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Tux needs your whimpers

September 11th 2011 7:35 am
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I know we haven't been around lately and I'm truly sorry about that. I've been enjoying my summer and the cats hog up the computer all the time. Zach thanks they need the computer more than me cause they are more popular. I tell them if they would share, maybe I would have more friends!

Anyway, Tux wrote about his troubles in his diary. But to make things short and sweet...he's seeing the light but he doesn't want to. He has recently been diagnosed with acute kidney failure. So now he takes in fluids and has two more pills to take. the problem is his brain is telling him not to eat. Which means it's difficult to get him to take his pills and to get him to eat.

Tux you've got to eat! You've got to take your pills. Mom had a thought yesterday while they were over here at our house. Doc said you can sprinkle his kidney pills on food (if you can get him to eat) Mom said what about a dropper. Dilute the pill in water and give him a two or three droppers worth ever once in a while.

Doc also told Grandma and Grandpa to give him Ensure and Baby food.

Our main worry is Doc is going to be out of town on vac. So please please purrty please keep us in mind. Mom is so afraid things will go bad while Doc is gone.


Just in case you were wondering...we are fine

August 28th 2011 6:56 pm
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The storm wasn't that bad for us. We live in the center of N.C.

But, please whimper for the kits and doggies who have had a hard time with the storm and of course the humans with them too. Zoe just wrote a diary and I asked her if I can post it and she said yes. So here it goes...

Just seen a pic of a house burned up and this was the write up underneath it.....

"Firefighters hose down the smoldering remains of of a house in Rodanthe, N.C. destroyed by fire during Hurricane Irene. Roger and Celia Meekins barely escaped their home during the height of the storm when they realized their home in Rodanthe, N.C. was ablaze. Their neighbors Heather Fleming and Jim Meyer helped them out of the water after they exited the burning structure. The flame became so intense the four made a swim/walk through the five foot deep storm surge to a neighbors home about 100 yards away. They also has three dogs in tow."

Thank God some people stayed!

Yes it is the same Rodanthe as in the movie "Night in Rodanthe"
Great movie with ironically a hurricane in it. Richard Gere and Diane Lane fall in love. Good movie if you like romance but feel a good cry is needed.

If you wish to see the pics of whats left of the outer banks here's the web address just pan down and you see Irene lashes NC Coast. Of course, the other storm pics are amazing too....
Read more:


I'm swimking and advice needed AGAIN!

July 14th 2011 6:35 pm
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Good news I'm learning to swim! Mom is going to put pics up in a sec. I'm still a little scared but I did jump in after my Frisbee twice last Sunday. Mom bought me a vest thinking that would help build my confidence up. How? By not sinking!

Mom also has put the vest on me during a really bad storm the other night and it did calm me down. She was thinking it would work like that Thunder Shirt on tv. But, when Mom came home Wed afternoon I was under the bed again. I can't stand storms.

Now, the advice I cousin a 8 month old half boxer half bull dog get his back leg ran over by a car yesterday. They have a rod in his leg to help heal the bone. Mom told her cousin, (the closest thing to a brother she has) that he was lucky that's all the damage that was done. The question we have is there a calming solution, like feliway for dogs? He has to stay still and not lunge forward for 6 weeks. I repeat he's a puppy. His Dad has already borrowed a bigger crate for him to stay in but when he's out he's got to stay calm. Any suggestions?


Hey everybody! Good news!

July 3rd 2011 6:32 pm
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Guess what? Mom noticed that the knot on my leg was getting smaller. She had told Dad. This week Dad was holding me he told Mom it was gone! Gone! Can you believe it! I'm such a lucky girl. We cooked out to celebrate! I got to lick Dad and Moms plate.

Zach got ddp talking about it but then he lost his first Catster girlfriend to the bridge. So it's been super busy around here.

Grandmas surgery is on the 12th. She is getting a little spooked now. Mom is trying to spend as much time with her as possible.

Mom seen a report the other day on Tv that said the "thunder shirt" does help ease anxiety. It doesn't cure the dog but it defiantly helps. Mom is talking about getting me one. She figures sense I like wearing my life vest that I will like the Thunder Shirt.


Is Mom doing the right thing, what would you do? I have a- lump.

June 7th 2011 2:24 am
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Mom and Dad noticed a knot on my leg, two weeks ago and went straight into a panic. Last week Doc seen me. Mom automatically said lets test it for cancer. Well, my surgery was supposed to be today (Tuesday) but I wore down my paw Sat. night and Mom thought Doc should see it, just in case.

Mom also had some down time to day at work so she did some research about lumps in dogs. Mom jokes about being one of their panicky Mom's at the vets. Mom always thinks the worst, but I say that's a good thing because Doc gives her props for catching things on us early. I'm going to let Mom tell you...

I did a little research today and read up on symptoms of cancerous lumps in animals. I learned a lot. I decided to talk to Doc some more and also get him to check her paw. Her paw is fine. He said they make a spray that can be put on their paws to protect from wear. They were out though :(

Sense I got one of the very last appointments, we had the time to have a heart to heart, he said personal, he would wait and keep an eye on it to see if it changes. He said it was a good sign that it's not painful and doesn't seem to be attached. He said so many of these aren't cancerous. He said if you can't sleep at night cause you're worried then do it be he recommended waiting and see strategy.

