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A Dog's Life Indeed

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Budget Crisis...

April 7th 2011 9:24 pm
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Sorry pals, I really don't wanna go all pawlitical on ya guys but this is some serious stuff! Hopefurly these people will decide on a budget tomorrow or many Federal employess and their families will go on working without a paycheck very soon. This is an important thing to my family because my daddy is a Federal Firefigher, he works on a Marine Base keeping its people safe and the cities surrounding it also. Keep our country in your pawrayers and pray they get this budget figured out. Everyone who works hard deserves to get paid wheather they are government, federal, self employed, or work at a fast food place. If your working you deserve it! Our country really needs help right now.


Vote To Save Lives!!!!!!!

April 5th 2011 12:36 pm
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Hey Everypup! My last diary entry I told ya about the dealio! Well, my city is in 61st place. :( So if you could help out and go there and vote for CA City of Hesperia animal control that would be Pawesome!!! Any paws, Its been super nice outside and Mommas been commin out and watering the grass and throwing my tennis ball all the way across the yard for me so I can run some of my energy off. I heard her on the phone tell daddy shes throwing the ball so I can loose some of my fat! Can you believe it! I mean, ya, I am a big boy n all but geeze! BOL! I know I've gained weight but imma try n get it off!!! Anypaws, hope everyone has a lovely afternoon! Woof!


Help save animals in my Hometown!!!!! Please!!!!

April 2nd 2011 9:18 pm
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Hey pals. I just found out about a great opportunity that the animal shelter in my hometown is trying to get going. The Hesperia Animal Shelter is trying to get a chance to compete in the ASPCA Challenge to save lives! The shelter will be owrking to adopt out over 300 animals during the 3 month ASPCA challenge this fall, but will be also competing for up to $130,000 to help more animals find loving homes. But first they must qualify. So heres what Id like you to do: Go to the ASPCA challenge website at: and vote for Hesperia Animal Control. Each e-mail can vote once a day from April 4th thru the 15th 2011. So you can vote each day! Tell your friends and family to help us out!!! We would really appreciate your help to save the lives of the homeless dogs and cats in Hesperia!!!! Thanks a bunch pals!!!!


Outside baths? Paws NO!

March 31st 2011 6:34 pm
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It was nice and sunny today. And mom decided we all needed baths. Well she thought it may be easy to give me a bath outside in the grass tied to the tree with the hose. Oh paws no! I wasn't having none of that. First off, the water was cold, Im used to my perfectly warm baths. And Im totally scarded of the hose. I guess mom forgot about that. So I ran untill my collar slipped off and I stayed away. Mom eventually brought me inside to finish my bath the way I like it. Mom says its guna be a hot summer and then I will enjoy being sprayed with the hose. I dont think so! She better think twice before trying to give me a cold bath again! BOL! Woof!


I love chasing sticks.

March 30th 2011 1:24 pm
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Ahhh, its nice and sunny out today! Horray! Not real windy just enough breeze to keep me from over heating. Im happy its finally warming up cause now mom can come out and throw the stick or the ball for me so I can loose my winter fat. I need to get some more muscle on me so I don't look so chunky. The grass is getting green again and that makes it nice to lay in and get cool. I think it's time to get sum more frosty paws doggie ice cream! Yumm. Gotta go catch me sum sticks! woof!


The one spot on my head...

March 26th 2011 6:14 pm
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So today I was snooping around the house looking for something to chew on as usupawsly, when I spotted a picture on moms dressor that kinda looked like me. So I barked at momma to tell me who this Louie imposter was! Well apawrently, it was mommas doggie when she was in kindergarden till she was in college. I thought that was pawsome since he kinda looks like me. Mom said thats why im so special, cause he only had one spot on his head and I only have one spot on the top of my head. Im only half dalmation and Pete was a purebred. Just thought it was kinda cool to see how special I am to mom and what drew her to me. Anypaws, Its been cold here again. I thought we just sprung forward and spring was supposed to be here! Hopefully it will be here soon so we can start going to the park again and I can go swimming! Yay! And then the beach! Well Im off to dream of summer. Woof!


Fun day......

March 24th 2011 7:32 pm
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So today mom got home from school, and dad was complaining about being tired. And I spoke up barking, "Ya, me too! I was up alot cause my bed is lumpy." Mom agreed with me cause I woke her up a bunch cause i kept getting up and circling my bed. So Mom decided it was time for me to get a new bed. So off to persmart we went! Yay! I love Petsmart. I tried out multiple beds and I chose the circle orthopedic foam bed. I got lotsa attention because mom put me in my cute new blue sweater. It was really fun. Posted pix of me in my bed. When we got it home I went right to work breaking it in! BOL! Till next time! Woof!


Good times...

March 14th 2011 3:10 pm
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I just remembered a good story that happened to me last summer. Mom and dad were just begining to landscape my backyard. Well, they came home with a tree in the back of the truck. It was a pretty decent size one too. Anypaws, dad dug the hole and needed it to be bigger and since the dirt is sooo hard here in the desert he filled up what he had with water and went inside to let it soak. A little while later mom looks out the kitchen window and looks at the tree dad left laying down, so the leaves were on the floor. And whos in the tree fighting all the leaves? ME of course! So she yells for dad to come look and they both laugh and open the back door so I would come to them and get out of the tree. So i started my run towards them and mom looked in horror! I was covered head to toe in mud. I went swimming in the pond dad had made for (the tree) me! BOL. Mom couldnt believe how dirty and muddy I was. She made me take a bath and then had to give the bath a bath it got soooo dirty. I didn't get in trouble tho cause all mom and dad could do was laugh. That was a fun day and the beinging of my love for swimming. Ahhh, that was a good day. Well Im off to tear up a rope toy. Woof!


Back from Camping!

March 10th 2011 6:30 pm
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Well, seripawsly we've been back from our little camping trip since Sunday but we've been super busy. Cleaning up all the camping stuff, work and school for mom. But finally I get to tell you about my trip. We left on Friday and went to our campsite at Newport Dunes. We got set up and then went to the Dog beach in Huntington. We had a good time and walked all around there. The next day we walked all about the campsite and the beach at the campsite. Gma and Gpa came to visit us and we hung out by the beach and went swimming and played on the jungle gym. The next day was short and I stayed gaurding the trailor while the peeps went to go walk the shops at Balboa. We had a great time! New pix are up from camping and other stuff! Hope everybody is having a good week! Woof!


Gone Campin...

March 4th 2011 6:43 am
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Hey Everypup! Im leaving to go camping today! Just till Sunday! Hope everyone has a furtabulous weekend! Wet Sloppy Ones! Woof!

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