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A Dog's Life Indeed

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Went to School today!!!

May 26th 2011 8:00 pm
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I went to school today with momma!!! They have a nice park at her school! That I must say is pawesome!!! I got to meet lotsa new furiends. We did some training too! We all walked in a circle and learned how to heel. We also did sit stay and down stay, and come. It was a fun class!!! I did very well because mom teaches me to do this stuff at home but its allways good to get extra practice especially around crowds of people and doggies cause thats when its hardest to contain my attention. I snipped at a doggie who snipped at me but no harm done. I was making a new friend, surpisingly another pitty, and I dont know what came over me I was guna play with him and put my paws on his back and all of a sudden I was humping him!!! HIM!!! Ugh, mom was soooo embarrased! I never ever did that before! Weird cause Im neutered and so was my new pal. I dont know what came over me. Mom hopes this isnt a new thing for me. Mom was very proud of me for being such a good boy and not pulling on her. I did so good she didnt have to hold the leash tight, in fact she held it very lightly, which is not very common cause Im a big boy!!! But it was a pawesome day and we had a lotta fun and learned a lot!!! Gone camping tomorrow so I will catch up with all you pups on Monday or so!!! Have a wonderful Memorial day weekend!!!! Arooooo!!!


Going for a ride...

May 25th 2011 9:07 pm
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Tomorrow I am going to go with momma to school! Its so exciting!!! I've been waiting for this for two weeks now!! And its finally here!!! We're guna do some obedience training and mom is glad I allready have sum of this stuff down. So hopefully I do good! And hopefully I am a good boy and don't try n growl at anybody. Im not a mean boy I just dont want someone to beat me up. So thats whats going on tomorrow and then Friday we will be off camping! I will tell ya all about it when I get back!!! Arooo!


Diary of the Day! Yay!!

May 21st 2011 4:04 pm
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Woo Hoo! I am a diary pick today!!! Thats pawesome!!! This is going to be a great week!!! On Thursday I get to go with momma to school! We're going to do some obedience training! That will be cool cause I get to meet new furiends!!! Then on Friday we are going camping to Big Bear! This is the first time we are going there and were guna go hiking and maybe go on the lake!!! It is going to be a great week and this is just the start!!! My rash is getting much better and should be gone in a day or two! Thank dogness!!! Aroooo!!


Went to the VET!

May 17th 2011 11:38 am
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Yesterday, I had to go to the vet. We got a postcard in the mail that I was ready to update my shots. Dad was excited to go so mom made my appt that day! It just so happens that I have a rash on my feets, a lil in my ears and well other places you cant see untill im on my back. So it was a good call to go in there. I was pretty excited to go on a car ride and I wasn't scared of the VET either. He was a very nice guy and let me give him kisses on his face!! OH ya, I sure did surprise Momma when they weighed me!!! Im a whopping 70 pounds!!! Dad was surprised that the man let me get close to his face considering im a pitty. Mom told him thats a misconseption about us and he knows im the sweetest boy there is! Since I've had moms love since I was 11 weeks old theres no mean bone in my body! So now mom has to give me these big ol' pills and spray my rash, which I hate cause it burns! after the vet we got to go to petsmart. That was a fun time. Daddy was happy when two cute little grils came up to pet me and I was a very sweet boy to them! He likes when people aren't scared of me! I got a long stake leash for when we go camping, and a cool backpack for when we go hiking and camping in two weeks! Dad says I gotta carry my own treats and water!!! Im excited!! I can definately do that if it means I get to go campin!!! Horray!!!


Opinions Needed!!! Dew Claws and Ear Cropping!!!

May 10th 2011 5:22 pm
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Hey everypup!!! My mom had to do a debate for her Animal science class and her group is doing it on animal cosmetic alterations, Dew Claws and Ear cropping. Shes a little unsure where to start. So we'd like your opinion. Are you for or against either one and why? Remember this is just your opinion!! No judging will be held to you!!! She needs ideas on both sides cause shes guna have to rebute the other peoples arguments so it would be nice if she had an idea for both sides!!! Thanks a bunches pals!!!


What in da world!!!

May 9th 2011 11:02 am
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So I was going to seepies the other nite and as I was walking to my bed sum air blew in my face. Weird cause I was inside ya know? I've allways seen this white thing in our room but this time it was moving! It stands kinda tall and it moves in a circle and side to side!!! What kinda contraption is this thing. I stood there for a minute head moving back and forth with the thing, just trying to register if I needed to attack this thing since now its alive!! I decided I was too tired to care and went to sleep. Been feeling better I guess those meds aren't so bad after all!!! Arooo!



May 6th 2011 5:38 pm
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Dog oh Dog do I hate the medicines. Me and my sis Bella been sicky poo for about 5 days now and we been takin meds. Now bella went to the furdoctor and we gots more meds! Eww. I just wanna feel better. I think moms pretty sad that I can sleep allll day and shes so tired cause we wake her up to go pottie all nite. But I can't help it. She says she just wants us to get better and thats whats important rite now. Hopefully we will feel better real soon. On another note what do my pals think about taking meds. Do you hate it too? Do you hafta take sum all the time. Just pawndering. Woof!


Yesterday and Today...

April 27th 2011 9:00 pm
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Today was a lovely sunny day. Did lotsa relaxing and mom played ball with me. Which is now a part of our daily routine cause she cant walk me by herself cause im soooo strong. Yesterday was a blast though. We went to our favorite hang out Hesperia Lake and ran around. It was super fun. We go to the soccer fields first and we ran off leash and chased the ball. Once we were nice n tired we went and walked around the lake like good boys and girl. I like to chase the ducks and geese! Anybody else like to chase ducks??? Its super fun. I wanted to go swimmin but dad wouldn't let me. I almost chased a goose into the water!! I was guna jump in there after him till dad pulled me back. Maybe next time. He should have let me swim cause when we got home mom made us take baths annypaws! Oh well maybe next time. I hear that Im going camping at the end of next month! Horray!!! Im excited!!!! Aroooo!!!


What a doggone day!

April 19th 2011 5:47 pm
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Well, today when mom got home from school she put us all outside cause she had to vacuumme. And boy did she vacuumme!!! She did the regular one and then she used her new steam cleaner and then when it dried she used the regular one again! And before we could come inside she made us all take baths!!! Yuck! I was building up on dirt from my holes I was digging today. Mom sure was upset at how much more dirty I was. Then we all got brushed. I got brushed like three times!!! OMD! Its enough to make a pup go crazay!!! But now I feel good and Im laying next to mom while she transposes my barks for my diary. Oh now mom has a question for anypal who uses a steam cleaner on their carpets. Is there a number of times you should do it regularly?? Is once a month too much? I dont wana ruin the carpet but theres three dogs here. Any insight would be pawsome!!! Aroooo!!!


Sniff Sniff, Wimper Wimper

April 13th 2011 8:52 pm
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Sniffle, Mom and Dad are leaving tomorrow and I am sooo sad. There going campin without me! Well, mom says there just bringin the trailor cuz its less then getting a hotel. But I guess its good im not going cause there doing a bunch of stuff that I can't go to like the zoo. So id rather be relaxin in my back yard then cooped up in the trailor. There goin away for there 1 year wedding anniversary which is this Sunday. Mom says there guna stop at the pet expo and bring us home lotsa stuff! Horray! Hope everyone has a great weekend!!! Aroooo!!

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