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A Dog's Life Indeed

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Bummer Boating....

July 8th 2011 6:55 pm
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Well pups, my boating trip didn't go as planned. Supawsedly there are these tiny microscopic (wudever that is) mussels that are infecting lakes aroud CA. So each boat has to be inspected and if its wet they will assume theres musskles lliving in there and you can't go in. And since we had a monsoonish weather just before we went the boat had water and so we couldn't go. I was vewy upset and so was Daddy since we drove the hole 40 miles up there. Oh well, the drive was surely nice. I love to go fur rides! Also, Id like to say sowee if I've missed any Birfdays, DDP, Bridge days or anyother speshul events lately. Weve been soooo busy its hard to keep up!!! Hope every pup has a pawesome weekend!!! Sloppy wet ones! Lou


Goin Boating tomorrow!!!

July 5th 2011 2:03 pm
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Hey pals! I am so excited! Tomorrow my daddy is taking me out on hims boat!!! Dog oh Dog! I've never been on a boat before. Although, I have chewed up the wires on one. BOL! I also like laying under the boat in the cool dirt in my backyard, but never been ON one! Were going up to Silverwood lake tomorrow to make sure everything is in tip top shape before mom and dad go to the big river in two weeks! Dads guna need all the paws he can get helping him check efurry thing out! And Im just the pup to help him! I can't wait to go swimming in the lake. Maybe I will make sum fishie friends!!! Has any of you pals efur been boating before? How was it? Hope everypup has a furtastic day!


Lets Go Dodgers Lets Go!!

July 1st 2011 8:57 pm
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Woof Woof!!! Let's go Dodgers, Lets go! Woof Woof!!! Tomorrow Mom and Dad are going to the Dodger game!! I wish I could go! It would be so cool if I could go! There my favorite baseball team!!! There going to see them at Angels stadium since dad is an angels fan and Dodger stadium has had sum problems lately. Mom is a Dodger fan like me. I hope she brings me back a t-shirt or something!!!


Diary Pick for me????

June 30th 2011 2:39 pm
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Woo Hoo! I am a Dogster Diary pick today! Horray! What a great way to start my summer! Thanks to my pals Petey, Zoe, Rilley and Zadie for the wonderful gifts on my page! I love the beach balls! Im using them in my pool! Today is especially hot here in the CA Desert! So we did a little bit of chores outside with mom. And by we I mean mom did the chores and we all watched. Cleaned out all the water dishes and got fresh cool water. And we cleaned out my pool and put new water in it too! Yay! Ahhh it feels so good on my toesies!!! I think this calls for sum Frosty Paws!!! Nom nom nom!! I love me sum frosty paws ice cream!!! Hope all my pals are having a great day like me!!! Slobbery wet ones!!! Woof!


I love to swim!!!!!!

June 29th 2011 10:06 am
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Horray! Mom finally bought me a pool yesterday! It is totally pawesome!!! Check out my new photos! it was a blast! I can't wait to go swimmin some more today!! Mom said it was hard to find one of these pools and she looked around all day to find me one! I guess some of the pools at the stores had a slide in them and I didnt want that and sume were super tiny, too tiny for a 70lb guy like me! And then finally she found me the perfect size one for a perfect price!! I am so happy! Bella and Miller even went in a little too. Bella just jumps right out and so does Miller after a minute tho. Dad is very happy he got the pool too! Cause its so hot outside and now I can cool off whenever I gets too hot. We all hung out outside yesterday by my pool. Mom and dad swung on the swing and threw my ball in the pool so i could go get it. It was fun! I was running around in my pool making splashes everywhere and I was trying to catch the water as it flew up!!! BOL! That was fun!! I like my pool cause it keeps me cool and I wont be panting anymore!


Summer is officially here!

June 21st 2011 2:44 pm
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Although its allready been hot for a few weeks now, I can finally say summer is finally officially here! Had my first swim of the season yesterday! We went to Hesperia Lakes yesterday and walked around an smelled the smells. And we had a hot dog picknic! Dad brought the small bbq that goes in the trailor and we made yummy hot dogs! It was super fun! I do get really nervous when other doggies are around and my little furblings are there. I dont want no one to eat them since they are so small. But It was a great day. I got to chase the ducks and squirrels. I sure do love swimming. Then at about 11pm when momma got back from work we went in the back yard and made a bonfire in moms new fire pit and lit the teekee torches! Mom and dad swung on the new swing and we just relaxed by the fire. What a great day! Today its super hot about 100! Were taking a relaxation day and just stayin inside till its nite time and cooler. Hope everypup is staying cool! Arooo!


Eye Boogies

June 15th 2011 2:29 pm
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Does anypup elses mom clean their eye boogies out constantly??? Geeze!! Its driving me nuts!!! Moms allways stickin her fingers in my eyballs an' I dont like it!! She says it looks like I have dirt in the corner of my eyes. And sometimes I believe her cause I see what she gets outta there. I must be a dirty eye boy cause theres stuff n there constantly!! BOL!


Lotsa work all for me!!!

June 14th 2011 11:55 am
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Hey everypup!!! Hope everyone had a furtabulous weekend!!! I sure did!! Mom and Dad did lotsa work this weekend all fur me!!! You see, when they're gone I go in a kennel so I can't get out or tear anything up. I mean, not like I do those things but just so we all know Im safe. Well, my kennel was an 10x6 kennel. Now its 12x10!!! Woo hoo! Its now double in size!! It now has two doors, an awesome roof, my house, and some cool decorations! Its totally pawesome! I love it. We moved it to a different spot in the yard but now I allways have shade, which is good since its allready in the 90 degrees here and will be in the triple digits very soon. Im also super excited for next month! We are guna go camping two whole times!! Itll be my first trip to the river!! Gotta get me a life jacket! We'll also be going to a family reunion! Thatll be fun!! Im so excited!


New toy!!

June 7th 2011 3:16 pm
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Mom went to get me dog food today, and as usual, she brought home some new toys. One she got me is called a frisbee! I am still trying to figure out how it officially works tho. Im having a hard time trying to pick it up after I race across the yard to get it when she throws it!! Dad comes home tomorrow for six days!! I am so excited! He's only been gone 2 days and I miss him sooo much! Theres nothing like a boy and hims daddy!!


Home from Camping!!!

June 1st 2011 3:57 pm
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Well, seripawsly, we've been home since Sunday but it's been a busy week!!! I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day like I sure did!! Campping in Big Bear was totally pawesome!!! We had a great time. We walked around the campsite, went on a mile and a half hike and walked around the village shops. I sure do like hiking! I got to wear my backpack and carry my own water!!! I did really good! We took a few breaks to make sure I was well hydrated. We also made Dad take us the extra 25 mile drive to Arrowhead so we could go to my favorite doggie store! Three Dogs Bakery is the name! They have thee bestest cookies ever!!! Yumm! It was a great time. Everyone was nice at the campground either. No one gave me any hassle for being a pitty!!! That makes Dad happy. The only bad part was there wasn't any grass at the campground, which is what I like to use as my restroom. Mom had to drive me to a local park to make me go pottie!!! Im such a little wimp! She couldn't believe I only went pottie 4 times the whole almost 3 days!!! I was outside lots and she figured I would just go but I didnt wanna go unless it was on the grass. This is something we gotta take into considereation next time we go camping!!! Hope everyone had a great weekend! And happy barkday to any bodys bdays I missed while I was gone!!! AroooO!!

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