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My Family Is Healing


May 2nd 2011 9:54 pm
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My Adoption story has a beautiful beginning as well as a most precious ending.

It was May 27th, 2003 and Momma told Daddy that her grandsons who were living with them needed a dog and he disagreed but she was very persistant in that she believes all boys need a doggie to grow up with so off to the ARFF Shelter in Superior, WI they went. When she arrived they had just brought in a very old extremely thin female Chocolate Labrador that was in labor. The puppies were bron shortly after they got her settled in her kennel and oh how Momma wanted to see them so they let her quietly peek in so as not to disturb them. Momma saw she only had 3 tiny babies and it made her sad as she knows labs generally have 8-10 puppies. She noticed one had shorter than normal legs and the front ones were somewhat crokked so she told the attendant..We will adopt that one! She filled out the paper work which they accepted and the wait began..They Momma and the grandkids visit everyday and when the pups were 4 weeks old she got to go in and cuddle the little one she had chosen. Oh they smell of puppy breathe brought back many fond memories of her other pups she had in her life. The attendant told her that because they were born to such a weak Momma that they deserved rich names and were named after expensive cars. Lexus, Mercdes and Bentley! Our puppy was LEXUS who we instantly called "Lexi Gurl" we visited them all until she was 7 weeks old and were able to take her home! What a happy glorious day it was! Mercedes was adopted also along with her Momma who the new pawrents called Ivanez and an older couple took Bentley home:)

I lived in my loving forever home for 2 yrs and then along came my sisfur Monnie who also was adopted. Oh! The fun we had playing tug in the house, and running together with Momma in the woods and in the winter we went Snow Climbing! Then when I was 6 Momma went on a trip without me:( She went to see her daughter way far away in Washington State for the 4th of July! and I refused to leave my chair or eat. Daddy was so worried. When Momma got home a week later I was so happy to see her but a few days later I started to have seizures. I was rushed to the vet where I fought so hard to live. So many friends on dogster/Catster said prayers and even started a POTP For Lexi group. Momma thought for sure I would make it but the siezure monster kept after me. Meds didn't work,Iv's didn't work NOTHING would stop the BAD Seizures. Momma brought Monnie down to see me late one night and I tried to lift my head and sniff her and I looked at Momma and saw tears spilling down her face and then The Angels Took Me to The Rainbow Bridge. I live at the bridge now but my Spirit lives in Mommas heart where I still feel her love and always will. I am flying free and healthy in heaven as I await those I love on earth to join me. I was truly blessed with a Wonderful Loving Forever Home, Loving Pawrents and 2 Sweet Boys and a Beautiful Sisfur who I loved more than life itself and know we someday will be together again!

Those that knew me also knew I loved chasing butterflies and have a butterfly bush planted by my family in the woods where I ran with Momma and Monnie. So I love to sign my name as,

Angel Kisses and Butterfly Whispers,
Angel Lexi


Angel Lexi ...Gone But Never


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