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Diary of a lucky Kelpie

All About Me

July 22nd 2012 11:59 pm
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I stole'd this from my good friend Onyx. :D

Name: Jackson Tan but my friends all call me 'Jack'.

Age (in human years): Around 5 years.

Age (in dog years): Middle 30's.

Breed: Australian Kelpie.

Fur color: Black and tan with white chest mark.

Fur Pattern: Tan points.

Size: Medium.

Weight: 48 lbs last weigh in at the vet.

Neutered/Spayed: No.

Where are you now: In my backyard.

How many brothers/sisters did/do you have: My human doesn't know.

Do you have any strange markings: White mark on my chest that looks like a heart.

Were you adopted from a pound: No.


Food: I love most food! Cooked, raw, I don't care - just FEED ME.

Sleeping spot: My blue sofa and my basket in the laundry. Also my human's bedroom floor.

Walking place: The irrigation channel.

Bone: Any. I LOVE all raw bones!

Treat: Cheese.

Animal to chase: Bird flocks and rabbits.

Toy: Tennis ball.

-Have you ever-

Been to the beach: No, we go to the river instead.

Seen snow: I used to live outside in the snow I hated it.

Traveled out of your town: Yep, my people take me lots of places. We go to Melbourne every month or so.

Bitten a person: No, only nipped in play. I am very careful with my teeth.

Been bit BY a person: Yes, my daddy wanted to nibble my ear, ewwww.

Ate a frog: Nope.

Broke a leg or paw: Yes, left hind leg.


Most annoying a human can do: Put me in the shower.

Most awesome thing a human can do: Take me for a run, a swim, or train me with food.

Boyfriend/girlfriend: Not really, no.

Do you wear a collar: Yep.

If so, what color: Black Rogz with colored paw prints and a red heart tag.



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