to walk through a tunnel! We started off with it being completely closed and then it got longer and longer! We all did really good.

Aside from that, I didn't do so good at listening. I wanted to play with my classmates and didn't want to do boring commands. I got a bit wild and was nipping at Mom and Dad, so every time I did that I had to be leashed and walked outside. Once I did my commands outside (which was quickly) then we went back inside. Mom and Dad were surprised I wasn't asked to stay after school! BOL!

When we got home, Mom and Dad looked at each other and said they were bad parents because they hadn't spent enough time with me on homework the past week. Then they also realized I only have two more classes left and need to work on an optional trick for graduation day.

Mom had tried to teach me to play the piano like she taught Quincy. Quincy learned to do it in about 15 minutes. The difference between us was that Quincy looked down at the piano to hit the keys and I would look up at Mom and put my paw out and sometimes hit the keys, so she thought she wasn't going to be able to teach me how to do it.

At one time, Mom thought she should try to teach me how to play the harmonica like Huey Lewis. Yeah, right. BOL!

Well, she decided to try again late last night and this morning and I did it! Dad worked with me today and got me to look down at the piano to focus on what I was doing and now I do it just like Quincy did!

I'm going to add a picture to my page "playing" the piano. Woohoo! I'll be ready for my graduation trick!




May 13th 2011 9:16 pm
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Mom went to a luncheon today with a group of people she worked with at a different location within the company. One of the guys who was there lives in our sub-division. He told Mom that he and his wife just got a Samoyed puppy named Samson, who was born in Arizona just a week or two after me.

They thought it would be a great idea to have us meet tonight at my house so they came over! I lost all my manners when they arrived and started jumping all over them. Mom had to hold me back to give Samson some space to sniff around the backyard for a little while and then we were let loose!

We got along great and even shared the water bowl. Both of us showed off some of the commands we've learned too. I'll be adding a few pictures to my page.

Oh, and Samson's Dad thinks I look like Snoopy's brother Andy!

OMD! I think I might have a best friend! Too bad we didn't know about Samson earlier because we would have invited him to join me in puppy class! They're going to look into signing him up for the next class the week after mine ends.

Whew! I'm gonna sleep good tonight! Mom is grateful, and I can't wait to tell Dad!



School is cool!

May 7th 2011 4:27 pm
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Puppy class was fun today because I got to see my pal Jumbo again. Both of us have uncontrollable wiggles when we have to sit and listen to the teacher talk about what we're going to be learning next. Good thing we get several off-leash play sessions during the one-hour class.

We had a little contest, and the first pup who laid down on their side got to be used for demonstration, and I won, I won! It's hard not to get to play the entire time, but we're all trying to be good students.

After class, we always walk around a little to see if I might need to go potty and this time Jumbo did the same thing, so we got to play on the grass outside! We had the best time.

Happy Mother's Day to all your wonderful mommies! We're going to take my Mom to the coffee shop tomorrow, just like we did last weekend.

Be good!



Diary Pick!

May 3rd 2011 7:46 pm
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I'm one of the diary picks today and I want to say thank you for your messages and gifts!

I went to work for a few hours with Dad yesterday morning. They hadn't seen me in awhile and I knew they would be surprised at how much I've grown! I was so happy to see Maxi again and we ran around and ran around and ran around together! Dad put my leash on once in awhile and took me back to his office for breaks and I just plopped on my bed that Mom made for me.

This morning Dad took me for a walk before he left for work and Mom said she would take me out tonight because I get the crazies every night. But, she has to remember that even though she comes home for lunch, that I've been resting quietly in my bachelor pad between the time she goes back to work and when she comes home, so I think I deserve to get crazy! If she wanted a 24/7 calm puppy she should have gotten a stuffed one, don't you think?

Well, I didn't get a walk tonight afterall, and you want to know why? Mom played fetch with me in the backyard after my dinner and then had me chasing the laser pointer in the house. That's right, I LOVE the laser pointer that belongs to the cats, and my tongue has been hanging out since!

Thanks again for being such great pals! Gotta go play some more now!



Hot date!

May 1st 2011 4:30 pm
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I had a hot date today! Well, the weather was hot but my parents, maybe not so hot!

My bonus homework assignment from puppy class was to go on a date to a coffee shop or eating establishment and get admired by people! We decided to walk to the Moonbeams coffee shop just four blocks away. Dad had coffee, Mom had a smoothie, and I had water and treats for excellent behavior!

Even with the noise from cars and motorcycles in the parking lot I was very calm, since I've already gotten used to those sounds during my walks. I spent most of my time just laying on the ground and would perk up whenever people walked by.

Two ladies had already been smiling at me from inside the coffee shop and on their way out they came over just to see me! Mom had the camera of course and took pictures. One of the ladies said that she had a Golden Retriever at home.

I'll be doing this again in the future. I'm going to be a pro at this!



And the winners are.......

