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Samson is play with all of Heavens children and pets

July 19th 2011 7:20 pm
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It is sad for me to say that my best friend in the world past away several months ago. He was a once in a life time dog. I have been lucky and have had a few of those but Samson was very special to me. I hope all my other dogs have welcome hin in to the pack and they all are having the best time ever. That you Jose, Chavis, Dutches, Tiffany, Cricket, Whoppy, Wolfy, Ogey, Polly, Igor, Boo, and Mugsey. You have all made me a better companion and a better person. I love you all so much.


Fishing this Summer

December 22nd 2005 9:38 am
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Well it has been a while since my pops got on the computer to update things for me. Anyways this summer my owner took me out RVing with him. We stopped at this nice camp ground with a lake and creek on it. It was awesome. Anyways Stuart (my human) wanted to go check out this creek and he had some kind of thin stick with him. When we got to the creek I was really needing something to drink so I walked out into the creek. It was really shallow so I was only a little past my paws. But I felt something hit my legs and it was big. It kind of scared me a little, but not that much because I am a Greman Sheperd. Well since this thing bumped into me I went after it and bit it in the back. I took oit all the way out of the water but it started to really wiggle on me so i let it go. I tryed to catch it again but my human would not let me. He said other human were trying to catch what he called fish and that I was making them look bad because I was the only one catching them. Oh well at least every one at the camp ground came by to say hello to me. I gues they thought I was pretty cool for catching a fish. My human never did but he tried all day.


Sheep Hearding

April 3rd 2005 9:30 pm
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Well yesterday my dad woke up really early and asked me if I wanted to go for a ride. Like he had to ask! I always like going for a ride and hang out with him. Well I got in the truck and we started to drive and drive and drive. I was starting to wonder when he was going to pull over so I could pee. But not to long after i thought that we pulled into this place that had all kinds of animals every where. I was going nuts! I was having smell over load. My dad got out of the truck and started talking to these other people and I seen they all had dogs with thim. I was a little mad that i was not out there also, and I told him that. But then he looked at me and smiled. I knew something was up because he only smiles like that when he is up to something. My dad is a nut some times. Any ways he let me out of the truck and brought me over to this lady and handed her my leash. I just looked at my dad. What is he up to? Then I smelled something in the air. I had no idea what it was. This lady started to bring me some where and the smell got really strong. Then I see them! The lady called them sheep but I called them my NEW TOYS! She brought me in the pen with them and let me smell them. Then she let me kind of case after them. It was sooooo much fun. Every where the lady asked me to go the sheep stay right in front of me and if one should want to go some where else I could go chase them back to where the others were.
My dad was just standing there smiling at me. He knew I was having a ton of fun. He is soooo cool. I guess now I can keep going back to that place and learn how to move the sheep with out a leash on. Now that will be AWESOME.
Will my dad said it is time to go for a ride again I wonder where we will go to now.


I went to school

February 20th 2005 9:45 am
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Woof, well dad and I graduated our Beginning 1 clas last week. I feel so smart now. The teacher gave my dad a nice piece of paper and I got a cool toy and an awesome cookie to eat. I can't wait for our next set of classes. I think he is taking me to the same place Alaska Dog Sport. The are so cool. I hope my friends from last last are there again


When I was sick

February 20th 2005 9:36 am
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Woof, my dad found some pictures of me when I was really sick. He said they are the last two pictures on my page. In one of them you can see how much weight I lost when I was sick. I was only 72 pounds in those pictures and I am now 98 - 100 depending on how much chow I eat. I'm so happy now. I can breath, smell and eat. Woof can I eat!


About School

February 12th 2005 12:20 pm
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Woof, my dad is nuts. He has me going to school and I am 4 years old. For some reason he thinks I need to start learning new things. You know every day human type commands, sit, down, heal, and stay. Like I don't know how to do that stuff already. It's just that some times I don't feel like it. But dad wants me to get a job and start working and wants me to learn more. So since it makes him happy I will. I do get to meet a lot of brothers and sisters at school so thats nice. Dad keeps saying that he want me to get a job with the search and rescue team because I like to sniff a lot. I'm not sure what that is about but it sounds like fun. Well dad just said it was time to go to Kincade Park so I have to go. I love that place so many good things to smell Woof Woof

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