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Ramblings of a Moose

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Moose takes over the kennel....again...

April 23rd 2007 6:09 pm
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This past weekend (4/20-22) I had to be out of town. My husband had to work a full day and my son came home from college to I felt there was NO WAY I could leave the dogs at home....

I mean the kid had to study....not enough time to ...

Let the dogs out...let the dogs in.....let them out....let them in....feed them...let them out....let them in....and so I called Ruthie.
They love Ruthie....but this weekend was very busy for her. SHE HAD 14 DOGS BOARDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moose decided that he was in charge so he spent most of the day Friday sitting in the middle of his kennel space just watching the other dogs.....if any of them stood up and walked around their space....Moose would advance in their direction and barked and carried on until the dog would sit down and look the other direction....."don't be eyeballin' me dog!!!"

Saturday morning.....he marched around the perimeter of his space and kept an eye on the others......again...if anyone moved or blinked....Moose went off..and made so much noise the poor dog would retreat to the corner....and sit.

Moose was VERY territorial while he was there....Ruth said he peed on his bed FIVE TIMES!!!!! She said he's never done that before...but there were a lot of dogs there and I think it just put him over the edge....

You know that BOBO in the Pet Smart commercial....I bought Moose a 20 inch yellow one just to take with him for the weekend.....Saturday morning when Ruth went downstairs, there was fiberfil all over Moose's space and the BOBO was flat....every piece of stuffing and BOTH squeakers were on the floor destroyed!!! I think he had to show just how 'mean' he can be.....


New Favorite Toy.

October 16th 2006 9:41 am
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Moose's new toy is bigger than he is. We call it a "binky" sister in law bought one for her labs....and they loved I bought three of them for my gang. Moose killed two of them....this is the only one left. He takes it everywhere.....outside, to the kitchen when he rarely leaves his mouth....when it does, it's very close night...I say "it's time to go to your room" and he rushes to get it and carries it to his bed. The dog is goofy.



July 7th 2006 5:07 am
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My daughter loves Eeyore. The blowup Eeyore was in Disney's catalog two years ago. I got it a week before Christmas in 2004 and this past Christmas, December 2005, was the first time we could get it up. As you see in the photo, my daughter with Bella and Gypsy. Moose was afraid of it when it was in the UP position. But the little snot thought it was funny to go PEE on it when it was down. EVERY TIME HE WENT OUT TO PEE....EEYORE GOT IT RIGHT ON THE HEAD!!!!


New Pictures

July 7th 2006 5:03 am
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We finally got some new pictures of the goofy dog. One of his new favorite things is an empty soda bottle. We usually give him one of the little 12 ounce bottles to push around the floor but we couldn't resist seeing what he might do with a 2 liter bottle. We should have known he could find a way to have fun with it. He grabbed it and ran to 'his' steps and tried to disect it.

Another photo added is Moose and his new toy. The little blue thing he loved finally gave up the ghost and I just couldn't sew it together anymore. We found this very patriotic ball at the Dollar Store and it's THE NEW TOY. He doesn't go anywhere without it. When he sleeps, it's either under his chin, or under his ear?????!!!!! I don't know if he thinks he can hear something out of it or not...I just let him do what he thinks is neccessary to keep him happy.


Moose and Bethany do lunch

October 15th 2005 12:39 pm
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Bethany is trying to eat lunch. Bella, the little lady, is waiting patiently for a bite. Where as Moose, being the pig that he is ....tries to take a bite ....


Weebles wobble....but they don't fall down...

October 3rd 2005 3:29 pm
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Go and buy a box of Kelloggs cereal and you'll get your very own Weeble. I bought a box of Frosted Flakes and got Dory the fish. Dory is in Walt Disney's Finding Nemo. My weeble is about 3 inches tall. I think she's kind of cute.

Moose hates Dory. He doesn't understand weebles...we put the weeble on the floor and spun her....Moose tried to 'smell' it and got whapped in the nose. And that just really ticks him off. The weeble spins and it's got a weight in it and it goes on and on....and Moose can't catch a moving target. So he barks at it. It moves around the room on the floor....and he follows it...and he barks at it. He takes his front paw and tries to stop it...but he's still not sure what's going on....goes it he barks.

Moose hates weebles.


Moose saves us from the big bad ugly 'thing' in the dark of- night.

October 2nd 2005 1:22 pm
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Friday night about 10 pm I took the dogs outside for their final potty break. I open the door, they fly out the door, not even touching all the steps. I usually sit on the steps and keep my eyes on them while they explore the backyard.

Moose goes over to the side of the yard not lit up by the outside light. I watch him freeze, sniff, back up and start barking....that's his sign for I have something you need to see...I open the door, give Nick a head's up...Get a flash light and get out here....Moose has something cornered...Moose takes that as his cue to start barking again...and I said...can you hear him....he's not a happy camper...

Nick comes out with the flash his bare the cold wet grass...and comes over to where Moose is still standing guard over the mystery intruder.....

For crying outloud....the dog found a clump of dried dead grass.....and he acts like he is super dog....protecting us all from certain doom!!!!

I grabbed Moose to save him from Nick...Nick was going to kill him.


Bethany finds a way to drive Moose nuts!

September 30th 2005 5:00 am
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Yesterday Bethany took two of the dogs' squeak toys and put one under each foot. Then she pretended to 'skate' around the family room and each time she moved her foot.....the toy squeaked. It caught Moose's attention almost immediately.....and he started to follow her every step. The faster she moved, the more the toy sqeaked....the more it squeaked, the faster Moose followed her around the room......she did this for about five minutes and Moose was there with his nose right at her feet following her around the room.
He actually started barking at her feet.....he wanted those toys......

Later when she showed Matt what she had done.....he tried it....and Moose just went nuts....following the squeaks.


Moose's new toy...

September 29th 2005 8:20 am
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Got Moose a new toy yesterday. It's a sound activated blob of fur. I found it at the Goodwill Store and it was $2.00. The way he destroys his toys, I got a bargin. We brought it home and put it on the fireplace hearth. He saw it and tried to sneak up on it.....he's always wary of things that are as big as him....and this thing is about 1/2 the size of a basketball. It has two eyes and a nose which light up , that's also what can "see" you coming and when you get so close, it makes noise.

So as Moose is getting close to check it out, it squeaks.....and he growls, sniffs at it...and he grabbed it and took off running and growling....the whole time this thing is making noise which just makes Moose get about 5 minutes, the light from the nose and one eye are hanging out and I figure he's destroyed it. So when he went outside I picked it up and threw it in the trash...and I thought to myself, that sure didn't last long.

When Moose came in I could see him looking for it. He went to where he left it and it was gone....he started pacing and trying to find where I put it. In about 10 minutes I heard him 'digging' and I went to check it out and he's by the pantry door....where the trash is....and he is digging and crying....and I asked him, "how in the heck do you know it's in there?" and when I walk over, I can hear that stupid toy still squeaking and making I dig it out of the trash and give it to him....He grabbed it and proudly walks off with his new toy.....


Dog with green feet

September 21st 2005 9:48 am
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I have three dogs. They all go outside in the same backyard. They all go out at the same time. Why is it one...and you know which one....always comes in with green feet.

We mow the yard and in the morning when the grass is damp.....the girls can go out and come in and look exactly the same as they looked when they went out. Of course, that's not possible with Moose. He has to go out and check out every square inch of the the squirrel over here?....did the bus go by over here?......why's this grass moving over here? and on and on.....

We decided Moose is part alien......or...."dog with green feet" his new Indian name.

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