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Midnight's Musings

Me 2nd Birfday

July 27th 2012 10:46 pm
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Furst of all me would wike to fank all me wonderful pawrific furends ya'll are.
It seems if it isn't one fing it be anutter fing awound here.
Unfortunately dis time my mama fell down and hit her face hard on da cement when she fell off da step in front of our house. It all happened so fast dat neither Sandy not me could prevent her from falling down n hurting herself like she did. When her dogtor saw her he had her take a x-ray. Sandy told me dat an x-ray is da kind of picture dat you can see da bones wiff. Him concerned dat mama may have a broken bone in her eye socket area. Now dat da swelling has gone down a bunch & she still be a hurting. The dogtor told her dat he wants her to take another one of dem special face pictures on Monday morning. Me will keep ya'll posted on her condition. So if you could pawese kindly keep her in your prayers fer her continued healing.
Ya'll take care & wuv to all of you, Midnight



February 20th 2011 7:35 pm
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Being a puppy me gots lots of fings to learn. Me has found out dat my big sister is one smart fur. So me has been watching her to learn stuff and it works. Me learned how to do a down real fast & da hand signal dat mama uses to tells us to sit. Now ebery so often since me be a pup me has an accident in da house. Sometimes dah accident happens on Sandy's bedding. Which she isn't too pleased about. So this evening so told me to tell mama dat me needed to go potty. She said dat she would go wiff me when me asked. Yous know what? Mama looked at me & den Sandy & asked do you two want to go out? We boff said YES! and she took us to go potty. Me must try to remember to do dis again!

When me and Sandy play me has a bery fun time wiff her. Sometime she now wanna play wiff me so me plays by meself or wiff one of da pawrents.

Waggles, wiggles & wuv, Midnight


My furst honor

February 18th 2011 6:37 pm
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Today me was picked to be da Royal Member of da Day ober at da PDPC. Dis is da furst fing da me be picked fer here on Dogster. Fank roo bery much fer dis honor.

me would also wike to fank eberyfur fer making me feel so bery welcomed here on Dogster. Eberyfing dat Sandy told me was true. Me is so wooking forward to habing so much fun here on Dogster wiff ya'll.

Waggles, wiggles & wuv, Midnight


My Furst Vet Visit

February 16th 2011 4:40 pm
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Today was my furst offical visit to dah vet. Dis time me gots to meet dah vet who has been taking care of all da furs in my new family since 1984. Sandy told me dat dis be a long time. Now me is all up to date wiff me shots. Sandy told me dat me behaved very well while Dr. K was checking me over.

Now we have ta drive in da car to get to da vet. So far me is enjoying car rides. Da only fings me has a problem wiff is getting into dah car and not stepping on Sandy while we is riding in da car.

Waggles, wiggles & wuv,


da pin cushion

February 14th 2011 9:13 pm
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well today was like any other day in my house until I decided to take dis red fing off of da dining room table. It turned out dat da red fing was a pin cushion & when mama saw it in my mouth she upsetted. When daddy found out him freaked. My pawrents, Sandy & me piled into da car and we was off to da vet's office. After waiting fer a bit I went back by meself to dis strange room. A bery nice lady told me to hold still. Sandy told me when me came back dat dem took some xrays of me. She also told me how dangerous pins could be to us furs. Also dat I should not take fings off of da table. I tolds her dat me would try real hard to not take interesting looking fings of da table anymore. After waiting fer a bit we all was call back and we went into dis room. Da vet put da xrays of me up against this light fing. To eberyone's relief dey did not see any pins inside of me. PHEW! Me finks me gots some more learning to do according to Sandy & mama.

wuv, wiggles & waggles,


My Forever Home

February 12th 2011 7:20 pm
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Rello Everyfur,

I've been at my forever home for 2 weeks now. I have a pawtastic big sister named Sandy. She has been telling me all about my angel brudders. I am so bery happy to know that this is my forever home.

Now my journey to get to my forever home has been an interesting one. Up until 2 weeks ago I was living wiff a different family. turns out dat Auntie Kim is my new Mama's bestest furend. Sandy tells me dat Auntie Kim had 2 of my angel brudder Whiskey's birth sisters. How kewl is dat? Now a bit ober 2 months ago Auntie Kim found me wandering around in da cold all alone. She took me home wiff her. She lives wiff lots of dogs, kittys, horses and other animals. It turned out dat she couldn't keep me. So when my mama told her she was looking to adopt a furbaby. She told her all about me and me heard dat mama said yes to wanting me right away! Now after Auntie found me she did try to find out who I belonged to but no one claimed me. Me so bery glad dat she found me dat fateful day. Since it lead to me getting a pawtastic forever home with a wuving family!!!

Me is looking forward to meeting ya'll. Sandy has been telling me all about Dogster and how many furends I will be making here. Me would also like to fank those who left stuff on my page for me.

Waggles, wiggles & wuv, Midnight

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