I'm such a worry wort kind of person, that I know I have a tendency to blow things bigger than they are in my head, especially if it's about my animals or work. I knew that I had agreed to go ahead earlier without really knowing the odds. And the Doc did tell me last week that I could wait.

I decide today to wait. So, I guess it's good news, that the surgery is off for right now. Was that right? I'm thinking that if it's still there with change or no change having it cut off maybe Aug or Sept. anyway. BUT If it changes or starts feeling like it's a danger I'll give Doc the green light to go ahead.

What would you do? Go ahead or keep an eye on it. Remember Doc said keeping an eye on it over the next two months is what he would do.


Older friends please help

May 7th 2011 7:58 pm
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Tux is skipping meals. He isn't eating well at all. he turned down bacon this morning! Who does that???? Even My cats beg for bacon.

Remember, Tux is 17, which is very old.

He does eat over here with me. But that could be a social thing.

Could his stomach hurt? Is his food making him feel bad? You know adults when they get older they have to avoid certain foods. Could this be it? Does he need pepcid or something like that?

Mom is going to go get some high quality food tomorrow and see if he will eat it. He last seen the vet in the fall, but she will take him. Mom figures if Grandma and Grandpa told her about him not wanting to eat all the time she figures it's pretty bad.


Zach's best friend wrote a diary at dog fighting petition

April 27th 2011 6:56 pm
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Turns out there's an app for the android that is about dog fighting. We fear this will glorify dog fighting. Funny, I've been talking about this all day long.

It teaches feeding fighters, fighting itself and the training of the dogs. This type of media fuels animal abuse and breed specific legislation, which costs innocent dogs their lives.

dog fighting game petition link

Please sign they only have 417 more signs and this game will be toast!!!!

P.S. spread the word

Okay now I'm really pissed copy and paste this while your at it. Now these people are the type that deserves biting!!!!
Go to the bottom and read about Chesterfield co. shelter


The walk of shame for Mommy and it was all because of me....

April 25th 2011 3:48 pm
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We went camping this last weekend and Mom said I showed my butt big time. It rained all Thursday night and all day Friday, but Saturday was gorgeous! Mom and Dad had a job to do first thing Sat. morning so I was dropped at the house to hang with the cats till they got done. When they picked me up to go back, they had the boat with them. We dropped it and Dad off at the marina. Me and Mom took the truck to the camper. Now the plan was to jump on the boat at the pier near our camp site but there was already two boats there. SO......

Me and Mom had to walk by toddlers, kids playing, 4 dogs, ducks and about 50 scared adults in the center part of the camp ground. I was doing good till a little Yorkie started barking at me, then it's buddy decided to join in and it was over then. The hair on my back stood up, and I started showing my teeth and barking back. Mom said she had to get the tight grip on my leash and bulldoze me throw it all. Toddlers are being snatched up by Mom's, kids are being yelled at to avoid me, there was two Golden Retrievers which normally I would have loved to be friends with, but I was still mad at that Yorkie for cussing me, soI barked at them to. They just wagged their tails at me. Mom called the whole scene was the walk of shame...for her.

Then I put my nail in one of the boat seats trying to get to some ducks, I could tell it made Dad mad but he hasn't said anything sense Mom said she would get the guy at work to patch it. Then that night Grandma and Grandpa came over with Tux to cook out. I loved seeing Tux as usual, but I was busy barking at a Dobbie that was a puppy. He kept being walked back and forward in front of me. Mom said she was going to put me in the camper if I didn't straighten up. The Dobbie didn't say a word so I looked like the bad guy in all of this. The Dobbie left, so I was good then.

Latter that night, it was eating time. Mom was in the camper checking the food to make sure it was done when.... I houdinied for the first time out of my harness! Grandpa tried catching me but too late, my lightening speed had kicked in. I ran right up to the camper door, begging. Everybody laughed about me doing that cause I could have went and found that little Yorkie but my stomach ruled my brain at that point.

Mom said next time she's going to take my fresbie to distract me from any barking furbabies. That's what she does at Petsmart to keep me in line and it works like a charm. The only time I ever barked at Petsmart, it was at my own reflection in the front window. Silly me! I don't fell too bad, I chatted with a friend Sunday and she said she would have been the same way.


My first boat ride

April 17th 2011 5:39 pm
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I'm soooo sleepy, but I've got toothpicks holding my eyelids up just so I can tell you I had a blast! First we went to Grandmas and Grandpas to pick up Grandpa. I played with the frisbee for awhile, got to play with Tux for awhile.

Then we went to the lake! Wow! Our boat is so pretty. I just loved sitting and looking around. Hey did you know that you get the same wind blown effect like you do hanging your head out of the window? Mom forgot my Dogogles, but that's okay. Mom is superwoman already even if she forgets something.

The lake had lots of boats, people, and ducks and birds. I loved it, can't wait to go back!

Night night my friends.


Thank you diary lady!

March 23rd 2011 4:26 pm
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Guess what I got DDP! Wow! I'm on fire. Okay, that's all the blushing I'm doing.

I have two prezzies from kitty cats on my page now. How cool they are friends with Zach and Zoe. And one kitty that shares birthdays with me sent her doggie brother to give me a shout out and a prezzie.

Mom and Dad took me out to grandma and Grandpas this afternoon. I aggravated Grandma as usual.

We are under a Tornado watch. If you are too, be careful.

I write my diaries for you, my friends.

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