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One Little Girl, One Loving Heart

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Fur eber

August 2nd 2012 2:02 pm
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been wike fur eber sense me barkate tu momma for me diary. Momma iz so addicted to dat face book tingy.. we tink her needs tu attend one of dem face book annoymous meetins..... BOL

We hab gwood St. Patty Day.. wore arse gree tu da Nursing Home bisit and no body pinch us cauz we rocked da green dat dae...

Easter was furtastic ! We bisit da Easter Bunny and got arse pixtures wif him. Den we hunt eggs ober at momma's daughter's howse wif her 2 chi's... me find wots of eggs wif tweats inside.

We got tu in a pool fur da furst time. Momma took arse pixtures in it. Me and sistur wab wear'n arse pink polk a dot bikinis and me bruther him swim trunks.. Dat pixture won 2nd pwace in a photo contest called Too Cool Pets.. we got a $25 gift card, maybe we go spend it dis Saturday and get wots and wots of tweats.

The 4th of July we bisit da Nursing home in our red white and blue outfits but momma kept us away from da fireworks cauz dem are loud and scary.

Been berry hot herez so hot dat momma iz wettin uz run awound in arse burfdae suits ! Yep we arse NAKED ! Cooler dat wae but NAKED... BOL

Hope all me pup pals arse doing gweat
wiggle butt tail wags and doggie kisses... dem da best kind don't ya knoze...


3 events dis month

February 19th 2012 10:35 am
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Furst event were Valentine Day. We got our pichures taken not onlwe by momma but a professunal Photographer tu! We got our furst professional gwoom tu! Den da second event we bist da Nursing home tu wish all dem elderwe folks lubs n happie yappie valentine! Da 3rd event wab me bruther charley's burfdae... der were cake n ice cream!

So we hab wotz ob gwood time dis month n it not ober yet BOL

Hope yu pups arse hab'n gwood timez tu!

Wiggle butt,tail wags n doggie kisses


Yappie Yappie Burfdae tu me ...

January 22nd 2012 10:00 am
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Yes itz me burfdae month... yep da whold month caz all momma knowz iz dat we was born in January of 2010.. Me hab de bestest pawty.. me sure wishes all my pup pals could have came ! Der wab dewishes cake frum Loving Pups Bakery and Frosty Paws Ice Cream and me got pressies tu.... oh wat a fun timez ... momma put burfdae pichurez up on me page, hope yu wikes dem

Wiggle butt,tail wags n doggie kisses ( dem da bestest kind)


sniff sniff snifff....

December 24th 2011 6:09 am
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me tinks me smell sumtin special in da air... wat could it be? Momma is cook'n sumtin special... for a special dae... me tinks me smells a wittle bit of dat Christmas in da air.. yep dat's wat it is.. Christmas...
Diz is excit'n time.. eber body so happy and cheerful.. and da food so yummy and da Santa Claws comes by and drops off sum pressies..he looks a wittle scarie to me cauz me barked at himz when we went to bisit him but momma pawomises him good guy and will still weave me pressies eben doze me barked at him. Him comes dis berry nite.. and in da morn wen we wake up from sweep'n him will hab left us pressies under da shinny twee in our wiv'n woom.... me wunder wat will be in dem pressies? Wekon we'll just hab to wait tu cee...

Merry Christmas eber pup and yourz famawely tu....

lick n lubs


A whole year !

November 19th 2011 10:50 am
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Me and momma can hardly beweave a whole year hab gone by sense me came to live with her. Wab wast Nov. 9th dat momma drove to pick me up. Me wab so skeered .. and shy me didn't know den wat me knowz now dat me wab coming to live in a ferever home with a momma dat loves me very much and a sistur and bruther tu play wif. It's been a year of big changes fer me. Me hab sugery momma sae dat means me neber will hab to worry bout puppies .. me learn nu trick, me learn der's plenty ob good food all da time.. me bones no longer show ne is healthy and happy. Me learn wat Santa Paws is , Easter Bunny, Burfdaes... me wean all sort of nu excit'n tings. Me hab gone tu nursing home fer viists and hab traveled tu see family eben me gwands.. me hab gwands now.. dat kool... me hab leanr bout bye bye bags and how nice it is to be in dem.. me hab had a pawsome year. Me wishes eber pup could hab der fer eber home too and a good home wif wots of lubs and food and warmth from da cold and kool from da heat.. me wishes eber pup could be as wucky as me. Me had a wuff furst 10 months of life but now it's all is a wucky wittle gurl.
Itz almostest turkey time and dat me some bits of yummy turkey fer us and da dae affer turkey dae we travel tu go bisit our gwands.. den when we come home it won't be berry wong till Santa Paws comes... den affer dat month of Santa Paws it is me buredae month... oh so much going to be going on.. me is excited !!!!

Momma put sum nu pictures on me page.. her is behind ...

hope eber pup hab gweat dae.
wiggle butt, tail wags and lub n licks


wae kook dat me diary iz de diary pick ob de dae on dogster

June 2nd 2011 8:37 am
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wae kool honorz tu hab me diary as pick ob de dae...

