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January 23rd 2012 2:19 pm
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Sorry it's been so long! It seems all I do these days is work and walk the dogs! I have so little time to play on Dogster anymore...

I am doing the next DDPC5 contest (under groups) if anyone else is interested in joining. It's a photography contest here on Dogster and is SO FUN! I did it with Gunner last round, this round I'm going to focus on Pixie. :) I'm excited to see what shots I take and for the challenges to start.

It's been calm lately, thank DOG. I think, too, giving our foster dog back to PAWS and quitting rescue was hard for me. It broke my heart and made looking at these pages tough. I hope she has gotten a forever home.

Pixie is doing wonderfully! House training is 100 proof! She hasn't had an accident since last July (unless she is scared/excited, even then it's a rarity!). She is also rocking at agility, starts her novice class (with Gunner) next month. She is very handler focused and works well as my side-kick (she doesn't ever leave my side anyway...).

Gunner and Paisley are doing well too. Paisley went into a sort of anxiety after Peggy left and created a total wake of destruction in her path for nearly a month. I eventually put her on Prozac (no, really). We're off the medication for the last week and she has been wonderful. I think she just freaked out when Peggy left. She is so sensitive to my moods (and Velcro to boot! She doesn't even like it when I'm in the bath-tub and tries to dry me off with her tongue! LOL!) I'm sure she picked up on how sad I was and took it out on the house. I'm trying something new with her, since she prefers simplicity to the rigor of Rally-O and Agility, and she is starting to pull. If she takes to those beginning steps, I'm going to invest in a scooter. I'm taking it slow, we're just working on commands for now, and when her harness comes in we'll be working on pulling a tire down our dirt road. Maybe this will be simple, something she can use to run out some energy, and fun for both of us. It would be nice for her to enjoy something.

Gunner is doing awesome. He has proved himself to the local hunters as a serious tracker, and has a reputation of being "the best I've ever seen." I wish they all knew how much work I put into that dog. It seems they chalk it all up to natural ability and don't give any credit to the person who taught him to behave, even on a trail. I'm the dog-obsessed girl with the amazing spoiled dog who can kill a blood trail... it drives me crazy! He is also excelling in agility, we start the novice class next month, by the end I hope to start competing with him and Pixie!

Anyway, there is an update on whats happening with my fuzzies! Have a great week!


It's official. There is a monster in the kitchen...

September 7th 2011 6:07 pm
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It happened. On an ordinary day, except maybe it had cooled down a few degrees. But an ordinary day none-the-less.

Mom comes home from work with a box. If I would have known then, what I know now, I would have never let her open that box. Living inside of it was a monster. A black and chrome monster.

It has a green eye that stares at me in the middle of the night, infusing me with the light of 1,000 demons. It doesn't want me to sleep. It forces me to stay awake all night!

Then, just as I am finally ignoring the giant, bright green eye and closing my own eyelids, it growls.

That's right, it growls! At ME!

I KNOW it growls at ME because Gunner sleeps in Mom and Dad's room, Pixie sleeps in an X-pen, and Peggy sleeps in the kennel. I sleep inthe couch to guard everyone from anybody that thinks they're going to attack, like a ninja, in the middle of the night.

Mom put a ninja in the kitchen. And that ninja growls.

I'm brave. I really am. So when it started growling this morning I knew I had to check it out. I snuck in and put my paws on the counter to face it, fearlessly.

Now Dogsters, before I tell you this next part you have to pawromise not to make fun of me. K?

I faced that black-as-night ninja cyclops monster and growled back. I did. It wasn't going to attack my family! Not on my watch!

"The family is asleep Ninja Cyclops!" I said, "You better not cause any trouble this morning!"

I know, right? I'm bad!


I peed on the floor.

I did. That cyclops ninja monster scared me so bad I yelled and peed!

Then Mom came out, muttering.

I couldn't let her know about the shameful thing I just did. So I made up for it by telling that monster off in my loudest meanest voice! "WHY I OTTA!!! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE! YOU DON'T SCARE ME! MOM, YOU JUST LET ME TAKE CARE OF THIS! DON'T GET CLOSE! IT MAY BITE!"

Does she listen to me? No. She LAUGHS! WTD? Laughs at me for protecting her?!

Then, in the most bravest movement of opposable thumbs I have ever seen, Mom grabs the heart of the Ninja Cyclops and dumps it's smelly blood into a cup.

