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At the Rainbow Bridge

May 9th 2013 4:13 pm
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This is Buddy's mom: It is with deep sadness that I have to tell you that Buddy is gone. He is chasing his precious chipmunks for all eternity at the Rainbow Bridge.

It all happened so quickly...Bud's health had been declining. He had been turning his nose up at his food and would only eat high-shelf canned food, which we were more than happy to provide for him.

May 5th, there was an accident, and Buddy's pelvis was fractured. We rushed him to the vet. He was in excruciating pain and after much talk it was decided that it was best for Buddy to go to the Rainbow Bridge.

We stroked his head and scratched his ears as he passed. Some may be quick to judge us that we should have done more, but you weren't there to see the pain in his eyes.

We thank Eddie Essig's mom for bringing the big-headed Beagle into our lives. We have been blessed so much these 2+ years that he was with us. We know that he is telling Checkers all about how good we were to him. We told Bud to give Checks a sloppy one from us.

We'll pick up his ashes and paw print next week.

...Hey everyone, this is Buddy. I just want to let you know that I am happy and healthy here at the Bridge. I can't believe all the friends that were here at the gate to greet me. They all send their love to you all of you.


A breakthrough

February 23rd 2013 6:43 pm
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Last evening I melted mom's heart.

She was down on the floor with me and she was rubbing my neck and ears and paying particular attention to the place on my neck where I have no fur. She rubbed and rubbed and I leaned into her. Then she stroked my ears and rubbed them.

I was enjoying this so much. I just kept leaning into her letting her know I really liked this. Then mom decided to pick me up. I don't like being picked up. But I let her.

Then she put me on her lap. Normally I run away immediately. But not yesterday. She laid me across her legs and continued to rub my neck. I just sat there with my front legs up a bit. Then I relaxed. I actually laid my head down on her legs and she continued to stroke my years and neck.

I was in heaven. And I melted mom's heart. I stayed there for 5 minutes. But it was 5 minutes longer than I've ever done before!



September 23rd 2012 4:53 am
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I was baying and baying and baying at the garage and didn't even care that Max and mom were at Steffie's and he was getting treats. Dad was working near the garage and just let me go.

When mom came back up, she came back to see what the racket was about. She started to move some of the boards I was baying at. And then it happened. I squeezed my big head underneath and grabbed the grinnie. I had it! I had! Next thing, mom is screaming at me to drop it. I don't know if I listened to her or she jerked me and I dropped it. I picked it up again. Somehow, it fell out of my grasp again.

I was so happy! I wanted to do my happy Beagle dance. But mom was not very happy. There was the little chippie, and it seemed as though I had broke its back. Mom yelled for dad to come back and PLEASE take it away and put it out of its misery.

So, I have officially caught my first grinnie--with the help of mom--no less. And she is not too happy about this.

However, I do not think that I will ever catch up to Kit's tally. She got something yesterday and something again today. We don't know what it was, we just have it's innards on our porch!


Max will be the death of me

August 10th 2012 2:07 pm
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It has been just over 2 weeks since Max joined our family. He is fitting in perfect; even he and Kit are beginning to get along.

Well, I have taken a real big interest in Max. I follow him everywhere, which isn't very easy for a dog my age.

Mom keeps saying that Max is either gonna be the death of me or bring me back to puppyhood! A few days ago Max and I were up in the yard. Our driveway sit about 3 feet below the yard. Max leaped off the grass and into the driveway. Mom was watching me and yelled at me not to do it because I'd kill myself. Never mind her. I leaped. And I lived.

Yesterday we down in the driveway and Max jumped up into the yard. You guessed it. Mom told me not to, that I couldn't make it. But I tried. And I did--but I had to pull myself up at the last minute.

I can't say that we are buds, but I do like him--a little too much. I have only incessantly followed one other dog around like this and that was Cooper at the doggie day care that Snoops had a party at last year. I wouldn't leave that guy alone. And now I'm not leaving Max alone.

Max doesn't always like it that I am constantly right behind him. Mom is at wits end trying to keep me from bothering Max.


Wow! Both of us on the same day!

May 30th 2012 9:20 am
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Today I woke up to learn from friends that I was a diary pick of the day. WooHoo! For some reason the diary section isn't showing up on my home Dogster page.

Then imagine this, not only am I a Dogster pick today, Kit is a Catster pick today. What are the odds of that?!?

Thank you, both Dogster and Catster for choosing our diaries today.

~ Buddy -- and Kit

Thank you for the great photo, Wishbone and family.


A beautiful morning

May 28th 2012 9:21 am
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I was out on the front porch, enjoying the nice breeze and beautiful sunshine. I love to walk in mom's stone garden. There is a chipmunk that digs through there and hangs out in our wall.

Mom usually comes to the door immediately see when I am announcing to the world that I have found something. I was only out there for 5, maybe 10 minutes when mom heard me bay.