Me ober heard momma sae dat diz dae iz gonna be baff dae ... diz not gwood pups... diz mean dat all 3 ob uz haff tu get in dat big water bowl and dat water snake going to come down and hose us wiff lots ob water and den momma put suddzies all ober uz den more water from dat old water snake... me bruther him all bark and no action cauz him be say'n wike fur eber him gonna send dat ole water snake to him demize but him not du nutt'n tu de water snake... me tink him bark is worse den him bite BOL... pupsters iz it ok fur gurl pups tu take baffs with boy pups? Me don't knowz bout dat ... maebe uz gurls who are better behave'n den dem boyz pups should get arse bueaty baff by ourselves... dat wae we get all de pampering...Me bettcha me bruther woud weafur not hab a baff at all.. him wike be'n stinkie... ewwwwww not purty pups not purty at all... uz gurls we wike tu be purty and smell gwood... me not wike all de water but me knoze dat de outcome is a purtier me ... and dat make it whurf it ...

Hab gweat dae eber pups
Wiggle butt, tail wags and wittle doggie wuvs


Me turn

May 28th 2011 3:17 pm
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Dat wight it is me turn tu jump on momma's wap and barktate so moma can put it herz on me dogster page..

Me hab wived now with mama 6 months, me can't beweave it'z been dat wong alweady... Me hab gained 3 pounds now and dat putz me at 6 lbs. and de vet sae dat iz perfect fer me. Me hab wearn to pway wif de toyz, tu potty outside, tu du some twicks and a few gwood manner tings mamma callz dem wike sit, stay , come , leave it... den me wearn to spin, give paw, and sit up pretty just wike me bruther an sistur. Mama callz me her wuv bug cauz me wuvz on herz eber dae and alwaez lay on her if her sit down fer eben a second, her sae sumtime dat makes it hard to type on diz puter.. BOL
Me hab gone tu de nursing home and me no wonger get car sick. Me wuvs de Sonic pwace and de park. Me iz gett'n a nu wardrobe wittle by wittle and sumdae me hab az big a wardrobe as me sistur! Me tinks me sistur sumtimez getz a bit jeasous when dat mail person weaves packages and der arse just fer me... Me hab wearn momma a few twicks tu.. wike when me whineez herz iz tu take me outside.. and when me weez in de gwas and comes back in her iz tu gib me one tweat fer weez den me go wight back out and du de big business and me comes in again and herz must gib me anutter tweat fer de big business... diz iz gweat cauz me bruther and sistur du both on one outside twip and den dem only get one tweat... me twain mamma tu gib me tu tweats... BOL.. me also twain her to carry me when eber me don't want tu walk .. BOL... and me sweep on her pillow tu... mamma wab berrie eazy tu twain.. BOL

Me hab nu pichurez on me page. dat anutter ting me wearn'n bout momma and de camera ting if me wook awae her get a treat so I wook... I wook I get tweat... me turn awae momma get nutter tweat I wook and I get dat tweat tu... me wuvs tweats!
Me also wuv de pwace calle de Sonic ... dem hab berrie yummy ting called jr. burger... me hab tu share it but dat ok ...

Me turn is ober and mamma sae I have to jump down now, yu pups hab geat dae..

Wiggle butt, tail wags and puppy wuvz


Spaying iz a bad bad word and eben badder expawaence

February 22nd 2011 1:21 pm
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Momm took me to de vet person wast week on de 16th for wat her call spaying.. me nu it wab bad cauz me was skeered and shaking and me dug me paws into momma's sweater when de wady tried tu take me from momma.. diz made momma eyes water and de wady said poor baby but she'll be ok... well me got a BIG stick den me went tu sweep. Me woke up in a wittle cage wif no momma in sight but me wab still sort ob sweepy...and it hurt tu move tu... den momma come rescue me and took me home where me wab wapped in me blankie and put to west in de stroller wight beside momma. Me cry when me wab moved so mamma gave me water out ob her hand, me barley licked it. me cry when momma take me out for potty dat night...but den de next day me felt better... den de next day me feel eben better and now 6 dayz affer surgery me is pwaying and feeling back tu normal. Me get me stiches out dis Saturdae but momma pawomise me dat her wont' weave me at de vets and dat it won't hurt... me hope momma neber hap to weave me wike diz eber again cauz it was not a gwood ting... spaying is a bad bad word and eben badder expawarence...


can youz bark... PAWTY

February 2nd 2011 12:38 pm
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Pawty down pups ... me got tu ceawebrate me burdae! Me Pawty wab wae wae kewel... der was pressies.. a toy pink piggy from Chloe piggy oinks... from Charley me got a monkey dat makes berrie wloud monkey sounds..from me momma me got a snoopy bed and a pink blankie wif me name on it and a new sweater... and den der wab cake.. Peanut butter cake... yummmmmyyyy .. me wab gwood gurl and shared... me iz now a big gurl as I am nowz one and not considered a puppie no morez... but me still wittle an momma's wittle gurl....


pawty pwans n de werks

January 15th 2011 8:04 am
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momma iz mak'n pwans fur me burfedae pawty at de end ob de month. Her order'n pressies and her gonna make me a cake and maebe order sum kewel burfdae cookies.... yummmy...

Diz weekend herz watch'n dem gwandsuns again all dae diz dae and tumorrow tu... so me must jump off her wap and stop barktating diz entry cauz her sae us three C's need baths, she just trimmed our nails alwady diz morn...

Hab gweat dae eber pup !
Wiggle butt tail wags and doggie kisses ( de best kind )

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