April 30th 2011 4:24 pm
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My weight today at the vets was:


This means that LIL BEAR, who guessed my weight at 33lbs, is the winner of five zealies! The runner up is DOO, who guessed my weight at 32.7lbs, so she wins one zealie! I've transferred the zealies to your accounts.

Congrats to Lil Bear and Doo, and thanks to every dog and cat who played! Mom weighed me at the pet store over a week ago and knew I was almost 32lbs at that time.

I went to puppy class this morning. There were two puppies there that didn't show up for the first class, so that was pretty exciting. I was very happy to see my pal Jumbo again too. Off-leash playtime is my favorite but I did pretty good in class today. I just think it's more fun to go and visit people and puppies than to listen to Mom and Dad give me commands.

I also decided my treats were boring to eat in class even though I did what I was asked and ate them, so now I have to get some new treats just for class! We do some commands without treats too. Mom and Dad bought me an antler chew from class so I'll get to try that later tonight or tomorrow.

We practiced a bunch of stuff like recall, leash training, and I got my tail and ears pulled, my teeth looked at, and Dad even looked under my tail! This is to get me used to vet appointments and being handled in general. Well, I got extra practice today since I had a vet appointment, but they poked me there! So, my homework is to keep practicing until next week.

Have a great weekend!



How much do I weigh? Another contest!

April 24th 2011 9:13 pm
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Time for another contest for you to guess what my weight will be when I go to my vet appointment on Saturday, April 30th!!

I'll be going to puppy class in the morning and then to my vet appointment at 2:30pm PT / 5:30pm ET.

The prizes will be a little bit different this time. The dog or cat who guesses the exact, or closest to, amount of my weight, NOT TO EXCEED my weight including ounces, will be awarded five zealies. The runner-up will be awarded one zealie. I'll be transferring these to your accounts!


How to play:

1. Post your comment in this diary entry and include ounces.
2. One guess per family-no changes can be made to your guess once it's posted, unless there was some hiccup on the site.
3. Your guess should not be exactly the same as another pup's or cat's guess, so check carefully.

My previous weight stats:

April 30th - ????
April 2nd - 23.5lbs
March 5th - 13.5lbs

Happy guessing!




April 24th 2011 5:54 pm
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Happy Easter Sunday!

I'll be writing another diary entry later tonight announcing another "guess my weight" game, but I wanted to tell you that I went to the new Unleashed (by PETCO) store that just opened in our area. It's a boutique-style concept store that is smaller than the big PETCO store and specializes in natural, organic, and higher-end products.

We only needed some cat food but they gave me a goodie bag of plastic Easter eggs filled with little treats! I added a picture of me with my eggs and Pebbles trying to get a whiff of what was in my mouth!

One of the gals there was telling us about a tea party scheduled next Thursday to celebrate the Royal Wedding and a fashion show next weekend. I would like to attend the tea party but the hours won't work for us, so I've decided that I'm going to celebrate the Royal Wedding on my own, beginning tonight!

Ummmm...Mom says we probably won't go back to that store very often since it's a bit further away, and the products weren't really all that different, but it was a pleasant experience with friendly staff!

Be back later!



Happy Easter!

April 23rd 2011 10:14 am
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Happy Easter, friends!

If I got a hold of a bunch of eggs I'm sure I'd eat them. There's no sign of a real bunny so I think I'll be hopping around with my family!

No school today because of the holiday but I'm looking forward to class next Saturday. That afternoon I have another vet appointment, and we'll be making my appointment to get neutered before I get arrested for indecent exposure!

Tomorrow I'll be posting another diary entry for you to guess my weight. Mom and I went to the pet store yesterday and they had a big scale so we have an idea of how much I weigh now. I got a new medium sized collar because I've just about outgrown my small puppy collar. I already have my large big-boy collar and name tag which I get to wear next!

Mom says I owe her a new bathrobe and a few shirts. I don't know how I'm going to buy those things for her since I don't have a job that pays money. Dad?

Did I tell you I fetch ice cubes? Believe me, it's way cool and keeps my mouth busy. I bought some beef paddywacks at puppy school last week that also keep my mouth busy and I'm going to try the antlers they sell next week. I read in Austin's diary all about them so I'm going to try them before we order some on our own.

Mom has been brushing my teefies!

Life is a game!

May your Easter baskets be nice and full!



I can jump!!

April 17th 2011 4:15 pm
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Today marks the day that I jumped on the couch for the first time all by myself! It took a couple of tries but I did it...twice so far! Oh boy, the cats are in trouble now!

The sun is shining bright and we went for a walk. My kiddie neighbors, Jacob and Briana, were driving by in the car with their Dad and were shouting my name! Hueyeeeeee! Hueyeeeeee! They pulled over and got out of the car to smother me with attention. I love them so much!

Jacob and Briana both love to lie on their backs just so I can jump all over them. We went to the grass area and I got to chase them and roll on the grass with them. They even argued over who was getting more attention from me!

On the way back home, we ran into their Mom walking their dog Riley. She said that I'm helping the Dad think more about getting a puppy just like me!

Mom and Dad love it when I'm exhausted! Wonder why?


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