It wasn't my usual bay when I see Frosty, the Great Pyrenees that lives next door, or when a jogger runs by, or someone is out walking a dog. Mom came to to the door.

She found me in the stone garden, looking at the corner of the porch. I bayed again. She came out and saw it. It was small and gray and not moving. Just then I decided to put it in my mouth. NO! I heard mom, but that didn't stop me. She grabbed my harness and yanked at me. I dropped it, but that is because it wasn't moving. It was dead. I don't think I scared it to death. I think it was already dead. Mom picked it up, but its wasn't moving. She cradled the soft, tiny gray mole and carried it to the woods. He didn't move at all.

Really, I don't think I killed it.


I surprised mom

May 27th 2012 7:52 pm
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We had a pretty lazy day--well at least I did. Mom and dad went to a picnic for the holiday and I stayed home. It was really hot and humid and I spent most of my time alone sleeping. Just what I enjoy doing.

Mom and dad came home around 4 pm because I storm was brewing. They were less than 5 minutes away from home and they wanted to beat the storm. They beat it by hours. The storm didn't show up until after 8 p.m. We had lots of thunder and a little bit of lightening before the storm.

During the storm the rain wasn't hard enough that we needed to close the doors. The windows were closed, but not the doors. At one point I went over to my dish to get a drink. At almost the exact time, a crash of thunder hit followed by lightening. I ran from the kitchen to the living room...about 2 feet. I looked up at mom on the couch and she asked what was wrong.

Then I did it. I leaped at her! I tried to jump up on the couch. She was so surprised. Then she leaned over and helped me up. Then I wanted to the whole couch. I don't usually get to be on the couch, but they let Kit on the couch. So now I'm sprawled out and forced mom off. BOL!


Vet visit 5/22/12

May 23rd 2012 3:15 am
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Mom had taken me to the vet a few weeks ago because I was coughing. After a period of rain, I wasn't coughing so much and she called to tell them that. Dr. Lewis said she thought it was allergies so she wanted to see me about that.

She noted that my fur on my hind end is very thin. She wanted to put me on a steroid and take me off the Metacam to see if it would help with my allergies. Mom protested. I just got off of steroids and am doing great with the Metacam.

Dr. Lewis looked through my file and noted when they did the blood work on the original visit for the cough my thyroid level was .4 and shouldn't be lower than 1. She decided to put me on an antihistamine and a thyroid medication instead. I have to take these pills for two weeks and go back for a check up.

All in all she said am doing great.


I am sneaky

May 22nd 2012 3:50 am
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So I have a reputation for being a sleepy Beagle. Usually I am minding my own business not paying too much attention to what anyone or anything is doing. I am the Master of Idleness.

Yesterday evening mom and dad were in the yard doing work and I got bored of snoozing on the porch so I asked mom if I could go in and sleep there. She opened the door, and that is what I did.

Several hours later, when it was bed time, mom told me we had to go out. Seeing as it was quick trip out to pee, mom didn't bother with my harness and leash because I usually go out to the front tree less than 4 feet from the sidewalk.

Not this time! When I walked out of the house and on to the porch, instead of going left, I went right. I didn't bay because I didn't want to give mom any ideas of what I was going to do. I bolted off the porch and across the side yard. Mom caught a glimpse of a rabbit in the moonlight! Uh-oh. She dashed off after me; not an easy feet in tennis shoes without laces. BOL! But somehow she managed to grab my rear legs and stop me. I tried again, but without success. Mom picked me up and carried me to another part of the yard.

I forgot about the rabbit and went about my business. Coming back I always walk very close to the edge of the yard. I don't know why I do this. Somehow, I got too close and fell off the wall--it was about a 1 foot drop. I was okay but a little surprised. Mom is usually able to save me because I'm attached to her with the harness and leash. Not this time.

I guess this means that I will not be trusted without my restraints.



April 27th 2012 7:16 pm
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I just got back from the dogtors...I had been coughing the last 3 days. So mom called the dogtor yesterday and got us an appointment today. I'd cough for about 20 minutes, almost every 3 or 4 minutes. Last night was better, I only coughed 4 times total in over 5 hours.

The dogtor was fearing kennel cough or heart problems. After an x-ray the verdict is that I have something similar to bronchitis and am taking Clavamox. However, the x-ray showed that I ate something "foreign" possibly a bone. Jethro, my neighbor dog does get bones, so it is very possible that this is what I ate. Just going to keep an eye on it.

I'm to take the antibiotic twice a day with food and to call next week to give an update on my condition. I saw Dr. Lewis today...she is the one I saw originally when I joined my family. She was thrilled at how I am doing; she never thought we'd be able to get me off the prednisone, so she was very glad that the Metacam is working as well as it is. She also suggested that mom only give me the tramadol as needed, not even once a day. Awesome news; I don't want to take meds if they aren't necessary.

Thanks for the all your pawsitive thoughts throughout the day today.

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