You aren't going to believe this, but then, she DRANK it's blood! She drank it and moaned in PLEASURE!

I was curious because, well, I like blood too. It's a dog thing. But the smell coming from this blood was atrocious! I couldn't stand it!

But Mom was acting like she was about to roll in it! I mean, seriously! I thought she was about to rub herself all over the ninja cyclops blood.

I'll be watching tonight. Ninja Cyclops and I may fight in the morning. But I'm ready for him now...




One proud Momma.

July 22nd 2011 7:12 pm
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From Mom,

So I did a little test with Paisley today. I've been giving her more and more freedom with more and more success. She is no longer inappropriately chewing and I have confidently left her loose in our home for ever increasing time periods, so today I decided to see how she would react at my workplace--a high school.

I went in to complete some work, getting ready for the school year, and to test her as I wanted her to be a therapy dog but I haven't been confident enough that she wouldn't be a Holy Terror. Well?

She did awesome. She didn't pull on the lead, she took on a "working" attitude, she didn't jump on a single person, I even let her run all over the school building off lead. She never left my side and appropriately greeted every human she met--which happened to be WAY more than I expected.

See, I expected about two people to be there. But the band took a field trip and were scheduled to leave about 3 hours after we got there. The band hall floor was being waxed, so all those students conglomerated in the only open classroom available. The room I was workin in with one other teacher.

So all these students start piling in and Paisley walked around the room and said "hi" politely to everyone. I couldn't have been more proud.

We are definitely doing therapy dog now.

I have to sing her praises because I am THAT proud of my girl! :D



Momma's dreamin'

June 13th 2011 6:50 pm
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So we were left with crazy teenagers ALL WEEK LONG!

It was a mad house around here! The teen's name was Gwyn and she brought all kinds of yummy stuff! Pizza, pop tarts, burritoes, and tacos! But she wouldn't share with ANY of us.

Her and her friend took us for walks, too. One evening they let us all out the door! Gunner's kinda a pack leader, so he took off and we all followed! Boy did he lead us to some good smells... Then the teenagers came after us freaking out, so we had to go home :(

Anywoof, Mom and Dad came home today smelling all kinds of interesting! They had been to this place called Coolerado. I guess it's called Coolerado cause it was only in the 70s and 80s and here at home it's in the 100s.

Mom came home saying that we're gonna move to Coolerado one day. Dad just rolled his eyes an' said she's dreamin.

Mom replied that the man may be the head, but the woman was the neck and can make the head turn any way she wants...

Then they both laughed and told us 'bout the cantelope, I thought it was a nasty fruit, but it turns out it's a kinda deer. Dad said he wanted ta hunt one (Gunner was drooling' cause he loves wild game). Mom said she didn't want to hunt (she feels bad for the creature) but that Dad could hunt if they moved to Coolerado. Me and Gunner jumped on the bandwagon and tried to talk Dad into it too. He ended up saying' "maybe" (it was all the talk of huntin and fishin) an' he's gonna try an get on with the DOW.

Pixie said she didn't care bout where we went so long as Dad was there.

Anyway, I hope we ain't dreamin' too big!




May 31st 2011 6:50 am
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OMD! I'm a DDP! I 'bout pulled a Z-pup and went *thud* when I finded out!!!

I'm sooo excited! Thanks Dogster!!!

And Momma's made a blog! Go check it out,



Some things deserve a proper buriel.

May 22nd 2011 4:56 pm
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Mom takeded me tos the Lakehouse today, and I love water so I was swimin, an swimin, an swimin and suddenly Momma said to me, "look Paizers!"

Well, sure thing I looked cause when Momma says "look!" it's always somethin good!

It was a turtle shell. A little turtle shell without a turtle left.

Poor turtle. I started ta feel real bad bout hims bein
At the rainbow bridge an' all so I gently picked him up and trotted over to a place where the soil was soft an' gently put him down. Then I dug a hole. It wasn't a trench like I dig when I'm chasein moles, but just the right size for a proper burial.

I gently picked up the turtle shell and placed him in the hole.

Then I nudged dirt over hims body till he was all covefured with dirt.

I sat down, looked at Mom, an' demanded that she say a few words.

Startled, she didn't say anything, so I let out a loud howl just for the baby turtle. Then I went back to swimmin.

Turtles deserve burials too.



Pixie's a brat.

May 20th 2011 11:59 am
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So, I wanna plays ball too!!!

Pixie is a ball hog. She won't share the squeeky ball with me at ALL.

Momma's throwses it. And we all chases it ('cept Gunner, he doesn't like the green fur taste), an then Pixie ALWAYS gets there first.


But when she DOESN'T get there first, and I do, she growls at me and tries to take me down. It's scary! She is 13 poundses and I hear 13 is an unlucky number, I don't wan't those teeth eating me.

Mom just laughs and tells me I'm 50 pounds and should be able to care for myself. But I'm telling you, Pixie is a brat. A mean brat.

K. Later gator!




May 20th 2011 11:43 am
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I missed Diary pick of the day!

I'm so sorry! It's totally Momma's fault! She's so busy with work that we didn't even go to agility this week!

Thanks to all the dogsters that condogulated me! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

Paisley Mae


Holy Moly A Squirrel!

May 9th 2011 6:04 pm
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I founded me a treasure today!

We went furs a walk an I was snifferin all in the woods by the pond right? And guess, just GUESS what I finder?! Did you just say "a beheaded squirrel?" Hmmm... You musta cheated. Hey. Did you read my subject line? I gotta fix that.

Anyways! Yeppers! I findeded a squirrel with Homs head mostly gone! I was so cited! Gunners was so jealous! You shoulda seen him, you know how he feels about critters! Bol!

He pretended that he didn't care bout it, but I know he was jealous cause I kept watchin him glance at me. I picked it up and prances around him in circles, and he couldn't do a thing about it cause Mom says he ain't trustworthy off-leash! So I was high-steppin and enjoyin myself an then I haveta stop fur a sec cause I gots bugses all crawlin inky mouth and Mom up and grabs my collar an drags me off! I was so mad! How unfair!

So when the walk was over N we were headed back to the house, I took off at the highest speed possible and sniffed all over where my yummy squirrel was left, but it was misteriously gone. I think Gunner tooked it. Just saying'.



I am agile!

March 11th 2011 1:00 pm
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So, I graduated from puppy school and we started agility a few weeks ago. I just love it.

The first thing I got to do was walk on "The Plank". It's not like it was a big deal or anything, it was just a few inches off the ground! But there is this rat terrier/chi mix, who was TERRIFIED of it. Boy did I show her! I just waltzed onto it and walked it like a champ! My first time!

Next, we walked over these things that stick out of the ground a couple of inches. Mom says it's so I can "find my feet", I don't really get that. Last time I looked all four feet were at the end of my legs...

Then, the next week, we did "The Tunnel". I don't know what all the other dogs were freaked out about. It was like they were scared or something. I had walked through it long before Mom actually ASKED me to, in fact, I walked straight through it the first week (when Mom turned her head to listen to a human...haha).

We also did this thing called the wobble board. THIS is my favorite thing to do. Its a big, square, piece of what the humans call "plywood" on top of a ball. When I stand on it, it moves and wiggles. After I walked on it for a second, I discovered that if I shift my weight juuusssst right, it will wiggle foreward, then if I shift my weight to my back feet, it it wiggles backwards. After I discovered this neat trick, I kept doing it. Over, and over, and over again. I got really good at it, so I started rocking really fast. I must have looked really goofy, because when I glanced up at Mom and The Trainer, they were laughing at me... But Mom did give me lots of yummy treats for acting silly, so I must have been doing SOMETHING right...

The boogie board led to a new game. This one is called "Teeter" and it's just as fun. See, I figured something cool out about "Teeter". IF I go up to the part thats sticking up in the air and I JUMP and press down on it REALLY hard with my front paws, it makes this really, REALLY loud sound. I have to tell you, I discovered this new game all by myself. It's so fun that I have to play every time we walk past it. Every time we pass "Teeter", I can't help myself...I have to slam it into the ground and glance around to see if anyone else heard the noise. Mom was the only one who caught this game, I think, because usually everyone else was so engulfed in whatever they were doing they didn't notice me playing with "Teeter" while we were waiting to walk "Plank".

The last thing we did was the weave poles. We started this last night, and I'm really not sure about it. I don't know how that dog, Stormy, can run right through them. And I can't figure out what exactly they're wanting me to do. The make me restart when I try to go AROUND them to get to mom holding the treat...she is calling me after all. Right?

Anyway, who cares about the pole things... who needs to know that anyway? It's stupid because I've already proved how agile I am. I rocked "Teeter", "Tunnel", "Plank", "Jump it"(those feet-finder things), and "Table". Thats good enough, right?

K...gotta run,

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